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Desert Dreams

By: Gracie C. Mckeever

...grit. All she needs now is sand in her eyes and teeth. The veil would have gone quite nicely with the cumbersome Bedouin jewelry she has on. Large dra... ...ll decide Desert Dreams by Gracie C. McKeever 15 her. He pierces her with green eyes that turn almost predatory as he takes several steps in her dire... ...eary." She turned to leave. "I'll keep the muckety-mucks warm while you're gone." "You do that," she muttered, joining Amber near the basement entranc... ...what to look out for, not understanding why she expected to find the thing gone or destroyed or ... or what? Therese slowly approached the podium, sim... ...than a presence. Something alive with firm working limbs and manic searing green eyes and warm breath blowing in her face. She's not sure if it is hum... ...ever 42 "Preliminary tests and investigations confirm it." No way on God's green earth did that explain what had happened to her in that basement. No ... ...the handle as if for support. She saw them as clearly as if they were in a film running across her memory. Sahir smiling as she banishes Kane to the e...

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