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The Public Domain : Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

By: James Boyle

...lves and, thus, are a highly deceptive form of compensation; the Congress of German Economists resolves: that patents of invention are injurious to co... ...e slanted toward American sensibilities, downplaying both anti- Semitism and German expansionism. His solution? T o publish his own English translatio... ...on? T o publish his own English translation, taken direct and uncut from the German edition. He wanted to prove, with Hitler’s own words, that the Uni... ...hen, and each time it was also extended retrospectively. Artists, musicians, novelists, and filmmakers who had created their works on the understanding... ...-mockery, as it explores the concerns of the rich African-American celebrity male. My favorite line is “If you ain’t no punk, holler ‘We want prenup!!... ...l, who uses her sexuality for profit. Put them together and you have bookends—male fantasy and male nightmare. Was that Mr. West’s point? Perhaps. The ...

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