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Heroes of Unknown Seas and Savage Lands

By: J. W. Buel

...orth, and discovered the northern coast of Spain, France, England, Holland and Germany. It is also believed that he proceeded as far north as Iceland.... ...anding, as related by the Sagas, is to the effect that among the company was a German named Tyrker, who being the most impetuous of the crew, was not ... ... been killed by Indians, which they had seen on shore. But towards evening the German returned, bearing in his arms a great quantity of grapes, a frui... ...hantom Vessel is the best known and most poetical of all the nautical legends. Novelists have used it, poets have embellished it, dramatists have put ... ...emale of which is superstitiously believed to lay her eggs on the back of the male who flies about with them until they are hatched; he watched the p... ...s usually their custom. As soon as they occupied the city, they seized all the male population and locked them Tip in the churches, then issued a proc... ...h from the outside. "As soon as one of the family had been selected all of the male members were looked upon as devoted to the same horrid purpose. It...

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