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Cyclopedia of Philosophy

By: Sam Vaknin

...I. The Right to Life It is a fundamental principle of most moral theories that all human beings have a right to life. The existence of a right impl... .... But it is not clear whether it has a right to go on using the mother's body, or resources, or to burden her in any way in order to sustain its o... ...one have the right to use other people's bodies, their property, their time, their resources and to deprive them of pleasure, comfort, material pos... ...tain, or prolong them at SOCIETY's expense (no matter how major and significant the resources required are). Still, if a contract has been signed -... ...y's obligations - but fulfill them it must, no matter how major and significant the resources are. Still, if a person volunteered to join the army a... ...forcefully. II. Issues in the Calculus of Rights IIA. The Hierarchy of Rights All human cultures have hierarchies of rights. These hierarchies ref... ...e a calculus of hierarchically weighted rights. (See "Abortion and the Sanctity of Human Life" by Baruch A. Brody). One form of calculus is the uti... ...e Mother is a morally significant person and that she is a rights-holder. All born humans are and, more so, all adults above a certain age. But wha... ...quires in order to materialize his potential. It sounds very much like many other human contracts. And this contract continue well after pregnancy...

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