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Trendsiters Digital Content and Web Technologies

By: Sam Vaknin

... ISBN: 9989-929-23-8 Created by:LIDIJA RANGELOVSKA REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Additional articles about Digital Content on the Web: ht... ... This letter constitutes a permission to reprint or mirror any and all of the materials mentioned or linked to herein subject to appropriate cred... ...non-cyberspace, real world, franchises and media properties. The likes of Disney and Bertelsmann have swung a full circle from considering the Inter... ...... ... may well follow suit shortly. Earlier this year, Microsoft has shut down ListBot (a host of discussion lists). Suite101 has stopped paying its edito... ...the primary identification system for e-books' metadata. The MPEG (Motion Pictures Experts Group) is said to be considering DOI seriously in its eff... ...have looked into it believe that the Bono Act was motivated to protect the Disney copyright on Mickey Mouse, which would have expired in 2003. If so... ...is the Encarta Kids interface - an area replete with interactive quizzes, pictures, large icons, hundreds of articles, and links to the full version... ...tes were established by businesses with a "real" dimension to start with (Walt Disney, The Economist, etc.). These sites (at least the institutional...

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