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In the South Seas

By: Robert Louis Stevenson

... In The Sout... ... In The South Seas by Robert Louis Stev... ... In The South Seas by Robert Louis Stevens... ...a State University assumes any responsibility for the material contained within the document or for the file as an electronic transmission, in any way... ...cks, near the south-easterly corner of the bay. Punctually to our use, the blow-hole spouted; the schooner turned upon her heel; the anchor plunged. I... ...loving Highlander; long- pig, pirated from the next village, to the man-eating Kanaka. The grumbling, the secret ferment, the fears and resent- ments,... ...in less than a year two survivors, a man and a woman, fled from that new-created solitude. A similar Adam and Eve may some day wither among new races,... ...ther children, who had a father or a mother in the company of Oro, stood condemned from the moment of conception. A freemasonry, an agnostic sect, a c... ...inst a pillar: the armoury of these drowsy musketeers. At the far end, a little closed house of wood displayed some tinsel curtains, and proved, upon ...

Excerpt: In The South Seas by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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