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Laws of Destiny Never Disappear : Culture of Thailand in the Postlocal World

By: Matti Sarmela

...ic drugs and alcohol. Human environment contains ever more risks, security systems, iron fencing. In cities, almost half of all marriages end in divor... ... subsoil is mixed with the topsoil. The costs of purchasing, repairing and operating the machine are greater than the benefits. One uses the machine a... ...tly organized felling parties use powerful open pickup trucks, chain saws, mobile circular saws and walkie-talkies; logs are collected from the mounta... ...sed for working or relaxing. When the swidden farmers' lifestyle was still mobile and villages were moved to new places at regular intervals, the wall... ...pinion polls (Table 5A). A couch, cabinets with glazed doors, stereo sound systems, television and refrigerator appeared downstairs; the upstairs beca... ...telephone kiosks were provided in the villages. Villagers did not yet have mobile phones. There are computers in schools, and the government considers... ...er, like self-sufficient agrarian villages everywhere. Local environmental systems created a culture that included shared events of the farming season... ...s Bank' established about ten years ago by the Buddhist monk , and already operating in more than a hundred villages. The bank is operated by villager... ..., the postlocal human type is a global level performer, who is capable of operating (in his own technosystem) everywhere in the world (Kanter 1995)....

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