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And Gulliver Returns Book VI : Our Psychological Motivations

By: Lemuel Gulliver XVI

...dy. Wanda and I go way back. We got our doctorates at the same time at your alma mater Commander. Of course I was in psychology and she was in philos... ...g between our conscience and our more basic sensual pleasures. ―As you know, one of the basic questions in psychology, anthropology and philos... ...rdained!‖ —―I get the pun. I‘m sure Thomas Aquinas is turning over in his grave seeing you using language for frivolity rather than for philos... ... people have been highly instrumental in developing our morals, our mores, and our laws. ―These people‘s humor is real and related to philos... ... 32 —―Right. So because of an early lack of power in our infancy and childhood we spend our lives seeking it--in success in sports and academ... ...different cities and countries. That way each is an expert in a geographical area that the others don‘t know. Those who can‘t find success in academ... ... people in your country are in school, either working on a college degree or are taking classes that help them to enjoy life more. Classes in philos... ...t home, but it is the school‘s job to make this happen. This is done in the social areas of the curriculum. Our curriculum extends beyond the academ... ...the curriculum. Our curriculum extends beyond the academics. Here we have learned much from your American education, but we have not left the academ...

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