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The Hitler File : A Novel of Fact

By: Sam Vaknin

...y, he didn’t. Not 16 years after he died in Berlin.” Prologue “Pol und Jude” Political and a Jew. It’s around 4 o’clock in the morning. I a... ...“And an important one” – I concur – “When he … when he died, he was the head of the political section of the Jewish Agency.” “You mean when he was... ...s Week predicted ‘a steady decline of jingoistic action against the Jews’. British political commentators concurred: ‘Herr Hitler has not inadverten... ...I knew just the place. **** My favorite deli. Right across the street, the most politically incorrect establishment imaginable: cholesterol dipp... ....” “While still in Budapest, in 1928, I went to hear a speech by the Head of the Political Department of the Jewish Agency. At first I was taken a... ...lacable enemy: Bolshevism. Regrettably, the ideologues took over with their insane theories about a master-race lording it over slaves in colonies....

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