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The Vatican Conspiracy

By: Jonathan Cross

... how?" "Jesus, Senator! How do think I raise all that money -- from the good citizens, or the Community Chest?" "Do your clients know?" 50 J.C... ...ll join us if he believes what I have promised him -- that this is not a real Presidential campaign, but a forum to bring the Drug Issue to the Ameri... ...at makes no sense. You want five million dollars to fund a powerful Senator's Presidential campaign with drug money! And," Cardona said, raising his... ...ifted uncomfortably on his precarious perch. "Am I talking to a Senator, or a Presidential candidate?" "You're looking at a man who has some questi... ...al. He was dressed in full uniform replete with a solid breast of ribbons and medals. Gallucci hated the military, any military. "The circle is gett... ...rmin, and their heads severed in the public squares of our cities for all our citizens to see," Oshiro said matching the General's tone. "So how ... ... "The action will be against criminals, not political adversaries. The local citizens will back the government’s action. For the most part it will ...

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