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The Soul Bearer

By: Jonathan Cross

... by Governor Stevens and the blue-coated General with shining buttons and gold medals on his coat, that if Seattle did not agree to sign, what Stev... ...next to General Haynes, impecca­ bly dressed in his uniform with his ribbons and medals gleaming in the sun, who was seated behind the table. His fin... ...only way we can create an International symposium of scientists and con­ cerned citizens." Emily came right to the point. "So, what's your connectio... ...n, aside from the obvious, each of these people that Chuck is investigating are Presidential appointmentees. My appointments! I emphasize - tread li... ...nolds said dabbing a tissue at the corners of her eyes. "What did you expect, a medal?" the Director said, not so po­ litely. "Do the two of you rea... ...mpany executives, and a host of Wall Street people, plus thousands of concerned citizens jammed every line going into every Congressperson and Sena­... ...e President of the United States called an emergency ses­ sion of his Cabinet. A Presidential news conference was sched­ uled for six p.m. eastern tim... ...n Cross this meeting was to coordinate FBI efforts with your plans to relocate citizens on Federal Lands." "Then why was Doyle invited?" "Because,... ...onally, and only you, a General Lamont." "I know him." "He's officially under Presidential arrest." "What did he do?" "You are not to ask him any...

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