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Plutarchs Lives Volume One

By: Hugh Clough

...ance of their star in the heavens, they were thus called, for in the Attic dialect this name comes very near the words that signify above. Some say th... ...” says he, “may this mean, O Philopoemen?” “I am,” replied he in his Doric dialect, “paying the penalty of my ugly looks.” Titus Flamininus, jesting w... ...eforehand.” One Mandroclidas, then present, told him, in the broad Spartan dialect: “If you are a god, you will do us no harm, we are wronging no man;... ...ecourse to the sa- cred groves, and cut down the trees of the Academy, the shadi- est of all the suburbs, and the Lyceum. And a vast sum of money bein...

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