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The Public Domain : Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

By: James Boyle

...stounding leadership Larry has provided and the insights into “the wealth of networks” that Yochai brings. Jessica Litman, Pam Samuelson, Michael Carr... ... a negative effect on our culture, our kids’ schools, and our communications networks; on free speech, medicine, and scientific research. We are wastin... ...e on that point. And some of them, like the design of our telecommunications networks, or the patenting of human genes, or the relationship between co... ... reproduction and distribution—of course it is appropriate for them, and the networks they “share” on, to be subject to liability. What’s more, to the... ...ness plans relied upon showing movies in theaters and then licensing them to television stations. VCRs and Betamaxes fit nowhere in this plan; they wer... ...nt that it was a “fair use” under U.S. copyright law for consumers to record television programs for time-shifting purposes. Since fair The Internet T... ...s clearly disapproving, others would point out that book- stores, movies and television channels are filled with material on how to commit mur der...an... ...ights legally? I could, after all, make a videotape of the DVD playing on my television, and use that grainy, blurry image in my documentary criticizi... ...lassic favorites, most people do not want to own movies. Watching the film on television or renting it for a night is perfectly satisfactory. Both of t...

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