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Neutrosophic Dialogues

By: Florentin Smarandache

...tive breakthroughs, there is no qualitative leap. On the contrary, our TV networks and computer networks are contaminating society, bringing it into... ...an and the U.S. have to admit that the United States would be ruined from television. Is it better in our mainland? How can we be saved from cultu... ...usnesses have been stolen. (The United States could be destroyed by TV and networks. If China follows, say nothing of the future, the present is alre... ... technological advances, good things also beckon misfortune. Let’s look at television, for example. I know people will object to my analysis of TV, s... ...nism. You're out of step with the times.” Nonetheless, in my opinion, the television is a menace to human life. The television is a man-eater. Did yo... ...n these days. Instead of doing their schoolwork, they sit in front of the television set. They're glued to the screen, and it eats up their very lif... ...iples of being good people. They will learn only how to stare dully at the television. And what does the TV teach them? Every kind of strange and fre...

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