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The Soul Bearer

By: Jonathan Cross

...c relations. You're still using that one site you restored in everyone of your television commercials running on those Sunday morning news shows, a... ... around the room. C-SPAN would cover the event live from open to close, but the Networks would edit their coverage down to no more than four minutes... ...sed. Cathy Knowles had been bouncing around from newspapers, to radio, and now television where she held the spot as special events reporter. She w... ... come." "He called you personally?" Edwards asked. "I'm here. I'm not watching television," Brent replied. "I was told by head of News, be here or ... ...r case. When the richest man in the country donates ten million dollars on live television, you can bet something's up. You can both turn your notes... ... PRESIDENT'S NEWS conference started at six p.m. sharp. It was carried on every television station in the country, plus, broadcast to most countries...

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