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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

... Factbook 1987 CP/1S WF 87-001 US Government officials should obtain copies of The World Factbook directly from their own organization or through lia... ... channels from the Central Intelligence Agency. Requesters in the Department of Defense may obtain copies from: Defense Intelligence Agency RTS-2C Was... ...40-3344 Tel: (202) 373-3869 or Autovon 243-3869 Requesters in the Department of State may obtain copies from: Department of State INR/IC/CD Room 8646 ... ...itory 31 British Virgin Islands 32 Brunei 33 Bulgaria 34 Burkina 36 Burma 37 Burundi 38 Cambodia 40 Cameroon 41 Canada 42 Cape Verde 44 Cayman Islands... ... (since November 1981) Suffrage: universal over age 18 37 Burma (continued) Burundi Elections: National Assembly and local People's Councils elected ... ...n: 5,005,504 (July 1987), average annual growth rate 2.92% Nationality: noun Burundian(s); adjec- tive Burundi Ethnic divisions: Africans 85% Hutu (Ba... ...embership; has consultative status in the EC; under several post-World War I treaties Switzerland handles Liechtenstein's customs and repre- sents the...

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