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Information Technology Tales

By: Brad Bradford

...ime InfoTech upset the balance of power within major civilizations. BRAD BRADFORD Foreword and Epilogue by Michael S. Hart Dedicati... ...arco Polo. 7. Islam‘s Great Gifts to the West One precept of the Koran states that the human world’s quest for knowledge leads to further knowing... ...urprises that make up the best and most valuable books. At eighty-nine, Brad Bradford brings a long lifetime of experience in newspapers during th... ...in flooded, swampy areas? Based on a theory developed in 1930 by British marine biologist Alistair Hardy, Elaine Morgan‘s provocative book Aquatic ... ...webbing between the fingers.  Voluntary breath control, such as the kind marine mammals and birds possess.  A hooded nose with nostrils pointed ... ...ain control over regions large enough to grow into the world‘s first city-states. Temples, such as those in Ur, Babylon, and Nineveh, towered over w... ...ericles to the beginning of the decline of the Roman Empire. In 2011 the United States is less than half that age. CHAPTER 6 ―Chinese ships... ...ge of literature and learning in an England that was gradually becoming a united kingdom. It was to England‘s scholars that Charlemagne—the illiter... ...cessed. He also added another distinguished field for women by creating a corps of women librarians to circulate those books into the hands of the pu...

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