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Secret of the Sands

By: Aren, Rai and E., Tavius

... “Me too,” Mitch said as he steadied himself. “Can you feel that? It’s like the faintest vibration. What the heck is this thing?” “Good question. T... ... at the figures, still a ways off, heading towards them. “We must hurry,” Jace said. The vibrations intensified as Jace and the Draxen soldiers tri... ...y greater than those who were chasing them. “Put it down for a moment. Gently! See if the vibrations stop.” He had no idea how it was supposed to wo... ...tation around it?” Odai asked, bewildered. It was cool to the touch, undamaged…still. No vibrations. Nothing at all to indi- cate what it had done. ...

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