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David DeCoteau

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Title: David DeCoteau  
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Subject: Creepozoids, Final Stab, Killer Bash, The Frightening, Leeches!
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David DeCoteau

David DeCoteau
Born (1962-01-05) January 5, 1962
Portland, Oregon, United States
Occupation Film director and producer

David DeCoteau (born January 5, 1962, Portland, Oregon) is an American and Canadian film director[1] and producer.[2]


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Early life

Davi DeCoteau was born on January 7, 1962 in Portland, Oregon.


He has worked professionally in the movie business since he was 18 years old. He got his start through Roger Corman, who hired him in 1980 as a production assistant at New World Pictures. In 1986, DeCoteau directed and produced his first feature film for Charles Band. He is the founder of Rapid Heart Pictures, where his films include A Talking Cat!?! and the 1313 series. He has said of his working methods, “I always wanted to make what I could sell. So I just promised myself that I would not be set in my ways. If somebody said, ‘Look, we need a horror film, we need a creature feature, we need a Western, we need a period costume drama,’ I was able to put it together pretty quickly.”[3]

DeCoteau has produced and directed more than ninety motion pictures over the past twenty-five years. He resides in British Columbia and Los Angeles.[4]


Year Film Notes
1986 Dreamaniac
1988 Creepozoids
1988 Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
1988 Nightmare Sisters
1989 Lady Avenger
1989 Murder Weapon as Ellen Cabot
1989 American Rampage
1989 Dr. Alien
1990 Deadly Embrace as Ellen Cabot
1991 The Girl I Want as Ellen Cabot
1993 Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge
1993 Naked Instinct as Ellen Cabot
1994 Beach Babes from Beyond as Ellen Cabot
1994 Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000 as Ellen Cabot
1994 Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater Attack of the Queen Bees Month: Part 1
1995 Blonde Heaven as Ellen Cabot
1996 Prehysteria! 3 as Julian Breen
1996 Bikini Goddesses as Ellen Cabot
1997 Petticoat Planet as Ellen Cabot
1997 Prey of the Jaguar
1997 Predominantly Black Cats spin off of Charmed
1997 The Journey: Absolution
1997 Skeletons TV movie
1997 Leather Jacket Love Story
1997 Lurid Tales: The Castle Queen as Ellen Cabot
1998 Shrieker as Victoria Sloan
1998 Curse of the Puppet Master as Victoria Sloan
1998 Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island as Ellen Cabot
1998 Talisman as Victoria Sloan
1998 Frankenstein Reborn! as Julian Breen
1999 The Killer Eye[1] as Richard Chasen[5]
1999 Alien Arsenal as Julian Breen (TV movie)
1999 Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy
1999 Witchouse[6] as Jack Reed[6]
1999 Totem (film) as Martin Tate
1999 Retro Puppet Master as Joseph Tennent
2000 Voodoo Academy
2001 Prison of the Dead as Victoria Sloan
2001 The Brotherhood[7]
2001 Final Stab
2001 The Brotherhood II: Young Warlocks
2002 The Frightening
2002 Wolves of Wall Street
2003 The Brotherhood III: Young Demons
2003 Leeches!
2003 Speed Demon
2004 Ring of Darkness[8] TV movie
2004 Tomb of Terror segment 3 "Evil Never Dies"
2004 The Sisterhood
2005 The Brotherhood IV: The Complex
2005 Killer Bash TV movie
2005 Witches of the Caribbean
2005 Frankenstein & the Werewolf Reborn! as Julian Breen
2006 Beastly Boyz TV movie
2007 Grizzly Rage TV movie
2007 The Raven TV movie
2007 House of Usher
2008 Playing with Fire
2009 The Invisible Chronicles
2009 The Brotherhood V: Alumni
2009 The Brotherhood VI: Initiation
2009 Alien Presence
2009 Stem Cell
2009 The Pit and the Pendulum
2009 Nightfall
2010 Puppet Master: Axis of Evil
2010 Body Blow TV movie
2011 A Dream Within a Dream
2011 1313: Wicked Stepbrother
2011 1313: Actor Slash Model
2011 1313: Boy Crazies
2011 1313: Haunted Frat
2011 1313: Nightmare Mansion
2011 1313: Giant Killer Bees
2011 Christmas Spirit TV movie
2012 The Magic Puppy (A Halloween Puppy) TV movie
2012 1313: Cougar Cult
2012 1313: Bigfoot Island
2012 Snow White: A Deadly Summer
2012 1313: UFO Invasion
2012 1313: Bermuda Triangle
2012 1313: Billy the Kid
2012 1313: Hercules Unbound!
2012 1313: Night of the Widow
2012 1313: Frankenqueen
2012 Santa's Summer House
2013 A Talking Cat!?!
2013 Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft
2014 3 Scream Queens
2014 3 Wicked Witches
2014 666: Kreepy Kerry
2014 666: Devilish Charm
2014 90210 Shark Attack[9]
2014 Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper
2014 Knock 'Em Dead
2014 Stranded


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