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United States Senate Committee on the District of Columbia

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Title: United States Senate Committee on the District of Columbia  
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Subject: Index of Washington, D.C.-related articles, List of defunct United States congressional committees
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United States Senate Committee on the District of Columbia

The United States Senate Committee on the District of Columbia was one of the first standing committees created in the Committee on Governmental Affairs.


Chairman Party State Years
Armistead Mason Republican Virginia 1816–1817
Robert Henry Goldsborough Federalist Maryland 1817–1819
Outerbridge Horsey Federalist Delaware 1819–1821
James Barbour Republican Virginia 1821–1823
Edward Lloyd Republican Maryland 1823–1826
  Ezekiel F. Chambers National Republican Maryland 1826–1827
  John Eaton Democrat Tennessee 1827–1829
  Ezekiel F. Chambers National Republican Maryland 1829–1834
John Tyler Whig Virginia 1834–1836
Joseph Kent Whig Maryland 1836–1837
  William H. Roane Democrat Virginia 1837–1839
William Merrick Whig Maryland 1839–1841
Richard H. Bayard Whig Delaware 1841–1842
Jacob Miller Whig New Jersey 1829–1834
  William Haywood, Jr. Democrat North Carolina 1845–1846
  Simon Cameron Democrat Pennsylvania 1846–1848
  Herschel V. Johnson Democrat Georgia 1848–1849
  James Mason Democrat Virginia 1849–1851
  James Shields Democrat Illinois 1851–1853
  Moses Norris, Jr. Democrat New Hampshire 1853–1855
  Albert Brown Democrat Mississippi 1855–1861
  James Grimes Republican Iowa 1861–1865
  Lot Morrill Republican Maine 1865–1867
  James Harlan Republican Iowa 1867–1869
  Hannibal Hamlin Republican Maine 1869–1870
  James Patterson Republican New Hampshire 1870–1873
  John F. Lewis Republican Virginia 1873–1875
  George E. Spencer Republican Alabama 1875–1877
  Stephen Dorsey Republican Arkansas 1877–1879
  Isham G. Harris Democrat Tennessee 1879–1881
  John Ingalls Republican Kansas 1881–1891
  James McMillan Republican Michigan 1891–1893
  Isham G. Harris Democrat Tennessee 1893–1895
  James K. Jones Democrat Arkansas 1895–1896
  James McMillan Republican Michigan 1896–1902
  Jacob Gallinger Republican New Hampshire 1903–1913
  John Walter Smith Democrat Maryland 1913–1919
  Lawrence Y. Sherman Republican Illinois 1919–1921
  L. Heisler Ball Republican Delaware 1921–1925
  Arthur Capper Republican Kansas 1925–1933
  William H. King Democrat Utah 1933–1941
  Pat McCarran Democrat Nevada 1941–1945
  Theodore G. Bilbo Democrat Mississippi 1945–1947
  C. Douglass Buck Republican Delaware 1947–1949
  J. Howard McGrath Democrat Rhode Island 1949
  Matthew M. Neely Democrat West Virginia 1949–1953
  Francis Case Republican South Dakota 1953–1955
  Matthew M. Neely Democrat West Virginia 1955–1958
  Alan Bible Democrat Nevada 1958–1969
  Joseph D. Tydings Democrat Maryland 1969–1971
  Thomas F. Eagleton Democrat Missouri 1971–1977

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