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List of paterae on Io

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Title: List of paterae on Io  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: List of geological features on Io, Rūaumoko, List of tallest mountains in the Solar System
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of paterae on Io

This is a list of paterae (shallow craters) on the surface of Io. Ionian paterae are named after sun gods and fire gods in various mythologies.

See also the list of mountains on Io and the list of geological features on Io.

Patera Named after
Ababinili Patera Ababinili (Chickasaw)
Agni Patera Agni (Hindu and others)
Ah Peku Patera Ah Peku (Mayan)
Aidne Patera Aidne (Irish)
Altjirra Patera Altjira (Australian Aboriginal)
Amaterasu Patera Amaterasu (Japanese)
Angpetu Patera Angpetu (Dakota)
Aramazd Patera Aramazd (Armenian)
Arusha Patera Arusha (Hindu)
Asha Patera Asha (Zoroastrian)
Ātar Patera Atar (Zoroastrian)
Aten Patera Aten (Egyptian)
Babbar Patera Babbar (Sumerian)
Balder Patera Balder (Norse)
Belenus Patera Belenus (Celtic)
Bochica Patera Bochica (Chibchan)
Camaxtli Patera Camaxtli (Aztec)
Carancho Patera Carancho (Bolivian)
Cataquil Patera Catequil (Inca)
Catha Patera Cautha (Etruscan)
Chaac Patera Chaac (Mayan)
Chors Patera Chors (Slavic)
Creidne Patera Creidhne (Celtic)
Cuchi Patera Cuchi (Australian Aboriginal)
Culann Patera Culann (Celtic)
Daedalus Patera Daedalus (Greek)
Dazhbog Patera Dazhbog (Slavic)
Dingir Patera Dingir (Sumerian)
Dusura Patera Dusura (Nabataean)
Ekhi Patera Ekhi (Basque)
Emakong Patera Emakong (Sulca people of New Britain)
Estan Patera Estan (Hittite)
Fo Patera Fo (Chinese)
Fuchi Patera Kamuy Fuchi (Ainu)
Gabija Patera Gabija (Lithuanian)
Galai Patera Galai (Mongol)
Gibil Patera Gibil (Sumerian)
Girru Patera Girru (Babylonian)
Gish Bar Patera Gish Bar (Babylonian)
Grannos Patera Grannus (Celtic)
Grian Patera Grian (Celtic)
Haokah Patera Haokah (Lakota)
Hatchawa Patera Hatchawa (Yaroro)
Heiseb Patera Heiseb (Bushman)
Heno Patera Heno (Iroquois)
Hephaestus Patera Hephaestus (Greek)
Hi'iaka Patera Hi'iaka (Hawaiian)
Hiruko Patera Hiruko (Japanese)
Horus Patera Horus (Egyptian)
Huo Shen Patera Huo Shen (Chinese)
Ilmarinen Patera Ilmarinen (Finnish)
Inti Patera Inti (Inca)
Isum Patera Isum (Assyrian)
Itzaamna Patera Itzamna (Mayan)
Janus Patera Janus (Roman)
Kami-Nari Patera Kami-Nari (Japanese)
Kane Patera Kāne (Hawaiian)
Karei Patera Karei (Semang people of the Malay Peninsula)
Kava Patera Kava (mythology) (Persian)
Khalla Patera Khalla (Bushman)
Kibero Patera Kibero (Yaroro)
Kinich Ahau Patera Kinich Ahau (Mayan)
Kurdalagon Patera Kurdalagon (Ossetian)
Laki-oi Patera Laki-oi (Kayan people of Borneo)
Llew Patera Llew (Celtic)
Loki Patera Loki (Norse)
Lu Huo Patera Lu Huo (Chinese)
Maasaw Patera Masau'u (Hopi)
Mafuike Patera Mahu-ike (Polynesian)
Malik Patera Malik (Babylonian and Canaanite)
Mama Patera Mama (Chibchan people of Central America)
Manua Patera Manua (Hawaiian)
Masaya Patera Masaya (Nicaraguan)
Maui Patera Maui (Hawaiian)
Mazda Paterae Ahura Mazda (Zoroastrian)
Mbali Patera Mbali (Pygmy)
Menahka Patera Menahka (Mandan) people of North America)
Mentu Patera Mentu (Egyptian)
Michabo Patera Michabo (Algonquian) people of North America)
Mihr Patera Mihr (Armenian)
Mithra Patera Mithra (Zoroastrian)
Monan Patera a god of the Tupí (Brazil)[1]
Mulungu Patera Mulungu (East African)
Namarrkun Patera Namarrkun (Australian Aboriginal)
Nina Patera Nina (Inca)
Nunurta Patera Ninurta (Sumerian and Akkadian)
Nusku Patera Nusku (Assyrian)
Nyambe Patera Nyambe (Zambezi)
Ot Patera Ot Ene (Mongol)
Päive Patera Päive (Sami)
Pautiwa Patera Pautiwa (Hopi)
Pillan Patera Pillan (Mapuche people of South America)
Podja Patera Podja (Evenk people of Russia and China)
Purgine Patera Purgine (Mordvin people of Russia)
Prometheus Patera Prometheus (Greek)
Pyerun Patera Perun (Slavic)
Ra Patera Ra (Egyptian)
Radegast Patera Radagast (Slavic)
Rarog Patera Rarog (Slavic)
Rata Patera Rātā (Māori)
Reiden Patera Reiden (Japanese)
Reshef Patera Reshef (Phoenician)
Reshet Paterae Reshet (Aramaic)
Ruaumoko Patera Ruaumoko (Māori)
Ruwa Patera Ruwa (East African)
Savitr Patera Savitr (Hindu)
Sêd Patera Sêd (Phoenician)
Sengen Patera Sengen (Japanese)
Seth Patera Seth (Egyptian)
Sethlaus Patera Sethlans (Etruscan)
Shakuru Patera Shakuru (Pawnee people of North America)
Shamash Patera Shamash (Babylonian and Assyrian)
Shamshu Patera Shamshu (Arabian)
Shango Patera Shango (Yorùbá)
Shoshu Patera Shoshu (Caucasian)
Sigurd Patera Sigurd (Norse)
Siun Patera Siun (Nanai people of Siberia)
Steropes Patera Steropes (Greek)
Sui Jen Patera Sui Jen (Chinese)
Surya Patera Surya (Hindu)
Susanoo Patera Susanoo (Japanese)
Svarog Patera Svarog (Slavic)
Talos Patera Talos (Greek)
Taranis Patera Taranis (Celtic)
Taw Patera Taw (Monguor)
Tawhaki Patera Tawhaki (Maori)
Thomagata Patera Thomagata (Chibchan people of Central America)
Tien Mu Patera Tien Mu (Chinese)
Tiermes Patera Tiermes (Sami)
Tohil Patera Tohil (Mayan)
Tol-Ava Patera Tol-Ava (Mordvin people of Russia)
Tung Yo Patera Tung Yo (Chinese)
Tupan Patera the thunder god Tupan of the Tupí people of Brazil[2]
Tvashtar Paterae Tvashtri (Hindu)
Ukko Patera Ukko (Finnish)
Ülgen Patera Ülgen (Siberian)
Uta Patera Uta (Sumerian)
Vahagn Patera Vahagn (Armenian)
Viracocha Patera Viracocha (Inca)
Vivasvant Patera Vivasvant (Hindu)
Wabasso Patera Wabasso (Potawatomi people of North America)
Wayland Patera Weyland (Germanic)
Yaw Patera Yaw (Hebrew)
Zal Patera Zal (Persian)


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  2. ^ in English by Rosaly Lopes, who named Tupan.
  • USGS Planetary Nomeclature: Io
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