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Raw as F**k

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Title: Raw as F**k  
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Subject: Freestylers, Freestylers albums, Demon Boyz, Painkiller (Freestylers song), 2004 albums
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Raw as F**k

Raw as F**k
Studio album by Freestylers
Released July 2004
May 2005 (Remixes)
Genre Electronica, breakbeat, trip hop, house
Length 69:07
Label Against the Grain, PIAS
Producer Freestylers
Freestylers chronology
Pressure Point
Raw as F**k

Raw as F**k is an album by the British electronic music group Freestylers. Released in July 2004, it was the group's third album. It is also the first full-length album release from the Against the Grain label.[1] The remix album was released almost a year later.[2]

The album included mostly fast-paced dance music, with tracks including the singles "Get a Life", "Push Up" and "Boom Blast". "Push Up" was particularly successful in Australia as a single, where it reached No. 2 in the charts, although in both Australia and the United Kingdom the album failed to make a major impact on the album charts.

The tracks "Punks", "The Slammer" and "No Replica" were originally from the singles the Freestylers created as Raw As F**k in 2002–2003.[3] The three singles were their first ever productions in Against the Grain.[4]

Despite the album's title, the album did not carry an "Parental Advisory - Explicit Content" warning due to a lack of extreme profanity on the tracks themselves.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Vocals Length
1. "Music Is Music"   Matt Cantor, Aston Harvey   1:10
2. "Boom Blast"   Matt Cantor, Ashton Harvey & Michael Dunn Million Dan 6:07
3. "Raw as F**k" (co-written by Sy & Unknown) Matt Cantor, Ashton Harvey, Simon Cranny, Chris Sargent   5:50
4. "Get a Life"   Matt Cantor, Ashton Harvey & Tracey Bowen Onallee 5:12
5. "The Slammer"   Cantor, Harvey   6:59
6. "Push Up"   Matt Cantor, Ashton Harvey, Theodorakis Brehony & Reza Safinia Theo 4:39
7. "Punks"   Matt Cantor & Ashton Harvey   6:07
8. "Dogs and Sledges" (co-produced by Million Dan) Matt Cantor, Ashton Harvey, Michael Dunn Million Dan 4:17
9. "Warrior Charge" (co-written by Sy & Unknown) Matt Cantor, Ashton Harvey, Cranny & Chris Sargent   5:33
10. "Losing You"   Matt Cantor, Ashton Harvey & Julie Thompson Julie Thompson 6:02
11. "No Replica"   Matt Cantor, Ashton Harvey & Michael Dunn Million Dan 4:07
12. "Right On"   Matt Cantor & Ashton Harvey   5:47
13. "Too Far"   Matt Cantor, Ashton Harvey & Julie Thompson Julie Thompson 7:17
Total length:
  • Track 5 was originally from the "The Slammer" / "Theme From Raw" single by Raw As F**k[5]
  • Track 7 was originally from the "Punks" / "Demon Beats" single by Raw As F**k[6]
  • Track 11 was originally credited as Million Dan vs. Raw As F**k[7]
  • The duration of tracks 6 & 11 are extended in US releases.[8]


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