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List of Phi Kappa Tau members

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Title: List of Phi Kappa Tau members  
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Subject: Phi Kappa Tau
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List of Phi Kappa Tau members

The following is a list of notable brothers of Phi Kappa Tau, a college fraternity in the United States.


  • National presidents 1
  • Chief executives 2
  • Notable members 3
    • Law, politics, and government 3.1
    • Military 3.2
    • Education 3.3
    • Science, technology, and medicine 3.4
    • Arts and entertainment 3.5
    • Religion 3.6
    • Business and philanthropy 3.7
    • Sports 3.8
    • Other 3.9
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National presidents

Term of Office Name and Chapter
1906–1907 Taylor A. Borradaile (Miami)*
1907–1908 Harvey C. Brill (Miami)*
1908–1909 Wilmer G. Stover (Miami)*
1909–1910 Alexander R. Paxton (Miami)*
1910–1911 Edward E. Duncan (Miami)*
1911 Ernest N. Littleton (Miami)*
1911–1912 Howard A. Pidgeon (Ohio)*
1912–1913 Clarence Ray Ridenour (Ohio)*
1913–1914 William H. Shideler (Miami)*
1914–1915 Robert G. Webber (Ohio)*
1915 Eckley G. Gossett (Ohio State)*
1915–1916 S. Francis "Frank" Cox (Centre)
1916–1917 Ewing T. Boles (Centre)*
1917–1919 Frederick R. Fletemeyer (Illinois)*
1919–1920 Henry E. Hoagland (Illinois)*
1920–1923 Edgar Ewing Brandon (Miami)*
1923–1925 John V. Cotton (Centre)*
1925–1928 Harry A. Taylor, MD (Nebraska Wesleyan)*
1928–1930 Isaac Miles Wright (Muhlenberg)*
1930–1934 W. Massey Foley (Miami)*
1934–1959 Roland W. Maxwell (Southern California)*
1959–1962 Harold E. Angelo (Mississippi State)*
1962–1964 William A. Hammond (Miami)*
1964–1966 Louis C. Gerding, Jr. (Colorado)*
1966–1968 Warren H. Parker (Nebraska Wesleyan)*
1968–1970 Melvin Dettra, Jr. (Ohio State)*
1970–1972 Thomas L. Stennis II (Mississippi State)*
1972–1975 Ray A. Clarke (Bowling Green)*
1975–1977 Edward A. Marye, Jr. (Kentucky)*
1977–1979 F. L. McKinley (Oklahoma State)
1979–1981 Thomas C. Cunningham (Nebraska Wesleyan)*
1981–1983 John M. Green (Nebraska Wesleyan)
1983–1985 Raymond A. Bichimer (Ohio State)
1985–1987 Harold H. Short (Colorado State)*
1987–1989 John F. Cosgrove (Florida)*
1989–1993 Walter G. Strange (Auburn)*
1993–1995 Rodney E. Wilmoth (Nebraska Wesleyan)*
1995–1997 Stephen Brothers (University of California, Berkeley)
1997–1999 Gregory D. Hollen (Maryland)
1999–2002 Todd E. Napier (Evansville)
2002–2004 Joseph J. McCann, Jr. (Spring Hill)*
2004–2006 C. William Crane (Georgia)
2006–2008 Charles T. Ball (Miami)
2008–2010 William C. Macak (Florida State)
2010–2012 Gregory M. Heilmeier (Bethany)
2012–2014 Stephan M. Nelson (University of Southern Mississippi)
2014–2016 Rick A. Keltner (California State University Sacramento)

* deceased

Chief executives

  • Ralph K. Bowers, Mount Union 1917–1929
  • Richard J. Young, Miami 1929-1961
  • Jack L. Anson, Colgate 1961–1970
  • William D. Jenkins, Bowling Green 1970–1978
  • John W. Meyerhoff, Colgate 1978–1987
  • John M. Green, Nebraska Wesleyan 1987–1998
  • Joel S. Rudy, Bethany 1998–2002
  • C. Steven Hartman, Muskingum 2002–2013
  • W. Tim Hudson, Truman State 2014-

Notable members

(dates following college names are fraternity initiation dates)

Law, politics, and government

Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator (R-Kentucky)
John Barrasso U.S Senator (R-Wyoming)
Paul Ignatius, former Secretary of the Navy



William Brantley Aycock chancellor, UNC-Chapel Hill 1957–1964

Science, technology, and medicine

Leroy Chiao, U.S. Astronaut

Arts and entertainment

Paul Newman, Academy Award winning actor, race-car driver, and philanthropist


Business and philanthropy


John Beradino, baseball player (St. Louis Browns) and actor
Matthew Mann, swimming coach, 1952 Olympics



  • Phi Kappa Tau Centennial Membership Directory, Harris Connect: 2006
  • Phi Kappa Tau Membership Manual Centennial Edition: 2006
  • The Phi Kappa Tau 400: 1988

External links

  • Phi Kappa Tau Hall of Fame
  • Grave sites of prominent members of Phi Kappa Tau
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