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Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein


Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein

Prince Nikolaus
Prince Nikolaus in 2010
Born (1947-10-24) 24 October 1947
Zurich, Switzerland
Spouse Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg (m. 1982)
Issue Prince Leopold
Princess Maria-Anunciata
Princess Marie-Astrid
Prince Josef-Emanuel
Full name
Nikolaus Ferdinand Maria Josef Raphael
House House of Liechtenstein
Father Franz Joseph II, Prince of Liechtenstein
Mother Countess Georgina Norberta of Wilczek
Religion Roman Catholicism
Liechtensteiner Princely Family

HSH The Prince
HSH The Princess

Prince Nikolaus Ferdinand Maria Josef Raphael of Liechtenstein (born 24 October 1947) is the non-resident Ambassador of Liechtenstein to the Countess Georgina von Wilczek.


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Marriage and issue

He married on 20 March 1982, at Notre Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg, Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg, (born 15 May 1957, Betzdorf Castle, Betzdorf, Luxembourg). She is the youngest daughter of Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. For the time being, this is the last dynastically equal marriage between two sovereign houses currently reigning in Europe.

They had four children:

  • Prince Leopold Emmanuel Jean Marie of Liechtenstein (Brussels, 20 May 1984 - Brussels, 20 May 1984).
  • Princess Maria-Anunciata Astrid Joséphine Veronica of Liechtenstein (b. Brussels-Uccle, 12 May 1985).
  • Princess Marie-Astrid Nora Margarita Veronica of Liechtenstein (b. Brussels-Uccle, 26 June 1987).
  • Prince Josef-Emanuel Leopold Marie of Liechtenstein (b. Brussels-Uccle, 7 May 1989).


He was Chief Scout (

Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein
Born: 24 October 1947
Lines of succession
Preceded by
Prince Rudolf
Line of succession to
the Liechtensteiner throne

14th position
Succeeded by
Prince Josef-Emanuel
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Others honours

Foreign honours

National honours

See also List of honours of the Luxembourgish Grand-Ducal Family by country


[5] in 1990 about the topic of hunting and nature protection.Grossarl Prince Nikolaus spoke at the European Forum of Guild-Scouts in [4] Today Prince Nikolaus is honorary member of the Scout association.[3]

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