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List of AMD Am2900 and Am29000 families

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Title: List of AMD Am2900 and Am29000 families  
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Subject: AMD K6, List of AMD FX microprocessors, AMD Phenom, Puma (microarchitecture), Athlon II
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List of AMD Am2900 and Am29000 families

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) had a number of product lines with the part numbers beginning with "29". These families were generally not related to one another.

The Am29(F, BL, DL, DS)xxx family contains a variety of flash memories, and is not part of the Am2900/Am29000 families.

Am2900 Family

The first such family was the Am2900 series of integrated circuits (ICs) created in 1975 designed in bit-slice topology so they could be used as modular components each representing a different aspect of a computer control unit (CCU).

for detail on the Am2900 Family See: The Am2900 Family Data Book, by AMD

Am29000 Family

The Am29000 family was a line of 32-bit RISC microprocessors.


  • Am29000 32-bit RISC microprocessor, 4-stage Pipeline, 512-byte BTC (Branch Target Cache)
  • Am29005 32-bit RISC microprocessor with neither (functional) MMU nor BTC
  • Am29027 Arithmetic Accelerator FPU
  • Am29030 32-bit RISC Microprocessor
  • Am29035 RISC Microprocessor with 4K byte Instruction Cache
  • Am29040 32-bit RISC microprocessor with Hardware Multiply
  • Am29041 Data transfer controller
  • Am29050 32-bit Streamlined Instruction Microprocessor with FPU, 1kB Instruction Cache
  • Am29062 Integrated cache unit with 8K bytes RAM

Am29100 Family

The Am29100 is a family of microcontrollers and their support chips. Most of the microcontrollers are 'intelligent', performing operations that would normally be performed by software.

  • Am29101 16-bit Microprocessor Slice Circuit with Speed Select
  • Am29111 Microprogram Sequencer Controller - For microprogram memory
  • Am29112 High-performance 8-bit slice Microprogram Sequencer
  • Am29114 Real-time 8-bit priority interrupt controller
  • Am29116 High-performance 16-bit microprocessor
  • Am29117 High-performance 16-bit microprocessor
  • Am29118 8-bit I/O support unit for Am29116
  • Am29130 16 to 30 Bit Shift Register
  • Am29141 Fuse programmable controller

Am29200 Family

These were Am29000-family processors intended for the high-end microcontroller market.

Am29300 Family

The Am29300 Family is a more advanced group of integrated circuits, requiring a smaller amount of chips to create a 32-bit computer.

  • Am29323 32-bit Parallel Multiplier
  • Am29325 32-bit Floating-point unit
  • Am29327 32-bit FPU
  • Am29331 16-bit Microprogram Sequencer
  • Am29332 64bit in, 32-bit out, ALU
  • Am29334 Four-Port, Dual-Access Register File (SRAM)
  • Am29337 16-bit Bounds Checker
  • Am29338 32-bit Byte Queue,4 FIFOs
  • Am29360 32-bit Error Detection and Correction Unit
  • Am29368 1M-bit Dynamic Memory Controller (DMC)

Am29400 Family

  • Am29433 32 x 32 Bit Floating-Point Multiplier
  • Am29434 Register File, SRAM - Dual Port access

Am29500 Family

The Am29500 Family is designed for Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

  • Am29501 Multi-Port Pipelined Processor for DSP
  • Am29509 hardware multiplier 12x12
  • Am29510 hardware multiplier 16x16, 32-bit answers through 16-bit output Pictures: AMD_AM29510DC.jpg
  • Am29516 hardware multiplier 16x16, 32-bit answers through 16-bit output Pictures: AMD_AM29516DC.jpg
  • Am29517 hardware multiplier 16x16, 32-bit answers through 16-bit output Pictures: AMD_AM29517DC.jpg AMD_AM29L517DC.jpg
  • Am29520 Multilevel Pipe-Line Register
  • Am29521 Multilevel Pipe-Line Register
  • Am29524 Pipeline Register - Dual 7-Deep or Single 14-Deep
  • Am29525 Pipeline Register - Dual 8-Deep or Single 16-Deep Pictures: AMD_AM29525DC.jpg
  • Am29526 Sin/Cos generators via fast look up tables
  • Am29527 Sin/Cos generators via fast look up tables
  • Am29528 Sin/Cos generators via fast lookup tables
  • Am29529 Sin/Cos generators via fast lookup tables
  • Am29540 Sequence to produce addresses for FFT Computations

Am29600 Family

  • Am29660 CRC-Polynomial Error Circuit - Cascadable 64-bits of data, Pictures: Ic-photo-amd-AM29C660DJC.png
  • Am29668 Dynamic Memory Controller - CDMC for 80386 interface
  • Am29676 Memory Driver - 11-Bit DRAM Driver
  • Am29688 Dynamic Memory Controller - CDMC for 80386 interface

Am29700 Family

Am29800 Family

The Am29800 Family is used for performing self-testing, or on-board testing.

  • Am29803 I/O Controller, 16-Way Branch Unit
  • Am29806 6 bit Comparator/Decoder
  • Am29809 9 bit Comparator
  • Am29811 Next Address Control Unit
  • Am29818 Pipeline register/diagnostic register
  • Am29821 10-bit D flip-flop with Tri-State output
  • Am29822 10-Bit D-Type Flip-Flop
  • Am29823 9-Bit D-Type Flip-Flop with Tri-State output
  • Am29824 9-Bit D-Type Flip-Flop with Tri-State output
  • Am29825 8-Bit D Flip-Flop
  • Am29827 10-Bit Buffers/Line Drivers
  • Am29828 10-Bit Inverting Line Drivers
  • Am29841 10-BIT Bus Interface Latches
  • Am29842 10-BIT Bus Interface Latches
  • Am29843 9-BIT Bus Interface Latches
  • Am29844 9-Bit D-Type Latch
  • Am29845 8-Bit Transparent Latch WITH Tri-State OUTPUTS
  • Am29846 8-Bit BUS INTERFACE D-TYPE LATCHES, inverted outputs
  • Am29853/Am29855 9-bit asynchronous parity transceiver
  • Am29854 -BIT TO 9-BIT Bus Transceiver With Parity Generator/Checker; Parity-Error Flag With Open-Collector Output
  • Am29861 10-BIT Bus Interface Transceiver
  • Am29862 8-Bit Bus transceivers, Tri-State
  • Am29863 9-BIT Bus transceivers, Tri-State,aka 74F863
  • Am29864 9-BIT BUS TRANSCEIVER (Inverting)

Am29900 Family

  • Am29921 10-Bit D-Type Flip-Flop
  • Am29923 9-Bit D-Type Flip-Flop
  • Am29925 Octal D-Type Latch - 3-AND Out EN
  • Am29927 Non-Inverting-Function Buffer Gate
  • Am29928 Inverting-Function Buffer Gate
  • Am29933 Bus Transceiver - +9-bit parity tree
  • Am29941 10-Bit D-Type Latch
  • Am29943 9-Bit D-Type Latch
  • Am29945 Octal D-Type Latch
  • Am29953/Am29955 Bus Transceiver - +9-bit parity tree
  • Am29961 Bus Transceiver - 10-bit, no buffer
  • Am29963 Bus Transceiver - 9-bit, no buffer
  • Am29982 Bus Controller - 4x4-port multiple bus exchange
  • Am29983/Am19985 Bus Controller - 9x4-port multiple bus exchange

See also


  • The Am2900 Family Data Book, by AMD
  • AMD Bipolar Microprocessor Logic and interface Am2900 Family 1983 Data Book
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