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List of shopping malls in Bangladesh


List of shopping malls in Bangladesh

This is a list of shopping malls in Bangladesh, sortable by name, location, year opened and size (gross floor area). A shopping mall or shopping center is a building or set of buildings that contain retail units and a multiplex with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit, offering diverse brands and utilities at the same place. Bangladesh has some of the largest shopping malls in South Asia.


  • Biggest malls 1
  • In Dhaka 2
  • In Rajshahi 3
  • In Narsingdi 4
  • In Chittagong 5
  • In Sylhet 6
  • In Jessore 7
  • In Barisal 8
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Biggest malls

Name Location Year Size (Gross Floor Area) Source
Jamuna Future Park Dhaka, Bangladesh 2013 9,600,000 sq ft (890,000 m2) [1]
Bashundhara City Dhaka, Bangladesh 2004 5,100,000 sq ft (470,000 m2) [2]
Planet SR Comilla, Bangladesh 2016 3,000,000 sq ft (280,000 m2) [3]

In Dhaka

Outer view of Bashundhara City, Dhaka.
Aarong outlet at Asad Gate,Lalmatia, Dhaka.
  1. Jamuna Future Park, Dhaka
  2. Saad Musa City Center, Dhaka
  3. Bashundhara City, Dhaka
  4. Mouchak Market, Dhaka
  5. New Market, Dhaka
  6. Bongo Market, Bongo Bazar, Dhaka
  7. Eastern Plaza, Hatirpool, Dhaka
  8. Nahar Plaza, Hatirpool, Dhaka
  9. Mutalib Plaza, Hatirpool, Dhaka
  10. Karnafuly City Garden, Shantinagar, Dhaka
  11. Eastern Plus, Shantinagar, Dhaka
  12. Riffles Square, Jigatala, Dhaka
  13. Eastern Mallika, Old Elephant Road, Dhaka
  14. Twin City Corcord Shopping Complex, Chamelibag, Dhaka
  15. Metro Shopping Mall, Mirpur Road, Dhaka
  16. Rapa Plaza, Mirpur Road, Dhaka
  17. Orchad Point, Mirpur Road, Dhaka
  18. Alpona Plaza, New Elephant Road, Dhaka
  19. Multiplan Center, New Elephant Road, Dhaka
  20. Bishal Centre, Moghbazar, Dhaka
  21. Baitul Mukarram Market, Gulistan, Dhaka
  22. Stadium Market, Gulistan, Dhaka
  23. Navana Shopping Center, Gulshan-1, Dhaka
  24. Rajluxmi Complex, Uttara, Dhaka
  25. Royal Plaza, Uttara, Dhaka
  26. Rajmoni Ishakha Shopping Complex, Kakrail, Dhaka
  27. Capital Market, Mirpur Road, Dhaka
  28. BCS Computer City, Aagargaon, Dhaka
  29. Palwel Super Market, Noya Paltan, Dhaka
  30. Farmview Super Market, Farmget, Dhaka
  31. Mascot Plaza, Uttara, Dhaka
  32. Polwel Carnation, Uttara, Dhaka
  33. Pink City, Gulshan-2, Dhaka
  34. Dhaka City Corporation Market, Gulshan-1, Dhaka
  35. DCC Market, Gulshan-2, Dhaka
  36. Police Plaza Concord, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka
  37. North Tower, Uttara, Dhaka
  38. RAK Tower, Uttara, Dhaka
  39. Grand Plaza, Mogbazar, Dhaka
  40. Gazi Bhaban, Noya paltan, Dhaka
  41. Orchid Plaza, New Elephant Road, Dhaka
  42. Fortune Shopping Mall, Mouchak, Dhaka
  43. Police Plaza Concord, Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak, Dhaka
  44. Savar City Center, Savar, Dhaka
  45. Nabinagar Shopping Complex, Savar, Dhaka
  46. Prince Plaza, Dhaka
  47. Concord twin Towers shopping complex, Dhaka
  48. Concord Arcadia, Dhaka
  49. A.R.A Centre, Dhaka
  50. Razzak Plaza, Dhaka
  51. Iqbal Center, Dhaka
  52. Shop'n Save, Dhaka
  53. One Stop Mall, Gulshan, Dhaka
  54. Hosaf Shopping Center, Dhaka
  55. Suvastu Arcade Shopping Plaza, Dhaka
  56. Anam Rangs Plaza, Dhaka
  57. Rajuk Trade Center, Dhaka

In Rajshahi

  1. Gitanjali Shopping Complex, Khidirpur, Rajshahi
  2. Nanking shopping mall, Rajshahi
  3. Index Plaza, Rajshahi, Rajshahi
  4. Railway Shopping Plaza, Rajshahi

In Narsingdi

  1. Index Plaza, Narsingdi
  2. Narsingdi City Centre, Narsingdi
  3. Abid-Aswad City Complex, Narsingdi

In Chittagong

  1. Afmi Plaza Chittagong
  2. Basuda Plaza, Chittagong
  3. New Market, Chittagong
  4. Mimi Super Market, Chittagong
  5. Chittagong Trade Centre, Chittagong
  6. Sanmar Ocean City, Nasirabad, Chittagong
  7. Zahur Hawkers' Market, Jubilee road, Chittagong
  8. Amin Center, Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong
  9. Younusco City Center, GEC Circle, Chittagong
  10. Central Plaza, Chittagong
  11. Moti Tower, Chawk Bazar, Chittagong
  12. Keari Plaza, Chawkk Bazar, Chittagong
  13. Lucky Plaza, Agrabad, Chittagong
  14. Chittagong Computer City, Zohura Tower, Chowmuhony, Agrabad, Chittagong
  15. Mirza Ahmed Super Market, Chowmuhony, Agrabad, Chittagong
  16. Bangkok Singapore Market, Agrabad, Chittagong
  17. Singapore Market, Hazeepara, Agrabad, Chittagong
  18. Bay Shopping Center, EPZ, Chittagong
  19. Shah Amanat Shopping Center, Chittagong
  20. Chittagong Shopping Complex, 2No Gate, Chittagong
  21. South Land Center, Agrabad, Chittagong
  22. Monni Plaza, Chittagong
  23. Aktaruzzaman Center, Chittagong
  24. VIP Tower, Chittagong
  25. Apollo Shopping Center, Chittagong
  26. Stadium Market, Chittagong
  27. IFCO Center, Chittagong
  28. F. Rahman AC Market, Feni
  29. New Market, Dollai Nawabpur Comilla
  30. Patiya, Suman Sharif Shoping Mall

In Sylhet

  1. Al-Hamra Shopping City, Sylhet
  2. Blue Water Shopping City, Sylhet
  3. Arong Shopping center, Gulapgonj, Sylhet
  4. Star plaza shopping mall, Sylhet
  5. Ellegent shopping mall, Sylhet
  6. Gallariya Shopping Centre, Sylhet
  7. Garden Tower Shopping Mall, Sylhet
  8. Karima Mansion East Dargah Gate, Sylhet
  9. Karim Ullah Market Sylhet
  10. Latif Center, Sylhet
  11. Marvelous Tower Golapganj, Sylhet.
  12. Manru Shopping City, Chowhatta Sylhet, Sylhet
  13. One city, Sylhet
  14. Pacific Tower shopping mall, Sylhet
  15. Sylhet Plaza, Sylhet
  16. Shukria Market, Zindabazar Sylhet, Sylhet
  17. Sylhet Millenium Mall, Sylhet
  18. Sylhet City Centre, Sylhet
  19. Sunrise Tower, Sylhet
  20. Shobuj Biponi, Sylhet
  21. Moni Sopping center, Zindabazar Sylhet, Sylhet
  22. Mitali Mension, Sylhet

In Jessore

  1. City Plaza, Jessore
  2. Jess Tower, Jessore
  3. Chandpur Tower, Jessore
  4. Foysal Shopping Complex, Jessore
  5. Mir Shopping Complex, Jessore
  6. Hakim Plaza, Jessore

In Barisal


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