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Hontai Yōshin-ryū

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Title: Hontai Yōshin-ryū  
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Subject: Kukishin-ryū, Koryu bujutsu, Tessenjutsu, Hōzōin-ryū, Hōki-ryū
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Hontai Yōshin-ryū

Hontai Yōshin-ryū
Founder Takagi Shigetoshi
Date founded c.1660
Period founded Early Edo period
Current information
Current headmaster Inoue Kyoichi Munenori
Arts taught
Art Description
Jujutsu Grappling art
Bōjutsu Staff art
Hanbōjutsu Short staff art
Iaijutsu Sword drawing art
Kenjutsu Sword fighting art
Ancestor schools
None identified

Hontai Yōshin-ryū (本體楊心流) is a traditional (koryū) school of Japanese martial arts founded c.1660, by Takagi Shigetoshi.[1] Some sources give Takagi's middle name as Setsuemon,[1] while others give it as Oriemon.[2]

This school was active during the Edo period, especially dominant in the Himeji-han and Ako-han. The present headmaster (sōke) is Inoue Kyoichi Munenori who succeeded his father Inoue Tsuyoshi Munetoshi. The handover occurred on 16 January 2005.[2]


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  • Modern practice 2
  • Lineage 3
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Arts practiced

The system teaches unarmed grappling arts and various weapon arts including bōjutsu, hanbōjutsu, iaijutsu, and kenjutsu.[1]

Modern practice

Although there are a limited number of official Hontai Yōshin-ryū schools across the world, many westerners have benefited from study at the headquarters in Japan. Therefore, the school's influence on the development of modern jujutsu is significant. The Hontai Yōshin-ryū stays true to its values and traditions and does not advocate commercialization.


The order of Hontai Yōshin-ryū succession is as follows

  1. Takagi Shigetoshi (born c.1635, date of death unknown)
  2. Takagi Umanosuke Shigesada
  3. Takagi Gennoshin Hideshige
  4. Okuni Kihei Shigenobu
  5. Okuni Hachikuro Nobutoshi
  6. Okuni Tarodaibu Tadanobu
  7. Okuni Kihyoe Yoshisada
  8. Okuni Yozaemon Yoshisada
  9. Nakayama Jinnai Sadahide
  10. Okuni Buuemon Sadanobu
  11. Nakayama Kizaemon Sadataka
  12. Okuni Kenji Hideshige
  13. Yagi Ikugoro Hisayoshi
  14. Ishiya Takeo Masatsugu
  15. Ishiya Matsutaro Masaharu
  16. Kakuno Happeita Masayoshi (died c.1939)
  17. Minaki Saburo Masanori (born c.1906, date of death unknown)
  18. Inoue Tsuyoshi Munetoshi (born c.1925)
  19. Inoue Kyoichi Munenori (born c.1949)


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