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800 Heroes Song

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Title: 800 Heroes Song  
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Subject: Along the Sungari River, My Chinese Heart, Praise the Dragon Flag, Pu Tian Yue, Story of Spring
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800 Heroes Song

800 Heroes Song
Traditional Chinese 八百壯士歌
Simplified Chinese 八百壮士歌
China Will Not Perish
Traditional Chinese 中國不會亡
Simplified Chinese 中国不会亡

The "800 Heroes Song" is also known by the title "China Will Not Perish". This song is written to commemorate the heroic efforts of the lone battalion of the National Revolutionary Army in the Defense of Sihang Warehouse during the final stage of the Battle of Shanghai (1937).

After winning the war of resistance against Japan and knowing China was certainly not going to perish, the Chinese Nationalists Government changing the title and lyrics to "China Shall be Strong" (simplified Chinese: 中国一定強; traditional Chinese: 中國一定強; pinyin: Zhōngguó Yīdìng Qiáng; Wade–Giles: Chung1-kuo2 I1-ting4 Ch'iang2).

Simplified Chinese lyrics


Traditional Chinese lyrics


Hanyu Pinyin

Zhōngguó bùhuì wáng, Zhōngguó bùhuì wáng,
Nǐ kàn mínzú yīngxióng Xiè túanzhǎng.
Zhōngguó bùhuì wáng, Zhōngguó bùhuì wáng, 
Nǐ kàn nà bābǎi zhùangshì gūjūn fèndòu shǒu zhànchǎng,
Sìfāng dōushì pàohuǒ, Sìfāng dōushì cháiláng,
Níngyuàn sǐ bù tuìràng, Níngyuàn sǐ bù tóuxiáng 
Wǒměn de guóqí zài chóngwǒi zhōng piāodàng piāodàng, piāodàng piāodàng, piāodàng.
Bābǎi zhuàngshì yī tiáo xīn, shíwàn qíangdí bù néng dǎng,
Wǒměn de xíngdòng wěiliè, wǒměn de qìjié háozhuàng,
Tǒngbāomen qǐlái! Tǒngbāomen qǐlái!
Kuàikuài gǎnshàng zhànchǎng, ná bābăi zhuàngshì zuò bǎngyàng.
Zhōngguó bùhuì wáng, Zhōngguó bùhuì wáng,
Zhōngguó bùhuì wáng, Zhōngguó bùhuì wáng!
Bùhuì wáng! Bùhuì wáng! Bùhuì wáng!


China will not die, China will not die,
Look at our national hero Colonel Xie [Colonel Hsieh].
China will not die, China will not die,
Watch the eight hundred heroes of the lone battalion fight for every inch of land,
From four sides come the gunfire, from the four sides come the wolves,
They would rather die than retreat, they would rather die than surrender.
Amidst the sea of chaos our nations's flag flies proudly, flies proudly, flies proudly, flies proudly.
Eight hundred heroic hearts all beat as one, unstoppable to the thousands of enemies,
Our actions are mighty, our integrity heroic
Comrades, arise! Comrades, arise!
Let's answer the call to arms, and follow the example of the eight hundred heroes
China will not die, China will not die!
Will not die! Will not die! Will not die!

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