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Boettcher cell

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Title: Boettcher cell  
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Subject: Arthur Böttcher, Sulcus spiralis internus, Aditus to mastoid antrum, Electrical tuning, Kinocilium
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Boettcher cell

Boettcher cells are a special cell type located in the inner ear.

Boettcher cells are polyhedral cells on the microvilli into the intercellular space.

Because of their structural specialization, Boettcher cells are believed to play a significant role in the function of the cochlea. They demonstrate high levels of calmodulin, and may be involved in mediating Ca2+ regulation and ion transport. Boettcher cells are named after German pathologist Arthur Boettcher (1831-1889).

Nitric oxide synthase is detected abundantly in the cytoplasm of their interdigitations. Their ultrastructure suggests that they perform both secretory and absorptive functions. Panx1 expression has been observed.[2]


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