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Band keratopathy

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Title: Band keratopathy  
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Subject: Intermediate uveitis, Optic papillitis, Phthisis bulbi, Heterophoria, Vision disorder
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Band keratopathy

Band keratopathy
Classification and external resources
Band Keratopathy in a left eye.
ICD-10 H18.4
ICD-9 371.43
DiseasesDB 31296
eMedicine oph/105

Band keratopathy is a corneal disease derived from the appearance of calcium on the central cornea. This is an example of metastatic calcification, which by definition, occurs in the presence of hypercalcemia. [1][2]


Causes can include trauma such as surgery.

Some eye drops can also cause band keratopathy, especially PV Carpine (aka Pilocarpine).

Hypercalcemia develops in patients with renal failure, sarcoidosis, hyperparathyroidism and certain malignancies.


Symptoms include pain and decreased visual acuity.


The calcium can be scraped off the cornea or removed with a laser. This can restore sight, but it can take a number of months for normal vision to return as the cornea will be damaged during the operation. This cannot be repeated too many times as it would make the cornea thinner and thinner.


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