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KK Cedevita

KK Cedevita
KK Cedevita logo
Leagues Croatian League
Adriatic League
Founded 1991

Dom Sportova
(capacity: 3,500)

Dražen Petrović Basketball Hall
(capacity: 5,400)
Location Zagreb, Croatia
Team colors Red and white
President Mladen Veber
Head coach Jasmin Repeša
Championships Croatian Championship (2014)
2 Croatian Cups (2012, 2014)
Dražen Petrović Cup (2011)
Eurocup Final Four (2011) Adriatic League Final four (2012, 2014)
Home jersey
Team colours
Away jersey
Team colours

KK Cedevita, also known as Cedevita Zagreb, is a Croatian professional basketball club from Zagreb that plays in the Croatian League, in the Adriatic League and in the Euroleague.[1][2]


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  • Players 3
    • Current roster 3.1
    • Depth chart 3.2
    • Manager 3.3
  • Season-by-season 4
  • Notable players 5
  • Head coaches 6
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Club history

The club was established in Zagreb in 1991 as KK Botinec, later becoming KK Hiron for sponsorship reasons. From season to season, the club moved up from the lowest levels of competition until it reached the A-1 League in 2002. In its first season of elite competition, it took 5th place in Croatia, behind the well-known clubs KK Cibona, KK Zadar, KK Zagreb and KK Split. A big step was taken in 2005 when Atlantic Grupa, a strong regional company, became the main sponsor of the club, after which the club was renamed to KK Cedevita. The young and modern board of directors raised the ambitions of the club, which achieved great success first in the 09/10 Season when it finished at 3rd place in the Croatian league (in the semi-final playoffs Zadar-Cedevita 2–1), played the semi-finals of the Croatian Cup along with taking 7th place in the strong regional Adriatic League as newcomer. Super Season, with greatest success in Europe, is 10–11 with 3rd place in Eurocup in very first appearance in the competition of that level. Cedevita played Eurocup Final four after victorious trip near Dynamo Moscow, Aris, Azovmash, Hemofarm Stada, Gran Canaria and Asefa Estiudiantes in Zagreb and Azovmash, Hapoel Galil Gilboa, Unics, Gran Canaria, Estudiantes and Benetton on the road. After regular 1st place in the Croatian league, Cedevita won Cibona in semi-final playoffs but lost The Finals against Zagreb CO. Also, Cedevita again took 7th place in Adriatic league. First Thropies came in 11-12 season with Cup Dražen Petrović and Croatian National Cup Krešimir Ćosić, also with the finals of the ABA league. First Croatian Champions title Croatian league came in the 13-14 season, also with the second Cup Krešimir Ćosić title and the second finals in the ABA league. Cedevita took two U-18 and one U-16 Croatian Championships titles.

First Trophies 2012.

But one of the best Season, with greatest success is 11–12, with first ever Trophies for the team. After winning of the Cup Dražen Petrović (Croatian Supercup) against Zagreb, Cedevita took Croatian Cup Krešimir Ćosić for the first time in history, again against Zagreb in The Finals. After playing in Europe, beating French Champion Elan Chalon in qualifications, Cedevita finished competition in group, with strong Spartak St. Petersburg, Benetton Treviso and Bayern. But the real success was 2nd place in regular season of Adriatic league and crown came with great Finals in Tel Aviv, victory against Partizan in semi-finals and lose against Maccabi Tel Aviv in the The Finals. With that result, Cedevita had Euroleague place in her pocket. After regular 2nd place in the Croatian league, Cedevita won Split in semi-final playoffs but lost The Finals against Cibona.

Since 2005, the club has been led by great coaches such as the former coach of the Croatian National Team Srećko Medvedec, former Olympic Silver Medalist from Seoul and best scorer of the Euroleague Zdravko Radulović, former Yugoslavian National Team player Slobodan Subotić, former coach of Olympiacos and Panathinaikos and Aleksandar Petrović, National Team player and later Croatian National Team coach (brother of the famous Dražen Petrović) who became the best Eurocup coach in the 2010–11 season. Today, sitting on Cedevita’s bench is current National Team of Croatia coach Jasmin Repeša who came in 13-14 season and will lead the team in 14-15 season.

Before Repeša coach was in 12–13 four time European Champion with Jugoplastika Split, Limoges and Panathinaikos, great Božidar Maljković, successor of the former Croatian champion with Cibona and Belgian champion with Charleroi, Dražen Anzulović, who led Cedevita in season, 2011–12. Over the past few years, former Croatian and Bosnian National team members played for the team, including Slaven Rimac, Jurica Žuža, Damir Milačić, Krešimir Novosel, Mate Miliša, Milan Parezanović, Pero Dujmović, Stipe Modrić, Frano Čolak, alongside several excellent American players such as A. J. Guyton, Marlon Garnett, Adam Harrington, God Shammgod, Vonteego Cummings or Ramel Bradley.

The 2009–10 roster was strong with former Croatian National Team players Andrija Žižić, team captain Marino Baždarić and Damjan Rudež, B National Team player Tomislav Petrović, Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team players Bariša Krasić and Ivan Opačak, Canadian National Team playmaker Jermaine Anderson and Americans Ricardo Marsh and Thomas Mobley, as well as the U-20 Croatian National Team player Dino Butorac. In younger selections cadets became Champions of Croatia.

The 2010–11 roster was especially strong with Žižić, Baždarić, Rudež, Petrović, Butorac, and newcomers as former Croatian National Team players Vedran Vukušić and Vladimir Krstić, ex Cibona player Robert Troha and ex BIH National Team player Vedran Princ. Eurocup MVP was American Dontaye Draper, new Croatian National Team member, Eurocup the best second team member Bracey Wright and center Corsley Edwards. In younger selections juniors and cadets became vice Champions of Croatia.

Cedevita started 11–12 season's roster was especially strong with the best foreign player ever in Croatia, three times Europan Champion with CSKA and Bologna, Slovenian National Team player Matjaž Smodiš, fine Americans Chris Owens and Chris Warren, ex NBA and National Team player Dalibor Bagarić, new NT players Miro Bilan and Marko Car, along with Draper, Baždarić, Princ, Vukušić, Petrović, Opačak. In younger selections juniors became Champions and cadets vice Champions of Croatia.

12-13 season was marked by the arrival of the four times European Champion, coach Božidar Maljković for the first time ever participation of the club in the Euroleague. Three Croatian National Team members, Marko Tomas, Lukša Andrić and Luka Babić joined the club, as well as stars like Mickaël Gelabale or Vlado Ilievski. Cedevita achieved its first victories at the highest level in Europe, but without passing to the TOP 16. After Maljković left the club, Aleksandar Petrović became the new coach but he also left the club before the end of the season in the Adriatic League in which Cedevita won the 6th place, enough for the participation in the ULEB Eurocup next season. Before leaving, coach Petrović played the Cup finals, and interim coach Jakša Vulić reach the semifinals of the Croatian A-1 League play off. In younger selections juniors became vice Champions of Croatia and cadets, young cadets and U-12 team played in Final fours.

First Croatian Champions title 2014.

13-14 season started with big change on the bench, with arrival of Jasmin Repeša, Croatian National Team coach who led Croatia to the semifinals of European Championships in Slovenia. Repeša had young but strong defence roster with one of the best young players in Europe, 19yo Jusuf Nurkić and 16yo Lovro Mazalin. With Bilan, Suton, Tomas, captain Baždarić and Babić from season before, team roster was stronger for occasional NT players Ante Delaš, Tomislav Zubčić and Ivan Ramljak and two strong Americans Nolan Smith and Allan Ray. BC Cedevita has won Cup Krešimir Ćosić, against BC Zagreb in the finals 86:68. In ULEB Eurocup passed by Elan Chalon, Charleroi and Oldenburg in the second stage, with Bilbao and Dynamo Sassari from group, and stayed in TOP32 level regardless victories in Zaragoza or Istanbul over Bešiktaš. The club lost two games against Lietuvos Rytas, 83:84 and 75:74. But the best came latter. In great Final four tournament of ABA league in Belgrade, Cedevita defeat Partizan in front of 15000 home supporters but lost in the finals from Cibona. This Finals is important because it ensured Euroleague ticket for 14-15 season. The best came in the end of the season, with the first Croatian Champions title and great 3-0 victory in the series against Cibona. In 13-14 season Cedevita has won the new title in junior competition and became U-18 Croatian Champions.

BC Cedevita had success with the younger selections as well. About 700 boys are being coached in the basketball school, the youngest generation, with special competition for them, Cedevita´s little league. Six players won gold medals with U-16 Croatian National Team in European Championships 2010. and 2011. Two players and the coach won gold medals with U-18 Croatian National Team in European Championship 2012. Now, in every National Team level we can find several players from BC Cedevita.

Head sponsor

President of KK Cedevita is Mladen Veber, Senior Vice President of Atlantic Grupa (owned by CEO Emil Tedeschi), head sponsor of the club, largest producer of sports beverages and vitamin supplements in Europe with the leading brands of Multipower and Cedevita, among other, the largest distribution company in the region, who, with the purchase of Slovenian company Droga Kolinska, became the largest food & beverage company in the Southeastern Europe. The club management board consists of: vice president Davor Užbinec, Ivan Mišetić, Zoran Stanković and Roland Janković. General manager is Krešimir Novosel, former Croatian National Team (son of hall of fame coach Mirko Novosel) team manager is Mate Skelin, former Croatian National Team member and the sports director is Matej Mamić, former Croatian National Team member and captain of KK Cibona and Alba Berlin.[3]


Current roster

Note: Flags indicate national team eligibility at FIBA sanctioned events. Players may hold other non-FIBA nationality not displayed.

Depth chart

Pos. Starting 5 Bench 1 Bench 2 Bench 3
C Miro Bilan Marko Arapović
PF Mario Delaš Tomislav Zubčić Karlo Žganec
SF Marko Tomas Ivan Ramljak Lovro Mazalin
SG Luka Babić Fran Pilepić
PG Roko Ukić Nemanja Gordić Ante Delaš


General manager of the club is Krešimir Novosel, former Croatian National Team member and son of the Hall of Fame member Mirko Novosel, team manager is Mate Skelin, former Croatian National Team member, Scout is Marino Baždarić, former Croatian National Team member and Cedevita´s captain and the sports director is Matej Mamić, former Croatian National Team member and captain of KK Cibona and Alba Berlin. Media director is former sports journalist Igor Jagić. Marketing director is Arsen Šolić.


Seasons Adriatic League Croatian League Cup Supercup European competitions Coach Roster
2009–10 7th place 3rd place Last 4 EuroChallenge
Group stage
Slobodan Subotić,
Aleksandar Petrović
Srđan Subotić, Nino Primorac, Bariša Krasić, Andrija Žižić, Damjan Rudež, Tomislav Petrović, Hrvoje Kovačević, Jeremaine Anderson, Ricardo Marsh, Franko Kaštropil, Ivan Opačak, Dino Butorac, Marino Baždarić, Thomas Mobley, Vladimir Kuljanin
2010–11 7th place Finalist Last 4 Eurocup
3rd place
Aleksandar Petrović Dontaye Draper, Vladimir Krstić, Robert Troha, Andrija Žižić, Damjan Rudež, Tomislav Petrović, Hrvoje Kovačević, Corsley Edwards, Vedran Vukušić, Franko Kaštropil, Vedran Princ, Dino Butorac, Marino Baždarić, Aaron Pettway, Trent Plaisted, Bracey Wright
2011–12 Finalist Finalist Champion Champion Eurocup
Regular season
Dražen Anzulović Dontaye Draper, Matjaž Smodiš, Marko Car, Filip Kraljević, Chris Warren, Tomislav Petrović, Ivan Opačak, Miro Bilan, Vedran Vukušić, Dalibor Bagarić, Vedran Princ, Chris Owens, Marino Baždarić, Martin Junaković, Jakov Mustapić, Karlo Lebo
2012–13 6th place 3rd place Finalist Finalist Euroleague
Regular season
Božidar Maljković,
Aleksandar Petrović,
Jakša Vulić
Marques Green, Bracey Wright, Marko Car, Mickaël Gelabale, Curtis Stinson, Derwin Kitchen, Vlado Ilievski, Miro Bilan, Lukša Andrić, Predrag Šuput, Ante Mašić, Goran Suton, Marino Baždarić, Marko Tomas, Roko Rogić, Karlo Lebo, Luka Babić, Jusuf Nurkić, Ivan Buva
2013–14 Finalist Champion Champion Finalist Eurocup
Last 32
Jasmin Repeša Miro Bilan, Goran Suton, Marino Baždarić, Marko Tomas, Karlo Lebo, Luka Babić, Jusuf Nurkić, Ivan Ramljak, Lovro Mazalin, Tomislav Zubčić, Ante Delaš, Nolan Smith, Ivo Baltić, Josh Selby, Allan Ray, Filip Bundović, Dorian Jelenek, Jakov Mustapić
2014–15 Champion Euroleague
Regular season
Jasmin Repeša Miro Bilan, Mario Delaš, Roko Ukić, Marko Tomas, Nemanja Gordić, Luka Babić, Marko Arapović, Ivan Ramljak, Lovro Mazalin, Tomislav Zubčić, Ante Delaš, Karlo Žganec, Fran Pilepić, Ivan Vučić, Markus Lončar

Notable players

Head coaches


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  • KK Cedevita at
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