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List of mountains in Kosovo

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Title: List of mountains in Kosovo  
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Subject: Lake Peak, Education in Mitrovica, Table Tennis Federation of Kosovo, Archaeology of Ferizaj, Economy of Gjilan
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List of mountains in Kosovo

List of mountains in Kosovo shows some of the vast number of mountains of Kosovo. Most of Kosovo is covered with medium-high to high mountains. Mountains of Kosovo belong to Dinarides range. The Plain of Kosovo is on average 550 m (1,804 ft) above the sea level and the Plain of Dukagjini is on average 450 m (1,476 ft) high. The Dinaric Alps in the east and the Šar Mountains in the south are home to the highest peaks in Kosovo rising well over 2,000 m (6,562 ft). The only mountain in the north higher than 2,000 m (6,562 ft) is Kopaonik which rises to 2,017 m (6,617 ft).

The mountains make some unusual landscapes like the Kaçanik (Kačanik) Gorge. There are alpine and glacier lakes located in most of the mountains.

Physical map of Kosovo.
Gjeravica (Đeravica) 2,656m - eastern face
Mount Luboteni as seen from Uroševac.

List of highest peaks in Kosovo

List of mountain peaks in Kosovo with over 2,000 m (6,562 ft) in height

Peak Mountain Height (m)
Rudoka e madhe Šar Mountains 2658[1]
Gjeravicë/Đeravica Prokletije 2656
Bistra – east peak (Peskovi) Šar Mountains 2651
Bistra – west peak Šar Mountains 2641
Small Rudoka / Rudokë e Vogël Šar Mountains 2629
Džini Beg / Tërepeznicë Šar Mountains 2610
Maja e Liqenit / Jezerski Šar Mountains 2604
White Lake Peak / Maja e Liqenit të Bardhë Šar Mountains 2590
Maja e Zezë Šar Mountains 2585
Big Vraca / Vracë e Madhe Šar Mountains 2583
Unnamed peak north-west of Gjeravica Prokletije 2570
Kobilica / Vërtop Šar Mountains 2555
Gusan Prokletije 2539
Black Peak, Šar Mountains / Crni Kamen / Maja e Gurit Šar Mountains 2536
Marijash Prokletije 2533
Kobilica / Kobilicë Šar Mountains 2528
Piribeg Šar Mountains 2524
Guri i Kuq Prokletije 2522
Maja e Ropës Bogićevica 2501
Ljuboten Šar Mountains 2498
Maja Livadh Šar Mountains 2497
Zallina Šar Mountains 2493
Small Vraca Šar Mountains 2483
Kopranik Prokletije 2460
Veternik Mountain Prokletije 2410
Kara Nikolla Šar Mountains 2409
Hajla / Hajlë Prokletije, Hajla 2403
Maja e Pikëllimës Koritnik 2393
Mali i Zhlebit Prokletije, Žljeb 2381
Streoc / Strellc Prokletije 2377
Tromeđa / Trekufir * Prokletije 2366
Mali i Zhlebit / Žljeb Prokletije, Žljeb 2365
Tumba Šar Mountains 2346
Leqinat / Lićenat Prokletije 2341
Rrаsa e Zogut Junik Mountains 2305
Mramor Šar Mountains 2298
Hajla e Vëranocit Prokletije, Hajla 2281
Ćule Šar Mountains 2220
Bivoll / Bivoli Ošljak 2212
Kačina glava / Kaçina Glava Šar Mountains 2207
Dečani / Mala i Deçanit Prokletije 2200
Gemitash / Gemitaš Šar Mountains 2183
Ovčinec / Ovshinec Šar Mountains 2177
Kallabak Šar Mountains 2174
Pogled** Prokletije, Mokna 2155
Dramadol Prokletije, Hajla 2120
Crnkamenska Kula / Kulla e Gurit të Zi Šar Mountains 2117
Beleg Prokletije, Mokna 2102
Pashallore / Pašalor Jezerski 2092
Maja Ksulje e Priftit / Šerupa*** Šar Mountains 2092
Crn Kamen / Guri i Zi Šar Mountains 2051
Kruševačka Planina / Mali Krushvaçës Šar Mountains 2048
Murga (peak) / Murgë Šar Mountains 2025
Maja e Vjelakut / Volujak Paklen (Peć) 2014
Hajla e Shkrelit Prokletije, Hajla 2011
Lisičji Kamen / Guri i Lisiçjit Šar Mountains 2010
Plitković / Plitkoviq near Lipjan 2000
Oshtro Koplje Kopaonik 1789
  • The peak marked with an asterisk is the tripoint of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.
  • The peak marked with two asterisks is on the border of Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia.
  • The peak marked with three asterisks is the tripoint of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

List of coordinates of some significant mountain peaks

The list contains coordinates of some significant peaks alphabetically ordered by mountain and then peak name

Mountain Highest peak(s) Elevation (m) Coordinates Nearest town
Crnoljeva Garamele 1160 Štimlje
Gradina (peak) 1055 Mališevo
Goljak Novakova 1101 Pristina
Velja glava 1181 Pristina
Hajla Hajla 2403 Peć
Jezerska planina Ostrvica 2092 Prizren
Karadino 1656 Štrpce
Bukova Glava (peak) 1677 Suva Reka
Studenica, Kosovo (peak) 1723 Suva Reka
Kopaonik Oštro Koplje 1789 Podujevo
Šatorica 1750 Leposavić
Koritnik Koritnik 2393 Prizren
Koznica Grbeš 1230 Pristina
Mokra gora Novi Vrh (peak) 1806 Peć
Ruica 1814 Peć
Nerodimka Mountain Kurkulica 1549 Uroševac
Paštrik 1986 Prizren
Prokletije Đeravica 2656 Peć
Žuti kamen 2522 Peć
Šar Mountains Vrtop (peak) 2555 Prizren
Peskovi 2651 Prizren
Crni Vrh 2585 Prizren
Ljuboten 2498 Uroševac
Streoc 2377 Peć
Koprivnik 2461 Peć
Žar Mountain Pljoš 1694 Suva Reka
Žljeb mountain Rusulija 2381 Peć

Border Peaks

Here are some of the less significant peaks, but that define the border of Kosovo and are thus interesting.

North East on the border to Serbia :

Following the Tip on the left side :


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