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List of Presidents of Columbia University

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Title: List of Presidents of Columbia University  
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Subject: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Columbia University, Samuel Johnson (American educator), Myles Cooper, United States presidential election, 1952
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List of Presidents of Columbia University

This is a list of Presidents of Columbia University.

President Birth Year–Death Year Years as President Name of Institution; Notes
1 Samuel Johnson (1696–1772) (1754–1763) King's College
2 Myles Cooper (1735–1785) (1763–1775) King's College
2.1 Benjamin Moore, A.B. 1768 (1748–1816) (1775–1784) King's College; acting
2.2 George Clinton (1739–1812) (1784–1787) Columbia College "in the State of New York"; Chancellor (Regents government)
3 William Samuel Johnson (1727–1819) (1787–1800) Columbia College "in the City of New York" (Trustees government)
4 Charles Henry Wharton (1748–1833) (1801–1801) Columbia College
5 Benjamin Moore (1748–1816) (1801–1810) Columbia College
6 William Harris (1765–1829) (1811–1829) Columbia College; shares authority with Provost John Mitchell Mason until 1816
7 William Alexander Duer (1780–1858) (1829–1842) Columbia College
8 Nathaniel Fish Moore (1782–1872) (1842–1849) Columbia College
9 Charles King (1789–1867) (1849–1863) Columbia College; presides over move to Madison Avenue campus
10 Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard (1809–1889) (1864–1889) Columbia College
11 Seth Low, A.B., 1870 (1850–1916) (1890–1901) Columbia College; presides over move to Morningside Heights campus; name changes to "Columbia University in the City of New York"
12 Nicholas Murray Butler, A.B. 1882, M.A. 1883, Ph.D. 1884 (1862–1947) (1902–1945) Columbia University
12.1 Frank D. Fackenthal, A.B. 1906 (1883–1968) (1945–1948) Columbia University (acting)
13 Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890–1969) (1948–1953) Columbia University; on leave while Supreme Commander of NATO, later 34th President of the United States
14 Grayson L. Kirk (1903–1997) (1953–1968) Columbia University; resigned after 1968 protests
15 Andrew W. Cordier (1901–1975) (1969–1970) Columbia University
16 William J. McGill (1922–1997) (1970–1980) Columbia University
17 Michael I. Sovern, B.A. 1953, J.D. 1955 (1931– ) (1980–1993) Columbia University
18 George Erik Rupp (1942– ) (1993–2002) Columbia University
19 Lee C. Bollinger, J.D. 1971 (1947– ) (2002– ) Columbia University

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