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2009 World Championships in Athletics – Women

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Title: 2009 World Championships in Athletics – Women  
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Subject: Romania at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics, Yarisley Collado, Zinaida Sendriūtė, Rocío Comba, Żaneta Glanc
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2009 World Championships in Athletics – Women

Events at the
2009 World Championships
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400 m men women
800 m men women
1500 m men women
5000 m men women
10,000 m men women
100 m hurdles women
110 m hurdles men
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3000 m
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4×100 m relay men women
4×400 m relay men women
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The women's discus throw at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Olympic Stadium on August 19 and August 21.

Reigning Olympic champion Stephanie Brown Trafton was the favourite for the gold. She had set a career best and had the four longest throws of any athlete that season, although she had not competed since late June. Franka Dietzsch was another prominent performer: the 41-year-old was the defending champion and was making her 10th appearance of the tournament, but a weak season had underlined her waning powers. Cuban Yarelis Barrios looked set to build upon her World and Olympic silver medals from the last two years and Aimin Song had also performed well during the season. Veteran athletes Nicoleta Grasu and Natalya Sadova were also favoured to be among the top performers of the competition.[1]

Chinese athletes led the qualification rounds with Ma Xuejun and Song topping their respective groups. Newcomers Żaneta Glanc and Dani Samuels rounded out the top four qualifiers. Dietzsch sole legal throw of the competition was not enough for qualification, leaving Nadine Müller as the only host competitor to make the final. Brown Trafton edged into the final, needed all three throws to take a best non-qualifier's position.[2]

In the final, Grasu and Barrios quickly established themselves with marks of 65.20 m and 64.44 m, respectively, in the first two throws. Samuels, Glanc and Müller proved themselves on their third attempts, each throwing over 62 metres. Brown Trafton and Ma Xuejun both threw poorly and were among the four athletes eliminated after three throws. Personal bests of 64.76 and 65.44 m in the fourth and fifth round put Samuels in the lead. On the final throws, Song threw only enough to move up to fifth place, leader Grasu fouled but Barrios responded, although her mark of 65.31 m guaranteed her only second place.[3]

Samuels was a surprise winner: at 19 years old, she was the youngest ever World discus champion,[4] and she had progressed from Youth champion, to Junior winner, to the senior title in just four years. Barrios had matched her silver medal achievement at the 2008 Summer Olympics, and Grasu's bronze was her fourth medal in her career at the World Championships.[3]


Gold  Dani Samuels (AUS)
Silver  Yarelis Barrios (CUB)
Bronze  Nicoleta Grasu (ROM)


World record  Gabriele Reinsch (GDR) 76.80 Neubrandenburg, East Germany 7 July 1988
Championship record  Martina Hellmann (GDR) 71.62 Rome, Italy 31 August 1987
World leading  Stephanie Brown Trafton (USA) 66.21 San Mateo, United States 24 May 2009
African record  Elizna Naudé (RSA) 64.87 Stellenbosch, South Africa 2 March 2003
Asian record  Xiao Yanling (CHN) 71.68 Beijing, China 14 March 1992
North American record  Hilda Ramos (CUB) 70.88 Havana, Cuba 8 May 1992
South American record  Elisângela Adriano (BRA) 61.96 São Leopoldo, Brazil 21 May 1998
European record  Gabriele Reinsch (GDR) 76.80 Neubrandenburg, East Germany 7 July 1988
Oceanian record  Daniela Costian (AUS) 68.72 Auckland, New Zealand 22 January 1994

Qualification standards

A standard B standard
62.00 m 58.50 m


Date Time Round
August 19, 2009 10:10 Qualification
August 21, 2009 20:20 Final



Qualification: Qualifying Performance 61.50 (Q) or at least 12 best performers (q) advance to the final.

Rank Group Athlete Nationality #1 #2 #3 Result Notes
1 A Ma Xuejun  China (China) 63.38 63.38 Q, SB
2 B Song Aimin  China (China) x 62.80 62.80 Q
3 B Dani Samuels  Australia (Australia) 62.67 62.67 Q
4 B Żaneta Glanc  Poland (Poland) 49.79 62.43 62.43 Q
5 A Yarelis Barrios  Cuba (Cuba) x x 62.19 62.19 Q
6 A Sandra Perkovic  Croatia (Croatia) 61.02 x 62.16 62.16 Q
7 B Natalya Sadova  Russia (Russia) 61.94 61.94 Q
8 A Nicoleta Grasu  Romania (Romania) 60.25 61.78 61.78 Q
9 A Nadine Müller  Germany (Germany) 61.63 61.63 Q
10 B Mélina Robert-Michon  France (France) 58.36 61.53 61.53 Q
11 A Stephanie Brown Trafton  United States (United States) 60.15 57.44 61.23 61.23 q
12 B Aretha Thurmond  United States (United States) 60.09 59.09 61.08 61.08 q
13 B Xu Shaoyang  China (China) 59.67 61.02 57.96 61.02 SB
14 B Yarisley Collado  Cuba (Cuba) 59.56 59.23 60.37 60.37
15 B Seema Antil  India (India) 59.85 x x 59.85 SB
16 A Elizna Naudé  South Africa (South Africa) 59.46 59.46 59.67 59.67 SB
17 A Wioletta Potępa  Poland (Poland) x 59.54 x 59.54
18 B Věra Pospíšilová-Cechlová  Czech Republic (Czech Republic) 57.87 58.37 59.52 59.52
19 A Dragana Tomašević  Serbia (Serbia) 58.32 59.30 59.38 59.38
20 A Svetlana Ivanova-Saykina  Russia (Russia) 59.31 x 58.45 59.31
21 B Joanna Wiśniewska  Poland (Poland) x 58.85 x 58.85
22 A Becky Breisch  United States (United States) 58.50 x 58.08 58.50
23 B Franka Dietzsch  Germany (Germany) x x 58.44 58.44
24 B Vera Begić  Croatia (Croatia) 54.63 x 58.25 58.25
25 A Yania Ferrales  Cuba (Cuba) 57.71 55.84 58.24 58.24
26 B Anna Söderberg  Sweden (Sweden) 56.38 57.92 x 57.92
27 A Kateryna Karsak  Ukraine (Ukraine) 56.79 x x 56.79
28 A Krishna Poonia  India (India) x x 56.75 56.75
29 A Elisângela Adriano  Brazil (Brazil) 54.99 52.00 55.75 55.75
30 B Rocío Comba  Argentina (Argentina) 52.62 54.69 x 54.69
31 B Zinaida Sendriute  Lithuania (Lithuania) 52.85 54.55 x 54.55
32 A Sofia Larsson  Sweden (Sweden) 51.87 x 54.28 54.28
33 A Olena Antonova  Ukraine (Ukraine) x 54.28 x 54.28
34 B Li Wen-Hua  Chinese Taipei (Chinese Taipei) 53.88 49.91 52.49 53.88
35 B Kazai Suzanne Kragbé  Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast) 52.24 53.84 52.79 53.84 NR
36 A Venera Getova  Bulgaria (Bulgaria) 53.33 x x 53.33
37 B Tereapii Tapoki  Cook Islands (Cook Islands) x 45.29 x 45.29 SB
A Ellina Zvereva  Belarus (Belarus) x x x NM
B Iryna Yatchenko  Belarus (Belarus) x x x NM
B Natalya Fokina-Semenova  Ukraine (Ukraine) DNS


Rank Athlete Nationality #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Result Notes
1st Dani Samuels  Australia (Australia) x 59.05 62.71 64.76 65.44 x 65.44 PB
2nd Yarelis Barrios  Cuba (Cuba) 64.44 63.87 61.17 x x 65.31 65.31 SB
3rd Nicoleta Grasu  Romania (Romania) x 65.20 62.38 60.68 63.41 x 65.20 SB
4 Zaneta Glanc  Poland (Poland) 58.69 59.83 62.66 x 57.71 x 62.66
5 Song Aimin  China (China) 51.69 60.50 61.78 x 61.39 62.42 62.42
6 Nadine Müller  Germany (Germany) 57.53 57.62 62.04 60.40 x x 62.04
7 Natalya Sadova  Russia (Russia) 60.70 61.78 59.31 60.44 58.26 61.44 61.78
8 Mélina Robert-Michon  France (France) 59.80 60.92 60.89 x 59.90 59.69 60.92
9 Sandra Perkovic  Croatia (Croatia) x 60.77 x 60.77
10 Aretha Thurmond  United States (United States) x 59.89 59.88 59.89
11 Ma Xuejun  China (China) 58.79 x 58.58 58.79
12 Stephanie Brown Trafton  United States (United States) 58.53 x 57.94 58.53


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