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Time Team (50th Season)

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Title: Time Team (50th Season)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Pittsburgh Steelers, Pat Brady (American football), Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers All-Time Team, Elbie Nickel
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Time Team (50th Season)

The Pittsburgh Steelers All-Time Team (50th Season) was named as a part of the franchise's 50th season celebration in 1982. The top 24 players in the club's history were selected: eleven on offense, eleven on defense, one punter and one placekicker.[1]

The team was chosen on the basis of more than 100,000 fan ballots.[1]

This team was supplanted in 2007 by the current All-Time team which was named as a part of the club's 75th season celebration.[2] The updated team includes all the players from this 50th season team except, Gerry Mullins, Sam Davis, Mike Wagner, Roy Gerela and Pat Brady.


Position Jersey No. Player Years on Team # of Pro Bowls Hall of Fame Honors Ref.
1Quarterback 12 Bradshaw, TerryTerry Bradshaw 19701983 3 Yes 1978 NFL MVP [3]
2Running back 26,
Bleier, RockyRocky Bleier 1968,
- No [4]
2Running back 32 Harris, FrancoFranco Harris 19701983 9 Yes 1972 Off. Rookie of the Year [5]
3Wide receiver 82 Stallworth, JohnJohn Stallworth 19741987 4 Yes 1984 Comeback Player of the Year [6]
3Wide receiver 88 Swann, LynnLynn Swann 19741982 4 Yes Super Bowl X MVP [7]
4Tight end 81 Nickel, ElbieElbie Nickel 19471957 3 No [8]
5Center 52 Webster, MikeMike Webster 19741988 9 Yes NFL All-Time team [9]
6Guard 72 Mullins, GerryGerry Mullins 19711979 - No [10]
6Guard 57 Davis, SamSam Davis 19671979 - No [11]
7Tackle 87, 79 Brown, LarryLarry Brown 19711984 1 No [12]
7Tackle 55 Kolb, JonJon Kolb 19691981 - No [13]


Position Jersey No. Player Years on Team # of Pro Bowls Hall of Fame Honors Ref.
1Defensive tackle 72, 75 Green, JoeJoe Greene 19691981 10 Yes NFL All-Time team [14]
1Defensive tackle 70[a] Stautner, ErnieErnie Stautner 19501963 9 Yes 1950s All-Decade Team [15]
2Defensive end 78 White, DwightDwight White 19711980 2 No [16]
2Defensive end 68 Greenwood, L. C.L. C. Greenwood 19691981 2 No 1970s All-Decade Team [17]
3Linebacker 59 Ham, JackJack Ham 19711982 8 Yes NFL All-Time team [18]
3Linebacker 58 Lambert, JackJack Lambert 19741982 9 Yes NFL All-Time team [19]
3Linebacker 55 Russell, AndyAndy Russell 19631976 7 No [20]
4Cornerback 47 Blount, MelMel Blount 19701983 5 Yes NFL All-Time team [21]
4Cornerback 80 Butler, JackJack Butler 19511959 4 No 1950s All-Decade Team [22]
5Safety 31 Shell, DonnieDonnie Shell 19741987 5 No[b] College Football Hall of Fame [23]
5Safety 23 Wagner, MikeMike Wagner 19711980 2 No [24]


Position Jersey No. Player Years on Team # of Pro Bowls Hall of Fame Honors Ref.
1Placekicker 10 Gerela, RoyRoy Gerela 19711978 2 No [25]
2Punter 28, 18 Brady, PatPat Brady 19521954 - No [26]


Names in bold indicates the player spent his entire playing career with the Steelers.
a Number retired by team[27]
b Finalist in 2002[28]


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