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List of members of the National Congress of Belgium

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Title: List of members of the National Congress of Belgium  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: André Jolly, Treaty of the Eighteen Articles, London Conference of 1830, Orangism (Belgium), Treaty of Maastricht (1843)
Collection: Lists of Political Office-Holders in Belgium, Members of the National Congress of Belgium
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of members of the National Congress of Belgium

This is a list of members of the National Congress of Belgium. The National Congress was the constituent assembly of Belgium, sitting from 1830 to 1831. It had 200 members, elected on 3 November 1830 to represent modern Belgium, Luxembourg, and Limburg. When those elected died or resigned from the Congress, substitutes took their places, meaning that a total of 236 people sat in the Congress.

These people represented a range of political opinions. Orangists favoured reconciliation with the Netherlands, whilst Unionists favoured secession and union with France.


Name Faction(s) District
Lactance Allard Tournai
Joseph Andries Catholic democrat Ghent
Charles Annez de Zillebecke Conservative Catholic Sint-Niklaas
Jean Barbanson Anti-clericalist Brussels
Antoine Barthélémy Anti-clericalist Brussels
François Baugniet Nivelles
Louis Beaucarne Catholic democrat Oudenaarde
Nicolas Berger Anti-clericalist Arlon
Théodore Berthels (substitute) Nivelles
Félix Bethune Moderate Catholic Kortrijk
François Beyts Anti-clericalist Brussels
André Biver (substitute) Luxembourg
Charles Blargnies Unionist with France sympathiser / Anti-clericalist Mons
Pierre-Adrien Blomme Dendermonde
Jacques Bosmans Conservative Catholic Mechelen
Philippe-Joseph Boucqeau de Villeraie Conservative Catholic Mechelen
Jean-Baptiste Brabant Namur
Léopold Bredart Anti-clericalist Ath
Victor Buylaert Diksmuide
Joseph Buyse-Verscheure Catholic democrat Kortrijk
Hyacinthe Cartuyvels (substitute) Waremme
Emmanuel Cauvin Tournai
Jean-Baptiste Claes Orangist Antwerp
Pierre Claes Moderate liberal Leuven
Emmanuel Claus Unionist with France Mons
Albert Cogels Orangist / Moderate Catholic Antwerp
Henri Cogels Orangist / Moderate Catholic Antwerp
Jean-François Collet Anti-clericalist Verviers
Jean-Baptiste Cols (substitute) Nivelles
Charles Coppens Anti-clericalist Ghent
Louis Coppens Anti-clericalist Ghent
Charles Coppieters Stochove Conservative Catholic Bruges
Ferdinand Cornet de Grez Orangist / Moderate liberal Brussels
Philippe Corten Catholic democrat Leuven
Nicholas-Joseph Cruts (substitute) Maastricht
Pierre-Ernest Dams Anti-clericalist Grevenmacher
Jean-Baptiste d'Ansembourg Orangist / Conservative Catholic Maastricht
Philippe d'Arschot Schoonhoven Moderate liberal Brussels
Pierre David Unionist with France / Anti-clericalist Verviers
Gilles Davignon Verviers
Henri Dayeneux (substitute) Unionist with France / Anti-clericalist Marche-en-Famenne
Joseph de Baillet Orangist / Conservative Catholic Nivelles
Jean De Behr Conservative Catholic Liège
Charles de Bergeyck Orangist / Moderate liberal Sint-Niklaas
Gustave de Bocarme (substitute) Soignies
Philippe de Bousies (substitute) Mons
Charles de Bousies de Rouveroy Anti-clericalist Thuin
Charles de Brouckère Anti-clericalist Hasselt
Henri de Brouckère Anti-clericalist Roermond
Philippe de Celles Moderate liberal Brussels
François de Coninck Conservative Catholic Ypres
Feuillien de Coppin Moderate liberal Dinant
Joseph de Decker Moderate Catholic Dendermonde
Eugène Defacqz Anti-clericalist Ath
Leo de Foere Catholic democrat Bruges
Etienne Constantin de Gerlache Orangist sympathiser / Conservative Catholic Liège
Désiré de Haerne Catholic democrat Roeselare
Clément de Hemptinne Orangist / Anti-clericalist Nivelles
Gustave de Jonghe Anti-clericalist Ghent
Auguste de Jonghe d'Ardoye Moderate liberal Thuin
Justin de Labbeville Unionist with France Namur
François De Langhe Anti-clericalist Ypres
Jean Ghisbert de Leeuw Catholic democrat Huy
Josse Joseph de Lehaye Unionist with France / Moderate liberal Ghent
Auguste De Leuze Conservative Catholic Thuin
François d'Elhoungne (substitute) Leuven
Pierre de Liedel de Well Orangist / Moderate liberal Roermond
Louis Delwarde Unionist with France / Anti-clericalist Aalst
Edmond de Man Anti-clericalist Veurne
Antoine De Meer de Moorsel Conservative Catholic Aalst
Maximilien Demelin (substitute) Nivelles
Félix de Mérode Moderate Catholic Maastricht
Werner de Mérode Conservative Catholic Soignies
Felix de Muelenaere Moderate liberal Bruges
Jean de Neeff (substitute) Leuven
Pierre-Jean Denef Catholic democrat Turnhout
Jean-Marie de Pelichy van Huerne Conservative Catholic Bruges
Florimond De Quarre Conservative Catholic Namur
Clément de Renesse-Breidbach Orangist / Moderate liberal Maastricht
Alexandre de Robaulx Anti-clericalist Philippeville
François de Robiano Conservative Catholic Mechelen
Charles de Rodes Conservative Catholic Ghent
Charles de Roo Moderate Catholic Tielt
Edouard de Rouille Conservative Catholic Ath
Pierre de Ryckere Orangist / Moderate liberal Ghent
Etienne de Sauvage Liège
Louis de Schiervel Moderate Catholic Roermond
François de Sécus Orangist sympathiser / Conservative Catholic Mons
Frédéric de Sécus Orangist sympathiser / Conservative Catholic Ath
Louis de Sebille Moderate liberal Thuin
Michel-Laurent de Selys Longchamps Anti-clericalist Waremme
Pierre Desmanet de Biesme Anti-clericalist Namur
Camille de Smet Anti-clericalist Oudenaarde
Eugène de Smet Ghent
Joseph de Smet Catholic democrat Ghent
Goswin de Stassart Unionist with France sympathiser / Anti-clericalist Namur
François de Stockhem-Méan Orangist / Conservative Catholic Liège
Charles Destouvelles Orangist / Anti-clericalist Maastricht
Pierre Destrivaux Unionist with France sympathiser / Anti-clericalist Liège
Louis Deswert (substitute) Leuven
Barthélémy de Theux de Meylandt Conservative Catholic Hasselt
Laurent De Thier Unionist with France / Conservative Catholic Verviers
Rutger de Tiecken de Terhove Moderate Catholic Maastricht
Georges de Trazegnies Orangist Charleroi
Paul Devaux Moderate liberal Bruges
Théophile De Ville Conservative Catholic Nivelles
Guillaume de Viron Conservative Catholic Brussels
Louis de Waha-Grisard (substitute) Liège
Henri de Wandre (substitute) Liège
Alphonse de Woelmont d'Opleeuw Moderate liberal Hasselt
Guillaume d'Hanens-Peers Conservative Catholic Sint-Niklaas
Antoine d'Hanis de Cannart Orangist / Conservative Catholic Antwerp
Edouard d'Huart Moderate liberal Virton
Jacques d'Martigny Anti-clericalist Grevenmacher
Jean-Baptiste d'Omalius-Thierry (substitute) Liège
François Domis Orangist / Conservative Catholic Antwerp
Alexandre d'Oreye Liège
Emile Oultremont (substitute) Liège
Pascsal Dreze Verviers
Ferdinand du Bois Orangist / Conservative Catholic Antwerp
François du Bus Conservative Catholic Tournai
Guillaume Dumont Anti-clericalist Charleroi
Dieudonné du Val de Beaulieu Orangist sympathiser / Anti-clericalist Mons
Théodore d'Yve de Bavay Moderate liberal Soignies
Isidore Fallon (substitute) Namur
Théophile Fallon Anti-clericalist Namur
Louis Fendius Moderate liberal Luxembourg
Joseph-Stanislas Fleussu Anti-clericalist Waremme
Joseph Forgeur Unionist with France sympathiser / Anti-clericalist Huy
Emmanuel François Moderate liberal Virton
Eugène Fransman Unionist with France / Catholic democrat Aalst
Jules Frison Unionist with France / Anti-clericalist Charleroi
Nicolas Gelders Moderate liberal Roermond
Alexandre Gendebien Unionist with France sympathiser / Anti-clericalist Mons
Jean-Baptiste Gendebien Unionist with France sympathiser / Anti-clericalist Charleroi
Jean-François Gendebien Moderate liberal Soignies
Louis Geudens Moderate Catholic Turnhout
Ferdinand Goethals-Bischoff Moderate Catholic Kortrijk
Jean Goethals Catholic democrat Kortrijk
Pacifique Goffint Unionist with France / Anti-clericalist Mons
Robert Helias d'Huddeghem Conservative Catholic Ghent
Jean-François Hennequin Anti-clericalist Maastricht
Ignace Henry Anti-clericalist Dinant
Philippe Huysman d'Annecroix Orangist / Moderate liberal Brussels
Louis Jacobs (substitute) Antwerp
Théodore Jacques Anti-clericalist Marche-en-Famenne
Joseph Jamine (substitute) Hasselt
Augustin Janssens Moderate Catholic Sint-Niklaas
Jean-Baptiste Joos Moderate Catholic Marche-en-Famenne
Lucien Jottrand Orangist sympathiser / Anti-clericalist Brussels
Jean-Baptiste Kockaert Moderate Catholic Brussels
François Lardinois Unionist with France / Anti-clericalist Verviers
Joseph Lebeau Moderate liberal Huy
Louis Le Bègue Catholic democrat Eeklo
Charles Le Bon Catholic democrat Turnhout
Mathieu Leclercq Orangist sympathiser / Anti-clericalist Liège
Charles Lecocq Anti-clericalist Tournai
Albert Lefebvre Conservative Catholic Brussels
Gérard Le Grelle Orangist / Conservative Catholic Antwerp
Charles Le Hon Orangist sympathiser / Anti-clericalist Tournai
François Lehon Anti-clericalist Tournai
François Lesaffre Moderate Catholic Kortrijk
Charles Liedts Moderate liberal Oudenaarde
Jean MacLagan Orangist / Anti-clericalist Ostend
Guillaume Marcq Brussels
Jean-Baptiste Marlet Anti-clericalist Neufchâteau
Hubert Masbourg Conservative Catholic Bastogne
Ferdinand Meeus Moderate liberal Brussels
Pierre Morel-Danheel Moderate Catholic Diksmuide
Léon Mulle Moderate liberal Ypres
Gérard Nagelmackers Anti-clericalist Liège
Gustave Nalinne Anti-clericalist Charleroi
Albert Nopener Anti-clericalist Nivelles
Jean-Baptiste Nothomb Moderate liberal Arlon
Théodore Olislagers de Sipernau Orangist sympathiser / Conservative Catholic Roermond
Léonard Ooms Catholic democrat Turnhout
Henri Orban-Rossius Orangist Liège
Jean Osy Orangist / Moderate liberal Antwerp
Antoine Peemans Anti-clericalist Leuven
Pierre-Egide Peeters Moderate Catholic Turnhout
Jean-Baptiste Pettens Conservative Catholic Leuven
Alexandre Picquet (substitute) Mons
Jean Pirmez Unionist with France sympathiser / Anti-clericalist Charleroi
François Pirson Unionist with France / Anti-clericalist Dinant
Jean-Baptiste Pollin Moderate Catholic Ypres
Joseph Raikem Conservative Catholic Liège
Alexander Rodenbach Catholic democrat Roeselare
Constantin Rodenbach Catholic democrat Roeselare
François Rodriguez d'Evora y Vega Conservative Catholic Soignies
Olivier Roels (substitute) Veurne
Jean-Baptiste Roeser Anti-clericalist Luxembourg
Charles Rogier Moderate liberal Liège
Léonard Rosseeuw Kortrijk
Nicolas Rouppe Anti-clericalist Brussels
Pierre-Guillaume Seron Unionist with France / Anti-clericalist Philippeville
Jean-Baptiste Serruys Conservative Catholic Ostend
Charles-Mathias Simons Anti-clericalist Diekirch
Ferdinand Speelman-Rooman Moderate Catholic Ghent
Félix Struye-Provoost Ypres
Erasme Louis Surlet de Chokier Anti-clericalist Hasselt
Charles Surmont de Volsberghe Conservative Catholic Ghent
Pierre-Gérard Teuwens Conservative Catholic Hasselt
Jean Thienpont Conservative Catholic Oudenaarde
Amand Thonus Marche-en-Famenne
Jean-Baptiste Thorn Moderate liberal Luxembourg
Pierre Trentesaux Moderate liberal Tournai
Constant van Crombrugghe Conservative Catholic Aalst
Jean-Baptiste van de Kerchove Catholic democrat Sint-Niklaas
François van den Broucke de Terbecq Conservative Catholic Dendermonde
Henri van den Hove Moderate liberal Leuven
Michel van der Belen Moderate Catholic Leuven
Pierre Vander Linden Conservative Catholic Leuven
Joseph van der Linden d'Hooghvorst Conservative Catholic Brussels
Liévin Van der Looy Catholic democrat Aalst
Sylvain Van de Weyer Moderate liberal Brussels
Leonard Van Dorpe Catholic democrat Kortrijk
Eugène van Hoobrouck de Mooreghem Conservative Catholic Oudenaarde
Henri van Innis Moderate Catholic Ghent
Pierre van Meenen Leuven
François Van Snick Anti-clericalist Ath
Joseph van Volden de Lombeke Orangist / Conservative Catholic Brussels
Pierre Verbeke Catholic democrat Kortrijk
Henri Vercruysse-Bruneel Catholic democrat Kortrijk
Désiré Verduyn Catholic democrat Sint-Niklaas
Jean Vergauwen-Goethals Conservative Catholic Ghent
Jean Verseyden de Varick Conservative Catholic Brussels
Pierre-Antoine Verwilghen Catholic democrat Sint-Niklaas
Charles Vilain XIIII Catholic democrat Maastricht
Charles Hippolyte Vilain XIIII Moderate liberal Dendermonde
Philippe Vilain XIIII Orangist sympathiser Sint-Niklaas
Jacques Wallaert Moderate Catholic Tielt
Nicolas Watlet Anti-clericalist Diekirch
Joseph Werbrouck-Pieters Orangist / Anti-clericalist Antwerp
Paul Wyvekens Anti-clericalist Nivelles
Charles Zoude Catholic democrat Namur
Léopold Zoude Anti-clericalist Neufchâteau


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