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Wii (video game series)

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Title: Wii (video game series)  
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Subject: Wii Music, Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort, List of best-selling video game franchises, Wii U
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Wii (video game series)

Genres Simulation video games
Minigame compilations
Music video games
Fitness games
Web mapping
Developers Nintendo EAD Group 2
Nintendo EAD Group 5
Nd Cube
Publishers Nintendo
Creators Shigeru Miyamoto
Platforms Wii
Wii U
Platform of origin Wii
First release Wii Sports
November 19, 2006
Latest release Wii Sports Club
July 25, 2014

The Wii game series is a series of fifteen physical simulation video games as of 2013, spawned by the Wii and Wii U consoles. These games feature a common design theme, especially in their casual gameplay style and Mii integration. The series features control schemes that simulate real life activities with various combinations of the Wii Remote, the Wii U GamePad, and the Wii Balance Board.


The Wii uses motion sensors in the game controllers to allow gameplay that incorporates physical movements by the player to control action within the game. For example, in the Baseball game included in Wii Sports, the player holds the controller like a baseball bat and swings it in order to hit the ball in the on-screen game.[1]


The Wii series has become one of the best-selling video game franchises, with each game in the Wii series selling millions of copies. Wii Sports in particular is regarded as the best-selling video game of all time.[2] Wii Fit, within 18 months by June 2009, helped the health game genre generate collective revenues of $2 billion, most of which was grossed by Wii Fit's 18.22 million sales at the time.[3] The largest subset of the franchise is the Wii Sports sub-series.[4]

Wii Sports

Game Console Release Date Description GameRankings Metacritic Sales
Wii Sports Wii NA 20061119November 19, 2006

JP 20061202December 2, 2006
AUS 20061207December 7, 2006
EU 20061208December 8, 2006

The first game in the series and launch game for the Wii console. The game was sold bundled with the console in all regions except Japan and South Korea. Wii Sports is known for starting a new development direction for Nintendo involving simple gameplay, simple graphics, and motion control. It is currently the best-selling video game of all time.[5] 76.28%[6] 76/100[7] 82.54 million[8]
Wii Sports Resort JP 20090625June 25, 2009

AUS 20090723July 23, 2009
EU 20090724July 24, 2009
NA 20090726July 26, 2009

Successor to Wii Sports. It is one of the first titles to require the Wii MotionPlus accessory, which was bundled with the game. Though the game was originally a standalone title, it is now bundled with the Wii console. 82.65%[9] 80/100[10] 32.58 million[8]
Wii Sports Club Wii U Tennis & Bowling
JP 20131030October 30, 2013

NA 20131107November 7, 2013
EU 20131107November 7, 2013
AUS 20131108November 8, 2013
INT 20131218December 18, 2013
Baseball & Boxing
NA 20140626June 26, 2014
EU 20140627June 27, 2014
EU 20140711July 11, 2014
JP 20140717July 17, 2014
NA 20140725July 25, 2014

A remake of the original Wii Sports game, it now requires the Wii MotionPlus accessory. Initially, it was only available on the Nintendo eShop with each sport needing to be bought separately. A retail release with all five sports will be coming. 74.60%[11] 68/100[12]

Wii Play

Game Console Release Date Description GameRankings Metacritic Sales
Wii Play Wii JP 20061202December 2, 2006

AUS 20061207December 7, 2006
EU 20061208December 8, 2006
NA 20070212February 12, 2007

The next game in the series was a launch game for the Wii in Japan. It features a compilation of nine minigames, such as Shooting Range or Table Tennis, that are used to teach the user how to use the Wii remote. Wii Play was bundled with an extra Wii remote and is one of the best selling video games of all time.[13] 61.64%[14] 58/100[15] 28.02 million[8]
Wii Play: Motion NA 20110613June 13, 2011

EU 20110624June 24, 2011
AUS 20110630June 30, 2011
JP 20110707July 7, 2011

This sequel to Wii Play is the most recently released game in the subseries. It includes twelve minigames, and it is bundled with the Wii Remote Plus, which is required to play. The minigames were created by various developers, including Good-Feel, Skip Ltd., and Arzest Corporation. 61.89%[16] 60/100[17] 1.26 million[18]

Wii Fit

Game Console Release Date Description GameRankings Metacritic Sales
Wii Fit Wii JP 200712December 2007

EU 20080425April 25, 2008
AUS 20080508May 8, 2008
NA 20080521May 21, 2008

The first game to use the Wii Balance Board peripheral, wherewith it was bundled. As a fitness-oriented game, it measures a user's weight, telling the user his or her health based on body mass index, and provides minigames for the user to exercise or to improve posture. It is currently the third-best-selling console game of all time of those not packaged with a console. 81.18%[19] 80/100[20] 22.67 million[8]
Wii Fit Plus JP 200910October 2009

NA 20091004October 4, 2009
AUS 20091015October 15, 2009
EU 20091030October 30, 2009

An enhanced version of Wii Fit. 80.83%[21] 80/100[22] 21.03 million[8]
Wii Fit U Wii U AUS 20131207December 7, 2013

EU 20131213December 13, 2013
NA 20140110January 10, 2014
JP 201402February 2014

The next entry in the Wii Fit subseries which was announced at E3 2012 as a title for the Wii U console. 75.75%[23] 71/100[24]

Wii Party

Game Console Release Date Description GameRankings Metacritic Sales
Wii Party Wii JP 20100708July 8, 2010

NA 20101003October 3, 2010
AUS 20101007October 7, 2010
EU 20101008October 8, 2010

Players partake in various party games, similar to the Mario Party series.[25] It is the first game in the series in which Shigeru Miyamoto was not involved in development. 70.44%[26] 68/100[27] 7.94 million[18][28]
Wii Party U Wii U NA 20131025October 25, 2013

EU 20131025October 25, 2013
AUS 20131026October 26, 2013
JP 20131031October 31, 2013

Developed by the same team behind the original Wii Party.[29] 64.68%[30] 65/100[31] 1.35 million[32]

Other titles

Game Console Release Date Description GameRankings Metacritic Sales
Wii Chess Wii EU 20080118January 18, 2008

JP 20080930September 30, 2008

This is a chess game released in Japan and European territories for the Wii. It is called Wii Chess in Europe but in Japan it is a WiiWare title called Tsūshin Taikyoku: World Chess. 66.80%[33]
Wii Music JP 20081016October 16, 2008

NA 20081020October 20, 2008
AUS 20081113November 13, 2008
EU 20081114November 14, 2008

Focused on using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to simulate playing instruments. 64.34%[34] 63/100[35] 2.65 million[36][37]
Wii Karaoke U Wii U JP 20121208December 8, 2012

PAL 20131004October 4, 2013

Pre-installed on every Japanese Wii U. 69.00%[38] 68/100[39]


Game Console Release Date Description GameRankings Metacritic Sales
Wii Street U JP 20130207February 7, 2013

NA 20130214February 14, 2013
EU 20130214February 14, 2013
AUS 20130214February 14, 2013

Free (until May 2013)[40]
Wii U Panorama View NA 20130426April 26, 2013

JP 20130427April 27, 2013
EU 20130427April 27, 2013
AUS 20130427April 27, 2013


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