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Little League World Series in Japan

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Title: Little League World Series in Japan  
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Little League World Series in Japan

Japan first participated in the Little League World Series in 1962. Between 1962 and 2006, Japan participated in the Far East region (renamed Asia region in 2001) of the LLWS. Beginning in 2007, the winner of the Japanese championship has earned an automatic berth in the Series.

As of the 2013 tournament, Japan has participated in the LLWS 23 times since 1962, and have won the tournament nine times (1967, 1968, 1976, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2010, 2012, 2013).

Japan Championships

In 1967, the first All-Japan championship took place.[1] Prior to 1967, Japanese teams represented the Far East region in each year between 1962 and 1966.

Year Champion City Runner-Up City Region LLWS
1961 Misawa Aomori Pacific DNQ
1962 Kunitachi Tokyo Far East 7th Place
1963 Gyokusen Tokyo Far East Withdrew
1964 Tachikawa Tokyo Far East 4th Place
1965 Arakawa Tokyo Far East 6th Place
1966 Wakayama Wakayama Far East 4th Place
All-Japan Championship
1967 West Tokyo Tokyo Osaka Nishi Osaka Far East Champions
1968 Wakayama Wakayama Little Hawks ? Far East Champions
1969 Chofu Chōfu Little Hawks ? Far East DNQ
1970 Wakayama Wakayama Chofu Chōfu Far East DNQ
1971 Chofu Chōfu Wakayama Wakayama Far East DNQ
1972 Chofu Chōfu Izumi Otsu Otsu Far East DNQ
1973 Chofu Chōfu Sendai Minami Sendai Far East DNQ
1974 Chofu Chōfu Nerima Tokyo Far East DNQ
1975 Chofu Chōfu Tokyo Machida Tokyo Far East Banned
1976 Funabashi Funabashi Komae Tokyo Far East Champions
1977 Chofu Chōfu Higashi Osaka Osaka Far East DNQ
1978 Amagasaki Kita Amagasaki Suginami Tokyo Far East DNQ
1979 Settsu Settsu Sendai Chuo Sendai Far East DNQ
1980 Suginami Tokyo Wakayama Wakayama Far East DNQ
1981 Motomaki Chuo ? Nakano Higashi Tokyo Far East DNQ
1982 Chofu Chōfu Kohhoku ? Far East DNQ
1983 Osaka Yodogawa Osaka Asahi ? Far East 3rd Place
1984 Taisho Osaka Hamamatsu Hamamatsu Far East DNQ
1985 Hoya Tokyo Adachi Kita Tokyo Far East DNQ
1986 Tokorozawa Tokorozawa Ehime Nishi ? Far East DNQ
1987 Chofu Chōfu Aichi Iwakura Iwakura Far East DNQ
1988 Osaka Higashi Osaka Nagoya Higashi Nagoya Far East DNQ
1989 Settsu Settsu Chofu Chōfu Far East DNQ
1990 Hadano Hadano Takaishi Takaishi Far East DNQ
1991 Omiya Kitakanto Takatsuki Takatsuki Far East DNQ
1992 Minato Tokyo Hasuda Hasuda Far East DNQ
1993 Sumida Tokyo Kumamoto Chuo Chūō Far East DNQ
1994 Edogawa Minami Tokyo Seya Yokohama Far East DNQ
1995 Izumisano Izumisano Midori Chuo Kanagawa Far East DNQ
1996 Matsusaka Matsusaka Hiratsuka Hiratsuka Far East DNQ
1997 Seya Yokohama Takarazuka Takarazuka Far East 3rd Place
1998 Kashima Kashima Seya Yokohama Far East Runners-Up
1999 Hirakata Hirakata Hyogo Harima Harima Far East Champions
2000 Musashi Fuchu Tokyo Kodaira Kodaira Far East 3rd Place
2001 Tokyo Kitasuna Tokyo Nagoya Kita Nagoya Asia Champions
2002 Sendai Higashi Sendai Takarazuka Takarazuka Asia Runners-Up
2003 Musashi Fuchu Tokyo Chofu Chōfu Asia Champions
2004 Sendai Higashi Sendai Tokyo Kitasuna Tokyo Asia DNQ
2005 Chiba City Chiba Gifu Tohno Gifu Asia 4th Place
2006 Kawaguchi Kawaguchi Musashi Fuchu Tokyo Asia Runners-Up
2007 Tokyo Kitasuna Tokyo Hiratsuka Hiratsuka Japan Runners-Up
2008 Edogawa Minami Tokyo Matsusaka Matsusaka Japan 3rd Place
2009 Chiba City Chiba Izumisano Izumisano Japan Quarterfinals
2010 Edogawa Minami Tokyo Hirosaki Aomori Hirosaki Japan Champions
2011 Hamamatsu Minami Hamamatsu Seya Yokohama Japan Runners-up
2012 Tokyo Kitasuna Tokyo Matsusaka Matsusaka Japan Champions
2013 Musashi Fuchū Tokyo Sendai Aoba Sendai Japan Champions
2014 Tokyo Kitasuna Tokyo Toyonaka Toyonaka Japan 3rd Place


As of the 2014 Little League World Series.

Prefecture JC WS Record PCT
Tokyo 24 13 46–9 .836
Osaka 7 2 6–2 .750
Chiba 3 3 9–4 .692
Kanagawa 2 1 2–2 .500
Miyagi 2 1 5–1 .833
Saitama 2 1 5–1 .883
Wakayama 2 2 3–0 1.000
Hyogo 1 0  –  .000
Ibaraki 1 1 3–2 .600
Mie 1 0  –  .667
Shizuoka 1 1 4–2 .667


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