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International rankings of Cyprus


International rankings of Cyprus

These are the international rankings of Cyprus

International rankings

Organization Survey Ranking
State of World Liberty Project State of World Liberty Index[1] 9 out of 159
United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index 2006[2]
Human Development Index 2004[3]
Human Development Index 2000[3]
29 out of 177
29 out of 177
29 out of 177
The Economist Worldwide Quality-of-life Index, 2005[4] 23 out of 111
University of Leicester Satisfaction with Life Index[5] 49 out of 178
Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal Index of Economic Freedom[6] 20 out of 157
Reporters Without Borders Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006[7]
Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2005[8]
30 out of 168
25(tied) out of 168
Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2006[9]
Corruption Perceptions Index 2005[10]
Corruption Perceptions Index 2004[11]
37 out of 163
37 out of 158
36 out of 145
World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report[12] 46 out of 125
International Monetary Fund GDP per capita[13] 31 out of 180
Yale University/Columbia University Environmental Sustainability Index 2005[14] not ranked
Nationmaster Labor strikes[15] not ranked
A.T. Kearney / Foreign Policy Globalisation Index 2006[16]
Globalisation Index 2005[17]
Globalisation Index 2004[18]

not ranked


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