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List of RAF aircrew in the Battle of Britain (D–F)

The following is a list of pilots and other aircrew who flew during the Battle of Britain, and were awarded the Battle of Britain Clasp[1] to the 1939–45 Star by flying at least one authorised operational sortie with an eligible unit of the Royal Air Force or Fleet Air Arm during the period from 0001 hours on 10 July to 2359 hours 31 October 1940.[2][3]


  • History 1
  • D 2
  • E 3
  • F 4
  • Notes on table 5
    • Abbreviations 5.1
    • Nationalities 5.2
    • Awards 5.3
  • See also 6
  • Notes 7
  • Bibliography 8


In 1942, the

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  1. ^ This was initially regarded as being from 8 August to 31 October 1940; however, the dates were later amended to also include those who lost their lives between 10 July and 7 August.
  2. ^ Most likely shot down by Oberleutnant Rudolf Pflanz shortly after Dundas shot down Major Helmut Wick.[25]


See also

Award Title Notes
AE Air Efficiency Award Awarded for ten years' efficient service in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force
AFC Air Force Cross Awarded for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying, though not in active operations against the enemy".
CB Companion in The Order of the Bath Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
CDeG Croix de guerre A military decoration of both France and Belgium, also commonly bestowed to foreign military forces allied to France and Belgium.
CdeL Croix de la Libération A decoration of France awarded for very meritorious conduct with the Free French Forces during World War II.
CdeLd'H Croix de Légion d'honneur A decoration of France awarded for excellent civil or military conduct delivered, upon official investigation.
CdeLL Croix de L'Ordre de Leopold Awarded to Belgian nationals or some distinguished foreign persons who made very important contributions to the Belgian state or society.
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross Awarded to Royal Air Force commissioned officers and Warrant Officers for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy".
DFC* Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar A bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DFC who received a second award.
DFC** Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar A second bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DFC and Bar who received a third award.
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal Awarded to military below commissioned rank, for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy".
DSO Distinguished Service Order Awarded for meritorious or distinguished service by officers of the armed forces during wartime, typically in actual combat.
DSO* Distinguished Service Order and Bar A bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DSO who received a second award.
DSO** Distinguished Service Order and Two Bars A second bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DSO and Bar who received a third award.
GCB Knight Grand Cross of The Order of the Bath Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
KCVO Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order Awarded for personal service to the sovereign
KStJ Knight of the Order of Saint John
KZ Krzyz Zaslugi, Polish "Cross of Merit" Awarded for exemplary public service or humanitarian work that goes above and beyond the call of duty.
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
MC Military Cross Awarded for "an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land to all members, of any rank".
MM Military Medal Awarded for acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire
OBE Officer of the Order of the British Empire Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
OStJ Officer of the Order of Saint John
VC Victoria Cross Highest British military decoration, awarded for valour in the face of the enemy.
VM Virtuti Militari Highest Polish military award for courage in the face of the enemy.


AME American
AUS Australian
BEL Belgian
BR British
CAN Canadian
CZ Czechoslovakian
FR French
IRE Irish
NZ New Zealander
POL Poland
RHO Rhodesian
SA South African



Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, France, Ireland, Jamaica, Newfoundland, New Zealand, Poland, Rhodesia, South Africa and the United States.[64]
  • Ranks given are those held during the Battle of Britain, although a higher rank may have been achieved after the Battle.
  • All individuals listed in bold and highlighted in silver are believed to be still alive.
  • Aircrew listed as KIA, MIA, WIA or KIFA during the Battle of Britain are highlighted in blue.
  • The awards listed include those made during the Battle of Britain and during the remainder of World War II, as well as any made post-war.
  • In order to limit the numbers of footnotes which would otherwise be required, the symbol under "Notes" indicates several entries in the text of Ramsay 1989, while the symbol indicates that information on the circumstances under which an airman became a casualty during the Battle is included in the text of the book. Where more than one crew member of a multi place aircraft was involved this is included as a cross-reference under "Notes"
  • In addition to 2,353 British aircrew, the RAF Roll of Honour recognises 574 personnel from other countries;[3] namely:

Notes on table

Name Rank Nationality Sqn during Battle Awards Notes
Fajtl, František Flt Lt CZ 17 & 1 Sqns Died 4 October 2006
Falkowski, Jan Pawel Fg Off POL 32 Sqn
Farley, Walter Ronald Flt Lt BR 156 & 46 Sqns DFC KIA 21 April 1942 (as Wg Cdr, CO of 138 Sqn)
Farmer, James Nigel Watts Flt Lt BR 302 Sqn
Farnes, Eric Plt Off BR 141 Sqn Died 23 September 1985
Farnes, Paul Caswell Powe Sgt BR 501 Sqn DFM Official Ace, Surviving aircrew (Born 1918)
Farquhar, Andrew Douglas Wg Cdr BR 257 Sqn DFC Died mid-1960s
Farrow, John Robinson Sgt BR 229 Sqn KIA 8 October 1940 (Pilot)
Fathing, John Sgt BR 235 Sqn
Fawcett, Derek P Sgt BR 29 Sqn KIA 15 September 1941
Fayolle, Emile Francois Marie Leonce Plt Off (Adj) Free FR 85 Sqn DFC, CdeL KIA 14 August 1942 [44]
Fearns, Francis Sgt BR 601 Sqn Service details unknown
Feary, Alan Norman Sgt BR 609 Sqn Official Ace, KIA 7 October 1940 (Pilot)
Feather, John Leslie Sgt BR 235 Sqn KIA 18 September 1940
Fechtner, Emil Plt Off CZ 310 Sqn DFC KIA 29 October 1940[45]
Fejfar, Stanislav Plt Off CZ 310 Sqn KIA 17 May 1942[46]
Fenemore, Stanley Allen Sgt BR 245 & 501 Sqn KIA 15 October 1940
Fenn, Cecil Francis Sgt BR 248 Sqn Died 27 December 1987
Fenton, Harold Arthur Sqn Ldr BR 238 Sqn (CO) CBE, DSO, DFC Retired 1957
Fenton, John Ollis Plt Off BR 235 Sqn KIA 28 May 1941
Fenton, Walter Gordon Sgt NZ 604 Sqn
Fenwick, Charles Raymond Plt Off BR 610 Sqn
Fenwick, Samuel Green Plt Off BR 601 Sqn Buried with RAF honours in Devon 2007
Ferdinand, Roy Fredrick Plt Off BR 263 Sqn KIA 12 June 1941
Ferguson, Eric Hannah Sgt BR 141 Sqn KIA 11 April 1943
Ferguson, Peter John Sqn Ldr BR 602 Sqn
Feric, Miroslaw Plt Off POL 303 Sqn VM, DFC, KW (2x) KIFA Feb 1942
Ferriss, Henry Michael Flt Lt BR 111 Sqn DFC Official Ace, KIA 16 August 1940
Fildes, Frank AC BR 25 Sqn
Finch Sgt BR 615 Sqn Service details unknown
Finch, T R H Fg Off BR 151 Sqn Service details unknown
Finlay, Donald Osborne "Don" Sqn Ldr BR 41 & 54 Sqns DFC, AFC, MiD Official Ace; Died 19 April 1970
Finnie, Archibald Plt Off BR 54 Sqn KIA 25 July 1940
Finnis, John Frederick Fortescue Flt Lt SR 1 & 229 Sqns
Finucane, Brendan Eamonn Fergus "Paddy" Wg Cdr IRE 65 Sqn DSO, DFC** KIA 15 July 1942[47][48]
Fisher, Anthony George Anson Fg Off BR 111 Sqn Died July 1988
Fisher, Basil Mark Fg Off BR 111 Sqn KIA 15 August 1940
Fisher, Gerald Fg Off BR 602 Sqn Died 1973
Fiske, William Meade Lindsley "Billy" Plt Off AME 601 Sqn KIA 17 August 1940
Fitzgerald, Thomas Bernard Fg Off NZ 141 Sqn DFC Born Timaru, New Zealand, 11 July 1917
Short Service Commission in RAF, Jun 1938; made war’s first single-engined operational flight when he dropped leaflets over Frankfurt and tested night defences, 19 September 1939; Personal Assistant to Gen Hoyt D. Vandenberg, USAAF, Feb 1945; relinquished commission as Flt Lt (Temp. Sqn Ldr) on appointment to RNZAF, Feb 1946; retired Dec 1947.
Died Christchurch, New Zealand, 12 August 2006
Fizel, Joseph Francis AC1 BR 29 Sqn Died 29 August 1976; Also spelt "Fizell"
Fleming, John Fg Off NZ 605 Sqn MBE
Fleming, Robert David Spittall Plt Off BR 249 Sqn KIA 7 September 1940
Fletcher, Andrew William Sqn Ldr CAN 235 Sqn DFC
Fletcher, John Denys Sgt BR 3 Sqn KIA 8 February 1942
Fletcher, John Gordon Bewley Sgt BR 604 Sqn KIA 25 August 1940 Blenheim L6782' crashed near Witheridge, Exeter, cause unknown.[20]
Fletcher, Walter Thomas Sgt NZ 23 Sqn
Flinders, John L "Polly" Plt Off BR 32 Sqn Died 1988[49]
Flood, Fredrick William Flt Lt AUS 235 Sqn MIA 11 September 1940
Flower, Hubert Luiz Sgt BR 248 Sqn Surviving aircrew
Foglar, Vaclav Sgt CZ 245 Sqn KIFA Dec 1947
Foit, Emil Antonin Plt Off CZ 85 Sqn DFC Died 1976
Fokes, Ronald Henry Sgt BR 92 Sqn DFM KIA 12 June 1944
Folliard, James Henry AC BR 604 Sqn Died 1981
Fopp, Desmond Sgt AUS 17 Sqn AFC
Forbes, Athol Stanhope Flt Lt BR 303 & 66 Sqns Official Ace; Died 1981
Ford, Ernest George Sgt CAN 3 & 232 Sqn KIA 12 December 1942 (Canada)
Ford, Roy Clement "Henry" Sgt BR 41 Sqn Born Hastings, Sussex, 1915
Commissioned Nov 1940; released from RAF, Oct 1945; commissioned in RAFVR, Sep 1947; retired May 1952
Died December 2002 [50]
Forde, Derek Nigel Fg Off BR 145 & 605 Sqns DFC Died 16 January 1979
Forrest, Dudley Henry Sgt BR 66 Sqn & 421 Flt
Forrester, George Mathwin Plt Off BR 605 Sqn KIA 9 September 1940 (collided with He111)
Forshaw, Terence Henry Trimble Flt Lt BR 19, 616 & 609 Sqns
Forster, Anthony Douglas Fg Off BR 151 & 607 Sqns DFC
Forsyth, Colin Leo Malcolm Sgt NZ 23 Sqn DFC, DFM KIA 8 May 1944 [51]
Forward, Ronald Victor Sgt BR 257 Sqn
Foster, Robert William Plt Off BR 605 Sqn DFC Surviving aircrew[52]
Fotheringham, Allan Cook Sgt BR 3 Sqn Captured and made POW 15 February 1941 Died 1984
Fott, E A Plt Off CZ 310 Sqn Service details unknown
Fowler, Alfred Lawrence Plt Off NZ 248 Sqn DFC KIFA 23 August 1941
Fowler, Reginald John Sgt BR 247 Sqn
Fox, Lawrence AC1 BR 29 Sqn
Fox, Peter Hutton Sgt BR 56 Sqn Captured and made POW 28 June 1941; Died[53][54]
Foxley-Norris, Christopher Neil Fg Off BR 3 Sqn DSO, OBE, GCB Retired 1974 with the rank of AVM. Died 28 September 2003
Fox-Male, Dennis Humbert Plt Off BR 152 Sqn Died 1986
Francis, A Sgt BR 3 Sqn Service details unknown
Francis, Colin Dunstone Plt Off BR 253 Sqn KIA 30 August 1940
Francis, Clarence William "Bill" Sgt BR 74 & 3 Sqns [55]
Francis, Douglas Norman Sgt BR 257 Sqn Died 7 January 1961
Francis, John Sgt BR 23 Sqn
Francis, Noel Inglis Chalmers Sgt BR 247 Sqn KIA 9 December 1941
Franklin, Walter Derrick Kerr Fg Off JAM 74 Sqn Died 25 October 2001[56]
Franklin, William Henry Plt Off BR 65 Sqn DFM* Official Ace, MIA 12 December 1940
Frantisek, Josef Sgt CZ 303 Sqn CdeG, DFM*, VM KIA 8 October 1940[57]
Fraser, Robert Henry Braund Sgt BR 257 Sqn KIA 22 October 1940
Freeborn, John Connell Fg Off BR 74 Sqn DFC* Official Ace, (1 December 1919 – 28 August 2010)[58][59]
Freeman, Richard Powell Sgt BR 29 Sqn
Freer, Peter Foster Sgt BR 29 Sqn KIA 11 May 1941
Freese, Laurence Eric Sgt BR 611 & 74 Sqn KIA 10 January 1941
French, Thomas Lennox Sgt BR 29 Sqn KIA 14 December 1942
Frey, Juliusz A K W Flt Lt POL 607 Sqn
Friend, Jack Richard Sgt BR 25 Sqn KIA 7 December 1940
Friendship, Alfred Henry Basil Plt Off BR 3 Sqn DFM
Fripp, Joffre Harry Sgt BR 248 Sqn Died 1973
Frisby, Edward Murray Fg Off BR 504 Sqn KIA 5 December 1941
Frith, Eric Thomas G Sgt BR 611 & 92 Sqns WIA 9 October 1940, Died 17 October 1940 [60]
Frizell, Charles George Plt Off CAN 257 Sqn
Frost, Jack Lynch Plt Off BR 600 Sqn
Fulford, David Sgt BR 64 & 19 Sqns DFC KIA 2 November 1942[14][61]
Fumerton, Robert Carl "Moose" Plt Off CAN 32 Sqn DFC*, AFC [62][63]
Furneaux, Rex Horton Sgt BR 3 & 73 Sqns
Furst, Bohimur Sgt CZ 310 & 605 Sqns Died 2 January 1978


Name Rank Nationality Sqn during Battle Awards Notes
Eade, Arthur William Sgt BR 266 & 602 Sqns
Earp, Richard Llewellyn Sgt BR 46 Sqn
Easton, David Albert Sgt BR 248 Sqn
Eckford, Alan Francis Flt Lt BR 23, 253 & 242 Sqns Official Ace
Edge, Alexander Rothwell Fg Off BR 609 Sqn Died 1985
Edge, Gerald Richmond Flt Lt BR 253 & 605 Sqns DFC Official Ace[30]
Edgley, Alwyn Sgt BR 601 & 253 Sqns
Edmiston, Guy Arthur Fownes Plt Off BR 151 Sqn Died 1989
Edmond, Norman Douglas Plt Off CAN 615 Sqn KIA 20 April 1941
Edmunds, Eric Ralph Plt Off NZ 245 Sqn Died 2010?
Edridge, Hilary Patrick Michael Plt Off BR 222 Sqn KIA 30 October 1940[31][32]
Edsall, Eric Frank Plt Off BR 54 & 222 Sqns WIA 12 April 1942
Edwards, A J AC BR 604 Sqn
Edwards, Frederick AC BR 29 Sqn
Edwards, Harry Davies Plt Off CAN 92 Sqn KIA 11 September 1940 [33]
Edwards, Harold Harding Sgt BR 248 Sqn
Edwards, Ivor Herbert Plt Off BR 234 Sqn
Edwards, Kenneth Charles Plt Off BR 600 Sqn AE Died 2010?
Edwards, Robert Lesley[34] Fg Off CAN 1 Sqn RCAF KIA 26 August 1940[35]
Edwards, Robert Sydney James Flt Lt IRE 56 Sqn Died 2 May 1974
Edwards, Malcolm Finney Sgt BR 247 Sqn Joined 247 Sqn on 1 September 1940 until 30 November 1940 where he piloted Gloster Gladiators. He also flew Typhoons and Tempest with 3 F Squadron from October 1943 until his death. Edwards had 12.5 confirmed V-1 Flying Bombs to his name. KIA 29 December 1944 whist flying Hawker Tempest EJ803 of 3 F Squadron. He is buried in the Reichswald War Cemetery.
Edworthy, Gerald Henry Sgt BR 46 Sqn KIA 3 September 1940
Edy, Allan Laird Plt Off CAN 602 Sqn DFC KIA 12 December 1941[36]
Eeles, H Sqn Ldr BR 263 Sqn It is believed that Eeles declined the Battle of Britain Clasp because his Sqn did not serve operationally in Southern England during defined period.
Egan, Edward James Sgt BR 600 & 501 Sqns KIA 17 September 1940[37]
Eiby, William Thorpe Plt Off NZ 245 Sqn
Ekins, Victor Howard Sgt BR 111 & 501 Sqns
Elcome, Douglas William Sgt BR 602 Sqn MIA 26 October 1940
Eley, Fredrick William "Tiger Tim" Sgt BR 74 Sqn KIA 31 July 1940 [38]
Elger, Frank Richard Charles Plt Off BR 248 Sqn
Eliot, Hugh William Plt Off BR 73 Sqn DSO, DFC KIA 4 March 1945 (Italy)[39]
Elkington, John Francis Durham "Tim" Plt Off BR 1 Sqn Surviving aircrew (Born 1920)
Ellacombe, John Lawrence Wemyss Plt Off BR 151 Sqn CB, DFC* Surviving aircrew; Retired at the rank of Air Cdre (Born 1920)
Ellery, Cyril Charles Plt Off BR 264 Sqn
Elliott, George J Plt Off CAN 607 Sqn
Elliott, Robert Deacon Plt Off BR 72 Sqn
Ellis, Gordon Eric Fg Off BR 64 Sqn (Discharged 1 February 1941)
Ellis, John Flt Lt BR 610 Sqn DFC Official Ace
Ellis, John Hugh Mortimer "Cockney Sparrow" Sgt BR 85 Sqn KIA 1 September 1940[40]
Ellis, Ronald Vernon Flt Sgt BR 73 Sqn
Ellis, Walter Thomas Sgt BR 92 Sqn
Elsdon, Harry Donald Buchanan Sgt BR 236 Sqn MIA 18 July 1940
Elsdon, Thomas Arthur Francis Flt Lt BR 72 Sqn
Else, Peter Sgt BR 610 Sqn
Emeny, Clifford Stanley Sgt NZ 264 Sqn Died 2010?
Emmett, Geoffrey Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Emmett, William Alexander Coote Flt Lt BR 25 Sqn Born 1916; Died 2010?
English, Charles Edward Plt Off BR 85 & 605 Sqns KIA 7 October 1940
Ensor, Philip Stephen Baddesley Fg Off BR 23 Sqn DFC KIA 8 September 1941 [41]
Etherington, Wilfred John Sgt BR 17 Sqn
Evans, Cecil Roy Sgt BR 235 Sqn MIA 23 March 1941
Evans, David Plt Off BR 607 & 615 Sqns KIFA 28 May 1943 (Testing aircraft)
Evans, George John Sgt BR 604 Sqn
Evans, Harold Arthur Charles Plt Off BR 236 Sqn Died 2010?; Retired at the rank of Air Cdre
Evans, Walter Reginald Sgt BR 85 & 249 Sqns
Everitt, Alfred Douglas Sgt BR 235 Sqn Died 1953
Everitt, Geoffrey Charles Sgt BR 29 Sqn MM, KZ KIA 6 August 1942[42]
Eyles, Peter Raoul Sgt BR 92 Sqn MIA 20 September 1940
Eyre, Anthony "Tony" Fg Off BR 615 Sqn DFC Official Ace, Captured 8 March 1942, imprisoned Stalag Luft III 1942-1945. KIFA 16 February 1946 while serving as Commanding Officer (rank of Wg Cdr) of RAF Fairwood Common. Buried with full military honours at St Cenydd's Church, Llangennith in South West Wales[43]


Name Rank Nationality Sqn during Battle Awards Notes
Dafforn, Robert Chippendall Fg Off BR 501 Sqn DFC KIA 9 September 1943
Dale, Peter Alan Sgt BR 141 Sqn KIA 13 December 1941
Dalton, Robert William Sgt BR 604 Sqn
Dalton-Morgan, Thomas Frederick Flt Lt BR 43 Sqn DSO,OBE,DFC* Official Ace
Daly, John J Sgt BR 141 Sqn
Dann, James Edwin Sgt BR 23 Sqn Died 1986
Dannatt, Alexander George AC2 BR 29 Sqn Died 16 December 1982
D'Arcy-Irvine, Brian William Jesse Fg Off BR 257 Sqn MIA 8 August 1940
Dargie, Albert McDonald Smith Sgt BR 23 Sqn KIA 13 July 1941
Darley, Horace Stanley "George" Sqn Ldr BR 609 Sqn (CO) Official Ace
Darling, Andrew Smitton Sgt BR 611 & 603 Sqns KIA 26 April 1941
Darling, Edward Vivian "Mitzi" Sgt BR 41 Sqn DFC Official Ace. Born Wellington, India, 11 October 1914. Commissioned Jan 1941; MIA 2 June 1942; remembered on Panel 65 of the Runnymede Memorial
Darwin, Christopher William Warton Plt Off BR 87 Sqn KIA 7 August 1942; Son of Sqn Ldr Charles John Wharton Darwin DSO RAF who was also KIA 26 December 1941.
Daszewski, Jan Kazimierz Michal Plt Off POL 303 Sqn KIA 4 April 1942
Davey, Brian Plt Off BR 504, 32 & 254 Sqns KIA 12 June 1941
Davey, John Arthur Joseph Plt Off BR 1 Sqn KIA 11 August 1940; Awarded a Cadetship to the RAF College Cranwell from RAF Halton.
David, William Dennis Fg Off BR 87 & 213 Sqns Official Ace
Davidson, Henry John Sgt BR 249 Sqn Official Ace, KIA 6 October 1942
Davies, Alfred Eric Plt Off BR 610 & 222 Sqns KIA 30 October 1940
Davies, Graham Gordon Ayerst Plt Off BR 222 Sqn DFC
Davies, John Alfred Sqn Ldr BR 604 Sqn KIA 6 October 1940
Davies, John William Sgt BR 600 Sqn KIA 7 September 1940
Davies, Leonard Sgt BR 151 Sqn
Davies, Maurice Peter Sgt BR 1 & 213 Sqns Died 22 July 1953
Davies, P F M Fg Off BR 56 Sqn
Davies, Roy Blackburne Fg Off BR 29 Sqn Died 1972
Davies-Cooke, Paul John Fg Off BR 72 & 610 Sqns KIA 27 September 1940
Davis, Alfred Stewart Sgt BR 235 Sqn
Davis, Carl Raymond Fg Off AME 601 Sqn KIA 6 September 1940[9]
Davis, Charles Trevor Fg Off BR 238 Sqn Official Ace, KIA 26 March 1941
Davis, Jack Sgt BR 54 Sqn
Davis, J N Sgt BR 600 Sqn
Davis, Peter Edgar Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Davis, Philip Oscar Sgt BR 222 Sqn KIA 10 August 1943
Davis, William Lee Sgt BR 249 Sqn Captured & taken POW 10 February 1941; Died 18 March 1941.
Davison, John Tregonwell Plt Off BR 235 Sqn Died 9 October 1981
Davy, Thomas Daniel Humphrey Fg Off BR 266 & 72 Sqns DFC KIA 13 September 1942
Daw, Victor George Fg Off BR 32 Sqn Killed 24 March 1953
Dawbarn, Peter Leslie Plt Off BR 17 Sqn Died 4 July 2009[10]
Dawick, Kenneth Sgt NZ 111 Sqn
Dawson, Thomas 0- Sgt BR 235 Sqn
Day, Frank Samuel Sgt BR 248 Sqn KIA 24 July 1942
Day, Robert Lionel Frank Fg Off BR 141 Sqn DFC KIA 18 June 1944
Deacon, Arthur Harry Sgt BR 85 & 111 Sqns
Deansley, Edward Christopher Flt Lt BR 152 Sqn
Debenham, Kenneth Barry Lempriere Plt Off BR 151 Sqn KIA 16 December 1943
Debree, ? Plt Off BR 264 Sqn Service Details unknown
Dee, Orlando John Sgt BR 235 Sqn KIA 28 May 1941
Deere, Alan Christopher Flt Lt NZ 54 Sqn DFC*, DSO, CdeG, OBE, ADC Died 21 September 1995[11]
De Grunne, Compte Rudolph Ghislain Charles de Hemricourt Plt Off BEL 32 Sqn KIA 25 May 1942
De Hamale, R E Sgt BEL 46 Sqn KIA 1 November 1940
De Hemptinne, Baudovin Marie Ghislain Plt Off BEL 145 Sqn KIA 5 May 1942
De Jace, L J Plt Off BEL 236 Sqn MIA 26 July 1942
De la Boucher, Francois Henri Edmond Joseph Andre Adj FF 85 Sqn KIA 5 September 1942
De la Perrele, Victor Breton Plt Off NZ 245 Sqn
Deller, Alan Lawrence Martin Sgt BR 43 Sqn
De Mancha, Ricardo Adriani Plt Off BR 43 Sqn MIA 21 July 1940
Demetriadi, Richard Stephen Fg Off BR 601 Sqn KIA 11 August 1940; Son of Sir Stephen and Lady Demetriadi, attached to the King's Estate at Sandringham.
De Montbron, Xavier de Cherade Sgt FF 64 Sqn Died 21 April 1955
Demoulin, Rene Jean Ghislain Sgt BEL 235 Sqn CdeLL CdeG KIA 6 April 1944
De Mozay, Jean E 2nd Lt FR 1 Sqn KIA 19 December 1945
Denby, Gordon Alfred Plt Off BR 600 Sqn DFC MIA 12 December 1942
Denchfield, Herbert David Sgt BR 610 Sqn Surviving aircrew
Denholm, George Lovell Sqn Ldr BR 603 Sqn (CO) [12]
Denison, Richard Warren Flt Lt CAN 236 Sqn Killed 6 February 1951
Denton, Denis Austin Sgt BR 236 Sqn KIA 30 August 1944
Derbyshire, John Montague Plt Off BR 236 Sqn
De Scitivaux, C J M P Capt FR 245 Sqn
Desloges, Jean Paul Joseph Flt Lt CAN 1 Sqn RCAF KIA 8 May 1944
De Spirlet, Francois Xavier Egenoff Plt Off BEL 87 Sqn 26 June 1942
Deuntzer, Derrick Canut Sgt BR 247 Sqn
Devitt, Peter Kenneth Sqn Ldr BR 152 Sqn (CO)
Dewar, John Scatliffe Wg Cdr BR 87 & 213 Sqns DSO DFC KIA 12 September 1940[13]
Dewar, John Michael Firth Plt Off BR 229 Sqn KIA 30 March 1941
Dewey, Robert Basil Plt Off BR 611 & 603 Sqn KIA 27 October 1940
Dewhurst, Kenneth Shortland Fg Off BR 234 Sqn
Dexter, Peter Grenfell Sqn Ldr BR 603 & 54 Sqns DFC KIA 14 July 1941[14][15]
Dibnah, Ronald Harold Plt Off CAN 1 & 242 Sqns
Dickie, William Gordon Plt Off BR 601 Sqn MIA 11 August 1940
Dickinson, John Holt Sgt BR 253 Sqn KIA 30 August 1940
Dieu, Giovanni E F Plt Off BEL 236 Sqn
Difford, Ivor Benison Fg Off SA 607 Sqn KIA 7 October 1940
Digby-Worsley, Maxwell Paul Sgt BR 248 Sqn MIA 19 August 1940
Ditzel, John William Sgt BR 25 Sqn
Dixon, Christopher Alexander Wilfred Sgt BR 601 Sqn
Dixon, Frederick John Powell Sgt BR 501 Sqn KIA 11 July 1940 (Pilot)[16]
Dixon, George Sgt BR FIU POW 13 September 1940; Blenheim Z5721 crashed in Channel off Calais during night patrol (circumstances unknown); Flt Lt Ker-Ramsay, Dixon and W/O "Paddy" Byrne baled out and were captured;[17] Died 28 February 1972.
Dixon, John Antony Plt Off BR 1 Sqn
Dixon, Lawrence AC2 BR 600 Sqn
Dobree, Nicholas Robert Fg Off BR 264 Sqn
Dodd, John Dodgson Plt Off BR 248 Sqn MIA 13 December 1940; Chartered Accountant
Dodge, Charles William Sgt BR 219 Sqn Died 1982
Doe, Robert Francis Thomas Plt Off BR 234 & 238 Sqns DSO, DFC* Died 21 February 2010.[18]
Dolezal, Frantisek Plt Off CZ 19 Sqn DSO, DFC KIFA 4 October 1945[19]
Domagala, Marian Boguslaw Sgt POL 238 Sqn
Don, Ralph Stidston Plt Off BR 501 Sqn DFC KIA 22 January 1945
Donahue, Arthur Gerald "Art" Plt Off AME 64 Sqn KIA 11 September 1942
Donald, Ian David Grahame Flt Lt BR 141 Sqn DFC 1917-1940 KIA 19 July 1940 when as pilot of Defiant L7009 he was shotdown by Bf 109s and crashed at Dover, the Air Gunner Plt Off A.C. Hamilton also killed.[20]
Donaldson, Edward Mortlock "Teddy" Sqn Ldr BR 151 Sqn Official Ace; Died June 1992
Dossett, William Stanley Sgt BR 29 Sqn
Doughty, Neville Anthony Richard Plt Off BR 247 Sqn
Douglas, William Anderson Plt Off BR 610 Sqn
Doulton, Michael Duke Plt Off BR 601 Sqn MIA 31 August 1940
Douthwaite, Basil Plt Off BR 72 Sqn
Doutrepont, Georges Louis Joseph Plt Off BEL 229 Sqn KIA 15 September 1940[21]
Dowding, The Hon. Derek Hugh Tremenheere Plt Off BR 74 Sqn Died 1992; son of Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding
Down, John Knight Sgt BR 64 & 616 Sqns Died 2008
Down, Peter Derrick McLeod Plt Off BR 56 Sqn Died 2010?
Drake, Billy Plt Off BR 213 Sqn & 421 Flight Died 28 August 2011
Drake, George James Plt Off SA 607 Sqn KIA 9 September 1940[22]
Draper, Bryan Vincent Sgt BR 74 Sqn Official Ace, KIA 28 February 1945
Draper, Gilbert Graham Fairley Fg Off BR 41 & 610 Sqns Born 7 December 1921, Rutland. Commissioned October 1939; shot down & baled out near Lille, France, and captured, 7 August 1941; released 1945; died 1997.
Draper, R A Sgt BR 232 Sqn
Dredge, Allan Sydney Sgt BR 253 Sqn DSO DFC KIFA 18 May 1945
Drever, Nigel George Fg Off BR 610 Sqn Surviving aircrew [23]
Drew, Peter Edward Sqn Ldr BR 236 Sqn KIA 1 August 1940
Drobinski, Boleslaw H Plt Off POL 65 Sqn
Drummond, John Fraser Fg Off BR 46 & 92 Sqns DFC Official Ace, KIA 10 October 1940
Duart, John Howard Plt Off BR 219 Sqn
Dubber, Ronald Edwin Plt Off (FAA) BR 808 Sqn Died 10 September 1951
Duckenfield, Byron Leonard Plt Off BR 501 Sqn Died 19 November 2010 [24]
Duda, Josef Plt Off CZ 312 Sqn Died 7 December 1977
Duff, Stanley Sutherland Plt Off BR 23 Sqn
Duke-Woolley, Raymond Myles Beecham Duke Flt Lt BR 253 & 23 Sqns
Dulwich, William Howard Sgt BR 235 Sqn KIA 2 August 1941
Duncan, ? Sgt BR 29 Sqn Service details unknown
Dundas, Hugh Spencer Lisle Fg Off BR 616 Sqn CBE, DSO*, DFC 1920-1995 (Knighted 1987); younger brother of John Dundas
Dundas, John Charles Plt Off BR 609 Sqn DFC and bar Official Ace, MIA 28 November 1940[notes 2]; older brother of Hugh Dundas
Dunmore, Jack Townley Sgt BR 222 Sqn KIA 17 May 1941
Dunn, Ian Love Sgt BR 235 Sqn died 2/3/2004 Canberra Australia
Dunning-White, Peter William Fg Off BR 145 Sqn Died 2008[26]
Dunscombe, Raymond Douglas Sgt BR 213 & 312 Sqns MIA 31 May 1941
Dunworth, Felix Patrick Raphael Flt Lt BR 66 & 54 Sqns (CO) [27]
Dupee, Osald Arthur Sgt BR 219 Sqn
Durrant, Carroll Ronald Sgt NZ 23 Sqn KIA 28 October 1942[28]
Duryasz, Marian Flt Lt POL 213 Sqn
Duszynski, Stanislaw Sgt POL 238 Sqn KIA 11 September 1940
Dutton, G W Sgt BR 604 Sqn
Dutton, Roy Gilbert Sqn Ldr BR 145 Sqn DFC Official Ace; Died 14 September 1988.
Du Vivier, Reginald Albert Lloyd Plt Off BEL 229 Sqn KIA 30 March 1941
Dvorak, Alois Sgt CZ 310 Sqn KIA 24 September 1941
Dye, Bertram Ernest Sgt BR 219 Sqn DFM* 31 August 1943
Dyer, Henry David Patrick Sgt NZ 600 Sqn KIA 16 July 1941
Dygryn, Josef Sgt CZ 1 Sqn DFM KIA 4 June 1942
Dyke, Leslie Arthur Sgt BR 64 Sqn MIA 27 September 1940[29]
Dymond, William Lawrence Sgt BR 111 Sqn DFM Official Ace, MIA 2 September 1940


More recently, the Battle of Britain Monument on the Victoria Embankment in London was unveiled on 18 September 2005 by Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. The idea for the monument was conceived by the Battle of Britain Historical Society which then set about raising funds for its construction. The outside of the monument is lined with bronze plaques listing all the Allied airmen who took part in the Battle.[8]

The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, founded by Geoffrey Page, raised funds for the construction of the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne near Folkestone in Kent. The Memorial, unveiled by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother on 9 July 1993, shares the site with the Christopher Foxley-Norris Memorial Wall on which a complete list of "The Few" is engraved.[7]

In 1955 Flt Lt John Holloway, a serving RAF officer, began a personal challenge to compile a complete list of "The Few". After fourteen years of research Flt Lt Holloway had 2,946 names on the list. Of these airmen, 537 were killed during the Battle or later died of wounds received.

Nothing was done officially, however, to define the qualifications for the classification of a Battle of Britain airman until 9 November 1960. AMO N850, published by the Air Ministry, stated for the first time the requirements for the awarding of the Battle of Britain Star, and listed the 71 units which were deemed to have been under the control of RAF Fighter Command.[6]

[5] The Roll of Honour within the Chapel contains the names of 1,497 pilots and aircrew killed or mortally wounded during the Battle.[4]

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