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Title: StudySync  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: McGraw-Hill Education, Educational software
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Type educational software
Industry educational software
Founded 2011 .[1]
Key people Robert Romano, BookheadEd founder and CEO
Jay King, BookheadEd co-founder and COO.
Mark Dwyer, Creative Director

StudySync is an educational software suite created by BookheadEd Learning, LLC that specializes in web-based educational content, peer-to-peer student exercises and the use of original video content for middle school, high school and college-level education.[2][3]

StudySync was created by Robert Romano in partnership with Jay King in Sonoma County, California, USA.[4][5][6]

Product Features

  • "Sync.TV" – A broadcast-quality web series in which actors playing college and high school students construct meaning from selected texts through informal, collaborative discussions.
  • "Sync-Library" – A collection of over 300 classic and modern texts, writing prompts, and other media.[7]
  • "Sync-Review" – A feature in which students post and critique each other's work through an interactive peer network.
  • "Sync-Lessons" – Lessons that range across disciplines include Sync.TV videos combined with critical thinking aids and prewriting prompts.
  • "Sync-Binder" – Personal portfolios for students that contain all student work conducted with the software program, including essays, prewriting work, and reviews.
  • "Sync-Management" – Classroom management tools that allow teachers to make individual, group, or whole class assignments.
  • "Sync-Assessment" – Assessment tools that allow teachers to track student progress.
  • "Sync-Blasts" – Teacher-controlled prompts on current events sent out to students' PDAs, iPhones and e-mail. Responses are posted for peer review and rating.[8]


2011 EDDIE Award [9]

Cool Tool Award from Edtech Digest for Collaboration Solutions [10]

2011 Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products in District Administration Magazine [11]

“Best of Class” from the Interactive Media Awards [12]

Top 101 Best Report Card Solutions on [13]

CODiE nomination for "Best K-12 Instructional Solution." [14]

Trendsetter Award from EdTech Digest [15]

2012 BESSIE Awards for "Internet Tools Website" and "Language Arts/Integrated Learning Website" [16]

Finalist in the Innovation Award category of the 2012 Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) Awards [17]


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