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Garret John LoPorto

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Title: Garret John LoPorto  
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Subject: Psychology
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Garret John LoPorto

Garret John LoPorto
"The beginning is near." ~ Garret John LoPorto
Language English
Alma mater University of Massachusetts Amherst
Genre Non-fiction
Subject Disruptive innovation, Neurodiversity, ADHD
Notable works The Wayseer Manifesto
The DaVinci Method
The Wayseers

Garret LoPorto (born in 1976) is an American activist, author, speaker, entrepreneur and inventor. In 2010 Garret recorded and released a speech (later becoming a viral YouTube video, reaching over 6 million views)[1][2] where he called out to reform "the establishment."

He has authored books on the subjects of Neurodiversity and the psychology behind Disruptive innovation. He also founded and operates

He has worked for Microsoft Research, United States presidential campaigns, was a founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a technology and media company.


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Garret LoPorto graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1999, where he majored in Computer Systems Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. LoPorto was a member of the United States Army ROTC and Theta Chi fraternity.[3] He worked as a computer graphics specialist, systems administrator, and webmaster. LoPorto then went on to develop multi-player gaming at Microsoft Research.[4]

LoPorto was a senior creative consultant on viral internet marketing for and the 2004 John Kerry presidential campaign.[4] LoPorto is the founder of Quantum Light Marketing with for-profit and non-profit clients.[4]

"Trump Fires Bush" In April 2004 LoPorto created a viral web video spoof of "The Apprentice" ads called "Trump Fires Bush",[5] which after going viral was featured on CNN's Crossfire (TV series).[6][7]

"The Wayseer Manifesto" On September 22, 2010 Garret John LoPorto released the audio recording of a speech called "The Wayseer Manifesto".

On February 16, 2011 a video of the "Wayseer Manifesto - V Edition - dedicated to Anonymous" was posted.

A month later on March 15, 2011 the "Official" Wayseer Manifesto video was released going viral. The video has been translated into many languages. To date, two of the many uploads of this video to YouTube have received over 6 million views combined.[1][2]


Save Ben & Jerry's In 1999 Garret LoPorto (23) started "Save Ben & Jerry's," a protest to stop Ben & Jerry's (a then independent model for socially responsible business) from being forcefully acquired by the multinational conglomerate, Unilever. LoPorto attracted international attention and press coverage for this protest using a viral campaign of internet publicity stunts. This included LoPorto putting Ben & Jerry's up for sale on eBay, with a record reserve price of $250 million. The eBay listing went viral.

The Occupy Movement In September 2011 LoPorto joined Occupy Boston[9]

Published works

Although LoPorto has written extensively on Neurodiversity and the psychology behind Disruptive innovation,and the diagnostic criteria for ADHD, he lacks any formal qualification in Neuroscience, Medicine or Psychology respectively.

  • His articles have appeared in the Huffington Post.[10]
  • His first book, The DaVinci Method, was published in 2005.[11] In The DaVinci Method LoPorto argues that there is a genetically inherited trait, which accounts for much the atypical neurology found in great problem solvers, mystics, visionaries, innovators, pioneers and creative risk takers. He also argues this very same trait leads to ADHD, dyslexia, addiction and many other afflictions common to this group. He terms people with this trait DaVinci Types, and cites Renaissance artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci as one of the people who had it. He then describes a variety of strategies that people who have this trait can use to achieve their potential. LoPorto cites psychoanalyst Otto Rank as a primary inspiration for this book.
  • Soon to be published is his second book, The Wayseers[12] explores the neurological and genetic predisposition to disruptive innovation and "seeing around corners," that he claims virtually all great artists, visionaries and innovators share.

Loporto has also published videos and websites for each of his books.


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External links

  • Wayseer Manifesto site
  • YouTube video: Wayseer Manifesto
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