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7he Icons
Background information
Origin Indonesia
Genres Pop, dance-pop, electropop, electronica, teen pop
Years active (2010-10-28)October 28, 2010 – Present(4 years)
Labels Keci Music (2011 - 2014)
Princey PJ Management (2014 - present)
Members Pj(Captain, 2011 - present)
Mezty Mez
Past members Vanila

7he Icons ( or Indonesian pronunciation: ) is a four-member electropop female group formed in 28 October 2010. they were the first female group[1] in Indonesia who popularize modern type female vocal group that combine singing and dancing in their simultaneously performance to upbeat music. The group consists of four members: GC, Mezty Mez, Natly, and PJ.

The name of 7he Icons , comes from lucky four and their ambition as icons. Their concept of Icon Group is a personal characteristic to represent each member as the unique icons. The group debuted with single "Playboy". Along with their iconic popularity as female vocal group and actress, their fans made a community club with a name "Iconia".


First formed 2010

7icons formed based in friendship between three big cities in Indonesia.

  • Surabaya- PJ, Natly
  • Malang- GC
  • Bandung- Mezty

They come from various related profession like modeling, fashion designer, dancer, presenter, teacher, college student, and disc jockey. The idea which triggered by A.Tee make them decide to move to Jakarta and buy a little apartment as basecamp. Whilst search for a music label, 7icons hire personal coach for dance and vocal with self-financing. Large expenditure for coaches, studio, and no income make Mezty must sell her car for covering.[2] After 7icons signed contract with Keci Music at Indonesia, they have prepared for debut and started their promotional activities with the single track Playboy.

Debut 2011

In April 2011, 7icons came with their first single "Playboy"(created by Dewiq/Dj Sumantri) launch occurred on 18 April 2011 - 07.07 Am at radio, in Indonesian television music show "Derings", TransTv channel. 7icons also become a main cast on their first teen drama Series(Mini) "Go Go Girls" with "Playboy" as the opening & ending theme at TransTV channel. The single track, has good appreciation, be a top two in first week national music chart and then become a TVC jingle for their first TV commercial with Telkom Indonesia. Their schedule has become more tight, 7icons perform and interview in lots of nasional television channel, radio, and invited everywhere as a special guest star. After long lasting single "Playboy", 7icons release a 2nd single "Jealous" with darker image. "Jealous" launched along with "Penjaga Hati" at Indonesiantelevision show Dahsyat, RCTI.18 September 2011, 7icons makes mini concert themed "Pajamas Party"(theatrical show) for launching their mini album, "Lovable". Their fans grew and spread all over Indonesia, they called "ICONIA". Until the end of the year 2011, 7icons been successfully performed in almost all of Indonesia. 7icons is the only one female group who perform at Road to 2011 Southeast Asian Games was held in Borobudur. For close the year, "The Journey of love" full audio album launched at 21 December 2011, this is the first album from girl band Indonesia. The album is not sold in the conventional manner(in music store), but special booth in Naughty Accessories.

Career Journey 2012

In 2012 7icons launches debut album titled "The Journey of Love" is marketed by Naughty Accessories,[3] and inaugurated fan club "ICONIA" to "Official ICONIA". 7icons also played FTV or a Series guest star in several private television station in Indonesia. Then 7icons had the opportunity to collaborate with Bebi Romeo through rearansemen song "Cinta Cuma Satu" in album Bebi Romeo Mega Hits. 7icons also has received several awards in the field of Music, Appearance / Clothing, and was appointed as "Ambassador of the Environment" 2012. 7icons also get the opportunity first appeared on concert collaboration between countries that were held in Gangnam (Seoul) South Korea country, brought the hits single "Playboy" with dance and bali music, also single "Cinta Cuma Satu" with the Korean language.[4][5]

Career Journey 2013

Starting in 2013 7icons appoint a new concept with the theme of "Reborn". The concept was reborn phase of life to meet the mature phase. Reborn Concept will be launched simultaneously with the launch on the first American single of 7icons "Outta Diz World" in March 2013. The single "Outta Diz World" on 7icons compilation album was the second album of 7icons and for the first time of 7icons album release in the U.S.[6] 7icons & Keci Music also open the audition talent "7icons: LOOKING FOR A NEW ICON" with RCTI for search new "ICON" of 7icons, which will be held in February 2013 to replace Vanila the "Elegant ICON" who decided to have a married life.[7] and at 8 February 2013 T-Sha[8] officially become a new "ICON" represent "Rebel ICON"[9] as member of 7icons. 7icons release "Cinta 7 Susun" as the first Musical Comedy Drama sinetron with the soundtrack "Cinta 7 Susun"(created by Anda Wardhana & Deni Indrajaya), first airring on January 28, 2013 at RCTI and produced by Sinemart.[10] The single "Cinta 7 Susun" is also a winner in the television musical program "TOP POP" with a "Top Song Of The Day" on May 28, 2013. Next on the program was the same television music 7icons predicate "Top Song Of The Day" for the single "Playboy(Bali Mix)" on June 12, 2013 and single "Cinta Cuma satu(Korean Mix)" on July 5, 2013. In a talk show on MNCTV channel "Suka Suka Uya" interview hypnotherapy session with Uya Kuya, Pj (Cute Icon) reveals, 7icons term "Captain Class" which is another term from leader of a vocal group that was taken under consideration and member has an opportunity to a certain period, and Pj is the Captain in 7icons. 7icons covering Feliz Navidad a single who write & sing by José Feliciano now included on Keci Music Christmas songs compilation.

A New Beginning 2014

7icons decided to resign from Keci Music the music label & music management cause the problem of work contract and distribution as results, & they start work by their own management.[11] In august they release & produce their new electropop dance single created by Andi from 'Beage' band and Dwi Andri, titled "Mana Tahan".

Transformation into 7he Icons

7icons officially transformed into the icons due to the reduction of personnel in the camp 7icons up to 4 people leaving personnel in addition, the icons change their musical concept of K-pop into Western.


Icon Members

7icons members
Stage name Born name Represent Birthplace Date of birth Fandome
PJ Putri Ajeng Intan Novita Sari Cute Icon Surabaya (1989-11-01) November 1, 1989 PJETZET
Natly Natalia Shasanti Natural Icon Surabaya (1988-12-18) December 18, 1988 NATLYKISS
* Mezty (2011 - 2013)
* Mezty Mez (2014)
Meistika Senichaksana Sexy Icon Bandung (1989-04-22) April 22, 1989 MYMEZ
GC Grace Fransin Wohangara Mysterious Icon Malang (1989-06-23) June 23, 1989 GRACIOUS

Past Icon Members

Stage name Born name Represent Birthplace Date of birth Fandome Years Active
Vanila Vani Lauw Elegant Icon Surabaya (1988-09-07) September 7, 1988 VANILATTE 2010 - 2012
* A.Tee (2011 - 2013)
*A.T/Angel.Tee (2014)
Angela Tee Boyish Icon Surabaya (1990-09-28) September 28, 1990 FANATEE 2010 - 2014
Linzy Linda Kumala Sari Feminine Icon Singkawang (1991-03-11) March 11, 1991 LINZYUS 2010 - 2014
T-Sha Uty Listya Widyanti Shaimoery Rebel Icon Pekanbaru (1989-12-03) December 3, 1989 UTYNITY 2013 - 2014




Album Title Format Release Track
Loveable CD Mini Album 2011 Track:
* Bidadari (Created by: Kiki [Bean])
* Jealous (Created by: Adrian Warouw)
* Tahan Cinta (Created by: Raymond)
* Penjaga Hati (Created by: Abdul[Coffe Theory] & Riza)
Bonus Track:
* Playboy (Created by: Dewiq/DJ Sumantri)
The Journey of Love CD Debut Album 2012 Track:
* Bidadari (Created by: Kiki [Bean])
* Jealous (Created by: Adrian Warouw)
* Tahan Cinta (Created by: Raymond)
* Penjaga Hati (Created by: Abdul[Coffe Theory] & Riza)
* Egois (Created by: Abdul[Coffe Theory])
* Sabar Sayang (Created by: Arlan)
* Jangan Lagi (Created by: Bimo Sulaksono)
* Nempel Di Hati{My Friends} (Created by: Angel Icons)
* Patah Hati (Created by: Kiki [Bean])
* Playboy (Created by: Dewiq/DJ Sumantri)
Bebi Romeo Mega Hits CD Album Compilation Single:
* Cinta Cuma Satu (Created by: Bebi Romeo & Re-arrangement: J-Flow)
OST Cinta 7 Susun Digital Album 2013 Track:
* Cinta 7 Susun (Created by: Anda Wardhana & Deni Indrajaya)
* PHP{Pemberi Harapan Palsu} (Created by: Created by: Anda Wardhana)
* TTP{Tiba Tiba Posesif} (Created by: Created by: Anda Wardhana)
7icons & Friends CD Album Compilation Track:
* Cinta 7 Susun (Created by: Anda Wardhana & Deni Indrajaya)
Keci Christmas Songs CD Album Compilation Track:
* Feliz Navidad (Created by: José Feliciano)
Kisah Cinta 7icons Digital Album 2014 Track:
* Nempel Di Hati (My Friends) (By: Angel Icons)
* Cinta Cuma Satu "Exclusive Korean" (By: Bebi Romeo & Re-aransemen: J-Flow)
* Sabar Sayang (By: Arlan)
* Playboy "Exclusive Korean" (By: Dewiq/DJ Sumantri)
* PHP (Pemberi Harapan Palsu) (By: Anda Wardhana)
* Cinta 7 Susun (By: Anda Wardhana & Deni Indrajaya)
Kisah 3 Bintang CD Album Compilation Track:
* Nempel Di Hati{My Friends} (Created by: Angel Icons)
* Bidadari (Created by: Kiki [Bean])
* Playboy (Created by: Dewiq/DJ Sumantri)
* Jealous (Created by: Adrian Warouw)


Year Title Chart positions Album
2011 Playboy 2[12] The Journey of Love
Jealous 52
Penjaga hati 30
2012 Tahan Cinta
Cinta Cuma Satu 5[13] Bebi Romeo Mega Hits
Nempel Di Hati(My Friends) The Journey of Love
2013 Cinta 7 Susun 1 7icons & Friends
Feliz Navidad 1 Keci Christmas Songs
2014 Mana Tahan

Music video

Song title Version Information
Playboy "School Girls" Produced and directed by Trans TV for Go Go Girls
"Cheersleader" Promotional video for Telkom's product, Flexi Gaul Cerdas
"Audition" Directed by Monty Tiwa
Jealous "Rainy day" Produced by Reza and directed by Kiki Mariana Keci Music


First step on acting 7icons making cameo appearance in SM*SH Boyband Cinta Cenat Cenut eps. Then, after Go Go Girls(two seasons) teen drama, 7icons was starring a short drama comedy titled "Playboy Lebay" at ANTV.
Title Role Episode Type Television channel
Cinta Cenat Cenut Cameo 1 Teen Drama Trans TV
Go Go Girls Season 1 7icons as Main Talent 13 Musical Drama Trans TV
1001 Dongeng Cameo 1 Comedy Drama Trans TV
Go Go Girls Season 2 7icons as Main Talent 9 Musical Drama Trans TV
Playboy Lebay 7icons as Main Talent 1 Comedy Drama ANTV
Putih Abu-Abu Special Guest 90 Teen Drama SCTV
7icons The Dreams Come True 7icons as Main Talent 1 Romantic Drama SCTV
Fathiyah 1 Special Guest 20 Comedy Drama MNCTV
ISkul Musikal Cameo 1 Musical Drama RCTI
7 Kamar 7icons 7icons as Main Talent 1 Comedy Drama RCTI
Pangeran Playboy Lebay 7icons as Main Talent 1 Romantic Comedy Drama RCTI
Cintaku Hanya Sama Kamu 7icons as Main Talent 1 Romantic Comedy Drama SCTV
Cinta 7 Susun 7icons as Main Talent 91 Musical Comedy Drama RCTI
Roti Buaya Cameo 1 Romantic Comedy Drama RCTI
Arisan Cinta 7icons as Main Talent TBA Comedy Drama RCTI

Variety Show

Years TV Show Television Channel
2011 Ngulik TransTV
Happy Family TransTV
Ranking 1 TransTV
Online TransTV
Siapa Paling Berani ANTV
Idolaku RCTI
Big Fans SCTV
Opera Van Java Trans7
2012 Hitzteria - Special 7icons INDOSIAR
The Hits TransTV
Pesbukers ANTV
Comedy Project TransTV
Gaul Bareng Bule TransTV
Suka Suka Nizam ANTV
Sahur Bareng Srimulat INDOSIAR
2013 7icons Looking For A New Icon RCTI
Suka Suka Uya MNCTV
Sarah Sechan NET.
2014 Suka Suka Uya MNCTV
Slide Show TransTV
Indonesia Morning Show NET.

TVC careers

Product Client Year
Flexi Gaul Cerdas[14] Telkom Indonesia 2011
Flexi Froid 2011 Southeast Asian Games[15] Telkom Indonesia 2011
Susu Bantal Real Good[16] Green Field Indonesia 2012
The Journey Of Love Album Teaser[17] Keci Music & Naughty Accessories 2012
7icons Looking For A New Icon[18] Keci Music & RCTI 2013
TVM RCTI SinemArt & RCTI 2013
Susu Bantal Real Good Green Field Indonesia 2013

Music Video Modeling Career

Songs Artist Music Recording Labels Years
Best Friend Forever(Sahabat) Super7 Keci Music 2012

Award and achievement

Year Award / Achievement Category Result
2011 Inbox Music Awards 2011 Inbox-Rookie of the Year Nominated
Inbox-Girlband of the Year Nominated
Inbox-Best Appearance Nominated
Inbox-Song of the Year - Playboy Nominated
Indigo Digital Music Awards 2011 Best Duo/Girlband Nominated
Best Video - Playboy Nominated
Klik Awards 2011 Best Music Video in Social Network - Playboy Nominated
Gadis Awards 2011 Best Ear Catchy Melodies - Playboy Won
2012 Dahsyat Awards 2012 The most Extraordinary Performance Nominated
The most Extraordinary Girlband Nominated
The most diligent artists of the year Won
Jhonny Andrean Awards 2012 Best Style Performance Group/Duo/Band Won
SCTV Music Awards 2012 Famous New Arrivals Album - The Journey of Love Nominated
Famous Girlband Album - The Journey of Love Nominated
Most Famous Song — Playboy Nominated
The Minister Of Environment Of Republic Indonesia 2012 Ambassador For The Environment Won
Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids' Choice Awards 2012 Favourite Girlband Nominated
Inbox Awards 2012 Most INBOX Girlband Nominated
2013 100% AMPUH Awards 2013 100% So Sweet Nominated
Dahsyat Awards 2013 The most Extraordinary Girlband Nominated
TOP POP(2013 May 28) TOP Song Of The Day - Cinta 7 Susun Won
TOP POP(2013 May) TOP Song Of The Month - Cinta 7 Susun Nominated
TOP POP(2013 June 12) TOP Song Of The Day - Playboy Won
TOP POP(2013 June) TOP Song Of The Month - Playboy Nominated
AMI Awards 2013 Pop Album - The Journey of Love Nominated
Vocal Group Production Works - Playboy Nominated
Gatherers Record / Mix Engineer Production Support - Playboy Nominated
TOP POP(2013 July 5) TOP Song Of The Day - Cinta Cuma Satu Won
TOP POP(2013 Agustus 20) TOP Song Of The Day - Tahan Cinta Won
Dahsyat(2013 September 14) TerPeDas - Most Extraordinary Performance Won
TOP POP(2013 September 24) TOP Song Of The Day - Tahan Cinta & Cinta Cuma Satu Nominated
Dahsyat(2013 October 11) TerPeDas - Most Extraordinary Performance Nominated
Dahsyat(2013 November 8) TerPeDas - Most Extraordinary Performance Nominated
TOP POP(2013 November 29) TOP Song Of The Day - Cinta 7 Susun Won
2014 Dahsyat(2014 January 16) TerPeDas - Most Extraordinary Performance Nominated
Dahsyat Awards 2014 The most Extraordinary Boyband/Girlband Nominated
Dahsyat(2014 January 28) TerPeDas - Most Extraordinary Performance Won
Panasonic Gobel Awards 2014 Drama Series perennial favorite - Cinta 7 Susun Nominated
Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2014 Group Vocal Pop/Urban Nominated
Production Work Group Vocal - Cinta 7 Susun Nominated

See also


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