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Title: Dotmatics  
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Subject: Schrödinger (company), Accelrys
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Industry Life sciences, Cheminformatics
Headquarters Bishops Stortford, UK
Woburn, Massachusetts, USA
Key people Stephen Gallagher, BSc, PhD, Director and CEO
Alastair Hill, BSc, MSc, Director & Chief Technical Officer
Mike Hartshorn, BSc, D.Phil, Director & Chief Science Officer
Employees 60+

Dotmatics is a scientific informatics company, focusing on data management, analysis and visualization. Founded in 2005, the company’s headquarters are in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England and has two US offices in San Diego, CA and Woburn, MA. Dotmatics provides software to half of the world's 20 largest drugmakers.[1]


Dotmatics' origins trace back to Merck Sharp and Dohme, a multinational pharmaceutical company, where, in the early 2000s, Merck staff developed what later became Dotmatics' browser and gateway software. Dotmatics Limited was founded in 2005 as a spin-out[2] when Merck closed the site. The company was established with the intent to address the information needs of scientists in the biotech/pharma space.[3]

  • Nov. 2006: Incorporate Astex Therapeutics' chemical structure searching software as the product pinpoint.[4]
  • Oct. 2007: Headquarters moved to new premises in Bishops Stortford, United Kingdom.[5]
  • March 2009: Opened West Coast US office in Biotech Beach area of San Diego.[6]
  • Oct. 2009: Launched in Japanese market via Tokyo-based Infocom Corporation.[7]
  • April 2010: Opened East Coast US office in Boston Massachusetts.[8]
  • April 2010: Launched web-based Studies Notebook, for Windows, Mac, and Linux.[9]
  • Dec. 2010: Headquarters moved to expanded premises.[10]
  • March 2011, Studies Notebook integrated Lexichem chemical naming from OpenEye Scientific Software, to automate name-to-structure and structure-to-name conversions in English and foreign languages.[11]
  • April 2011: Elemental web-based structure drawing tool included in ChemSpider, the Royal Society of Chemistry's community website.[12]
  • Sept. 2011: Move East Coast office from Boston's financial district to Woburn MA.[13]

Software and use

Dotmatics develops web-based tools for querying, browsing, managing, and sharing scientific data and documents.[14]

  • browser, a web-based tool for "chemically-aware" querying and browsing biological and chemical datasets, analysis of plate-based data, upload of data sets from Microsoft Excel; and registration.[15]
  • vortex for visualizing and data-mining biological and chemical information. Vortex provides structure-based searching, together with physiochemical property calculations.
  • pinpoint, an Oracle-based tool for querying and integrating chemical databases.
  • gateway, a document management system and collaboration tool.
  • nucleus, a web-based tool for importing, mapping, and storing data from existing sources.
  • register, a web-based tool for single and batch compound registration.
  • bioregister, for registering biological entities (protein and nucleotide sequences), as well as their clone vector, purification and expression information.[16]
  • studies is a screening data management tool that allows creation, capture, analysis, and storage of chemical, biological, and ad hoc research data.
  • studies notebook, a Web-based Electronic lab notebook that supports chemistry, biology, and ad hoc research. It combines a web-based platform with intellectual property protection tools.
  • elemental, a web-based structure drawing tool for drawing simple chemical structures or complex structure queries directly within a webpage. Also available as an iOS app.[17]

The Informatics Suite is all the software packaged into one integrated suite.[18]

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