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Norwegian profanity

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Title: Norwegian profanity  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Norwegian language, Cantonese profanity, Maledictology, Armenian profanity, Swedish profanity
Collection: Norwegian Language, Profanity by Language
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Norwegian profanity

Profanity in the Norwegian language is referred to in Norwegian as banneord (curse words), bannskap (cursing) or upassende språk (inappropriate language). Many words are characterized by dialect.

List of some profanities in Norwegian language

  • Faen is a contraction of the Norwegian word fanden, which means the devil. Often used as an interjection. Can be translated to "fuck", though it does not refer to the act of fornicating. Faen ta deg means "fuck you", or literally "may the devil take you".
  • Helvete means "hell". Dra til helvete means "go to hell".
  • Dritt, drit, skitt, skit, or the anglification shit means "shit". Can be used both as a noun and a verb. Drit og dra means "fuck off", or "go fuck yourself", or literally "shit and pull", though often misunderstood as meaning "shit and go".
  • Jævel means "devil" and is used as a noun. Other forms are jævla and jævlig which can be used as adjectives or adverbs and would be translated into the adjective "fucking".
  • Satan: invocation of Satan. Used as an interjection Satan! and also in the genitive form: Jeg vet ikke hvor mange ganger jeg har fått fiskesnøret fast i den satans busken, så en dag tar jeg bensin og lighter og ofrer hele jævelen til satan! ("I don't know how many times my fishhook's got stuck in that goddamn bush - one day I'll grab gasoline and a lighter and sacrifice the whole fucker to Satan!").
  • Fitte means "cunt", and is used both as an adjective, as in jævla fitte means "fucking cunt", or literally "devil's vulva". As an interjection, Fitte! means "damn it!" (cognate with Finnish vittu).

List of less severe profanities in Norwegian language

  • Drittsekk meaning "dirt bag", or literally "shit bag".
  • Fanken, same as Fanden, though more accepted.

These are acceptable to be used in Norwegian children's cartoons.

  • Søren
  • Pokker

English loanwords

Norwegian has borrowed some profane words and phrases from English. Sometimes the word will remain the same but will have Norwegian conjugations and pronunciation. Examples include:

  • Nerd
  • Fuck

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