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6th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea


6th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea

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The 6th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea was elected by the 6th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (10–14 October 1980) and has been in session since then. After failing to convene for 17 years after Kim Il-sung's death in 1994, its membership was largely renovated at the 3rd Party Conference in September 2010, and references to the body being in its 6th Term were dropped. However, the Central Committee is nominally still in its 6th Term as the Party Conference has only the powers to replace its members, while the power of electing a new term rests in the Party Congress.

In September 1992 it had 160 members and 143 alternate members.[1]

The Central Committee elected by the 3rd Party Conference was made up of 124 members and 106 alternates.[2]


  • Plenums 1
  • Politburo makeups 2
    • September 1998–September 2010 2.1
    • September 2010–April 2012 2.2
    • Current 2.3
  • Secretariat makeups 3
    • September 2010–April 2012 3.1
    • Current 3.2
  • Members 4
    • Alternate members 4.1
  • References 5


  • 1st Plenum (14 October 1980)
  • 2nd Plenum (19–20 December 1980)
  • 3rd Plenum (1–2 April 1981)
  • 4th Plenum (4–6 October 1981
  • 5th Plenum (3 April 1982)
  • 6th Plenum (29–31 August 1982)
  • 7th Plenum (15–17 June 1983)
  • 8th Plenum (29 November–1 December 1983)
  • 9th Plenum (6–9 July 1984)
  • 10th Plenum (4–10 December 1984)
  • 11th Plenum (5–8 February 1986)
  • 12th Plenum (27 December 1986)
  • 13th Plenum (7–11 March 1987)
  • 14th Plenum (28–30 November 1987)
  • 15th Plenum (12 December 1988)
  • 16th Plenum (7–9 June 1989)
  • 17th Plenum (5–9 January 1990)
  • 18th Plenum (23 May 1990)
  • 19th Plenum (24 December 1991)
  • 20th Plenum (12 December 1992)
  • 21st Plenum (8 December 1993)
  • September 2010 Plenum (28 September 2010)
  • March 2013 Plenum (31 March 2013)

Politburo makeups

September 1998–September 2010

September 2010–April 2012


Secretariat makeups

September 2010–April 2012

  • Kim Jong-il
  • Kim Ki-nam
  • Choe Thae-bok
  • Choe Ryong-hae
  • Mun Kyong-dok
  • Pak To-chun
  • Kim Yong-il
  • Kim Yang-gon
  • Kim Phyong-hae
  • Thae Jong-su
  • Hong Sok-hyong



As of September 2010, the members of the WPK Central Committee were as follows:[3]

Alternate members


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