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Yevgeny Ostashev

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Title: Yevgeny Ostashev  
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Subject: March 22, 1924, October 24, 1960
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Yevgeny Ostashev

Yevgeny Ostashev
Head of the 1st control Baikonur cosmodrome
Born Evgeny Ilyich Ostashev
22 March 1924
village Maly Vasilyev, Noginsky District, Moscow Oblast, USSR
Died 24 October 1960
Baikonur, Kazakhstan, USSR
Nationality Russian

Yevgeny Ilyich Ostashev (Russian: Евгений Ильич Осташев), 22 March 1924 – 24 October 1960, was the test pilot of rocket and space complexes, head of the 1st control polygon NIIP-5 (Baikonur), Lenin prize winner, Candidate of Technical Sciences, engineer-podpolkovnik.


Born 22 March 1924 in the village Maly Vasilyev, Noginsky District, Moscow Oblast, USSR. Mother - Ostasheva (nee Гирусова) Serafima Vasilievna, 1888 birth. Father - Ostashev Ilya Vasilevich, 1881 birth. In 1941 he entered the MAI them. S. Ordzhonikidze, evacuated together with the Institute in Alma-ATA refused. Got a turner at one of the Moscow factories. The army was called in the spring of 1942, became a cadet of the Leningrad artillery school. Released after six months of study in the rank of Unterleutnant, is aimed at Stalingrad front commander of a platoon of communication in a mortar regiment.

He fought as part of the unit which was part of the 1st Ukrainian front under the command of the Century V.I. Chuikov. The commander of the mortar platoon took part in the Korsun-Shevchenko operation, in the battles on the Dniester, near Vitebsk was part of the 1st Belorussian front. In the operation to take Berlin participated as a commander of a mortar company. At the end of the war remained in the occupation of Germany.
Vipustniki Academy Dzerzhinsky. 1955 In the first row third from left Ostashev I. E.

In 1949 he entered the 6th Department of the Artillery Academy named after F. E. Dzerzhinsky on a speciality «missiles». In the spring of 1955 graduated with honors, from the proposals remain in the graduate refused. Was appointed Deputy chief of the Department of complex tests of rockets R-7 (11-th Department) to the landfill NIIP-5 of the Ministry of defense of the USSR.

He passed training at the industrial enterprises and 4 STP, the NIIP-5 arrived trained specialist. In 11-th division headed the Department of tests management system (SU), automatics missiles knew not worse developers from OKB-1 and NII-885. Since the launch of the first satellite, was the «firing» of the military test polygon. In March 1960 he was appointed the first chief formed the 1st control NIIP-5 (military unit 44275) for testing and operation of rockets R-7, R-9 on low-boiling propellant components.


Baikonur, the soldier's Park, a mass grave
Honorary citizen of the city of Baikonur

Ostashev died on 24 October 1960 in Baikonur at explosion of the missile R-16 during its preparation for the test launch on 41st-site [1] landfill. Tests of the R-16 engaged in the 2nd control NIIP-5, and Yevgeny Ilyich established in connection with failure of the rocket situation tried to provide assistance to their colleagues. Total killed 78 people. The incident was strictly classified (only in 1995 materials about the tragedy became available to all), it was officially announced about the death of only Chief Marshal of Artillery Nedelin, in a plane crash. From the memoirs younger brother Ostasheva the Arcadia Ilyich:

"...10 days before the death of Yevgeny I was at head of the polygon, the commander of the NIIP-5 Konstantin Vasilyevich Gerchik. He informed me that the order came on early assignment Eugene next rank of Colonel. Decided to tell him about it at the solemn meeting in honor of the 7 November. And before that, Eugene announced that he was appointed Deputy Director of NIIP-5 on scientific work instead A.I. Nosova, serving on service in Moscow..." (RGANTD. F. 33 op. 1 deeds 338 )

Buried in Baikonur in a mass grave at the Wayback Machine (archived October 23, 2013) of victims of explosion of an Intercontinental ballistic missile R-16. On a personal Testament of his younger brother Arcadia Ilyich Ostasheva last was cremated for burial together with Ostasheva E. I.



Name Ostasheva is one of the streets [2] of Baikonur. The decree of the Head of the city administration, Baikonur (city) № 183 of 30 May 2001 E. I. Ostashevu awarded the title of «Honorary citizen of the city of Baikonur» [3]. In Elektrougli Noginsk district of Moscow region in the regional Museum there is a booth dedicated to the brothers Осташевым. On the house number 17 in the village of Small Vasilyev, where they lived in childhood brothers Осташевы, a memorial plaque. In the city Park city Elektrougli a memorial plate to the head of test management Baikonur - Ostashev E. I. In the Museum of the strategic missile forces in Vlasikha, Moscow hosted the exhibition is devoted to E. I. Ostaszewo in the sections on world war II and the development of space industry in the country.


A memorial plaque in the Park, Elektrougli the head of test management Baikonur - Ostaszewo E. I.

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