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1917 College Football All-America Team

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Title: 1917 College Football All-America Team  
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Subject: Washington & Jefferson Presidents football, Bob Koehler, 1917 Princeton Tigers football team, Archie Weston, Everett Strupper
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1917 College Football All-America Team

The 1917 College Football All-America team consists of [2] Walker Carpenter and Everett Strupper were the first two players from the Deep South ever selected All-American.[3]

All-Americans of 1917


  • Charles Bolen, Ohio State (MS; WE-1; JV-2; PP-1; DJ)
  • Henry Miller, Penn (JV-1, DJ)
  • Paul Robeson, Rutgers (WC–2; MS; JV-2; PP-2)
  • Clifford Carlson, Pittsburgh (WE-1; JV-1)
  • Ernest H. Von Heimburg, Navy (PP-1)
  • John Rasmussen, Nebraska; Grant (WC-1)
  • William Jennings Gardner, Carlisle; Custer (WC-1)
  • C. A. Coolidge, Harvard; Devens (PPS)
  • Fred Heyman, Washington & Jefferson; Sherman (PPS)
  • Ben Cubbage, Penn St.; USAACS (NYT)
  • George B. L. Green, Dartmouth; New Port Naval Res (NYT)
  • Paul "Monk" Hager, West Virginia (PP-2)
  • Elmer "Bird" Carroll, Washington & Jefferson (WE-2)
  • Siller, Pennsylvania (WE-2)
  • Ellenberger, Cornell; Dix (WC-2)
  • Mitchell, Mare Isl.; Marines (WC-2)
  • Dennit, Brown; Funston (WC-3)
  • Hunt, Coast Naval Res. (WC-3)


  • George Hauser, Minnesota (WE-1; JV-1; PP-1)
  • Alfred Cobb, Syracuse (WE-2; JV-1; PP-1)
  • Walker Carpenter, Georgia Tech (MS, DJ)
  • Belford West, Colgate; Dix (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1, PPS)
  • Wilbur Henry, Washington & Jefferson (MS)
  • John Beckett, Oregon; Mare Isl. (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1)
  • Albert Benbrook, Michigan; Ft. Sheridan (College Football Hall of Fame) (PPS)
  • Pike Johnson, Washington & Lee; USAACS (NYT)
  • Corbeau, Case; U. S. Marines Corps (NYT)
  • Ernest Hubka, Nebraska (JV-2; PP-2)
  • B. T. Williams, Oregon (JV-2; PP-2)
  • Strauss, Penn (DJ)
  • Murphy, Dartmouth (WE-2)
  • Moriarty, Coast Naval Res. (WC-2)
  • Hugh Blacklock, Mich. Ag; Great Lakes (WC-2)
  • Robertson, Dartmouth; Dodge (WC-3)
  • Lathrop, Notre Dame; Grant (WC-3)
  • Harvey McCord, Tech High School (WE-1)


  • Dale Seis, Pittsburgh (MS; PP-1, DJ)
  • Eugene Neeley, Dartmouth (JV-1)
  • Jock Sutherland, Pitt (JV-1)
  • Clinton Black, Yale; Newport Res. (WC-1, PPS, NYT)
  • Frank Culver, Michigan (JV-2; PP-1)
  • Christopher Schlachter, Syracuse; Newport Res. (PPS, NYT)
  • C. J. Grabb, Brown (WE-1)
  • H. M. Grey, Davidson (DJ)
  • Ernest Allmendinger, Michigan; Ft. Sheridan (WC-1)
  • Charles Lane, California (JV-2; PP-2)
  • Herbert Dieter, Pennsylvania (PP-2)
  • C. G. Higgins, Chicago (MS; WE-2)
  • John Ulrich, Northwestern (WE-2)
  • Allen Thurman, Virginia; Jackson (WC-2)
  • Paul Withington, Harvard; Funston (WC-2)
  • Snyder, 91st Division (WC-3)
  • Holder, 91st Division (WC-3)
  • Sid Sault, Tech High School (WE-1)


  • Frank Rydzewski, Notre Dame (JV-1; PP-1)
  • Russell Bailey, West Virginia (MS; WE-1; JV-2)
  • Pup Phillips, Georgia Tech (DJ)
  • John T. Callahan, Yale; Newport Res. (WC-1)
  • Paul Des Jardien, Chicago; Ft. Sheridan (College Football Hall of Fame) (PPS)
  • Lud Wray, Penn; U.S. Marine Corps (NYT)
  • Alex Wray, Pennsylvania (PP-2)
  • Oscar P. Lambert, Michigan (WE-2)
  • Hommand, Kas.; Funston (WC-2)
  • White, Yale; Jackson (WC-3)



  • Elmer Oliphant, Army (College Football Hall of Fame) (MS; JV-1; PP-1, DJ)
  • Everett Strupper, Georgia Tech (College Football Hall of Fame) (MS; JV-2; PP-1 [qb], DJ [qb])
  • Charley Barrett, Cornell; Newport Res. (WC-2, PPS, NYT)
  • Joe Guyon, Georgia Tech (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (PP-2, DJ)
  • Eddie Casey, Harvard; Boston Navy Yard (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1)
  • Wayland Minot, Harvard; Devens (WC-1)
  • Bernard Gerrish, Dartmouth; Newport Res. (PPS)
  • Johnny Scott, Lafayette; U.S. Marine Corps (NYT)
  • "Scrubby" McCreight, Washington & Jefferson (PP-2)
  • Arthur Hoffman, Cornell (WE-2)
  • James J. Drummey, Tufts (WE-2)
  • Fritz Shiverick, Cornell; Grant (WC-2)
  • Edmund O'Boyle, Georgetown; Pelham (WC-3)
  • Blair, Md.; Upton (WC-3)



NCAA recognized selectors for 1917

Other selectors

Bold = Consensus All-American[17]

  • 1 – First-team selection
  • 2 – Second-team selection
  • 3 – Third-team selection


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