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1941 College Football All-America Team

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Title: 1941 College Football All-America Team  
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Subject: Frank Sinkwich, Pittsburgh Panthers football, Bob Westfall, Darold Jenkins, 1941 college football season, Bernie Crimmins
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1941 College Football All-America Team

The 1941 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers. The organizations choosing the teams included: the United Press, the Associated Press, Collier's Weekly, the New York Sun, and the Hearst newspapers.

All-American selections for 1941


Bold = Consensus All-American[9]

  • 1 – First Team Selection
  • 2 – Second Team Selection
  • 3 – Third Team Selection


  • Holt Rast, Alabama (AP-2; UP-1; INS-1; NEA-2; AAB-1; CP-1; LIFE; PARA; WC-1)
  • Bob Dove, Notre Dame (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3; UP-1; INS-1; AAB-1; NEA-1; LIFE; WC-1)
  • Malcolm Kutner, Texas (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; INS-2; CO-1; CP-2)
  • Dave Schreiner, Wisconsin (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1)
  • Joe Blalock, Clemson (UP-2; CP-1)
  • Johnny Rokisky, Duquesne (AP-2; INS-2; NEA-1; CO-1; CP-2; PARA)
  • Jim Lansing, Fordham (CP-3)
  • Billy Henderson, Texas A&M (CP-3)
  • Nick Susoeff, Washington State (AP-3)
  • Bob Froude, Navy (UP-2)
  • Sterling, Texas A&M (NEA-2)
  • Bob Motl, Northwestern (NEA-3)
  • Alyn Beals, Santa Clara (NEA-3)


  • Dick Wildung, Minnesota (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; INS-1; AAB-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; LIFE; PARA; WC-1)
  • Ernie Blandin, Tulane (AP-2; UP-1; INS-2; NEA-1; CO-1; NYS-1)
  • Bob Reinhard, California (AP-1; UP-2; INS-1; NEA-2; CO-1; CP-3; PARA)
  • Jim Daniell, Ohio State (CP-1)
  • Alf Bauman, Northwestern (AP-2; INS-2; NEA-2; CP-2; LIFE)
  • Al Wistert, Michigan (UP-2; CP-2)
  • Gene Flathmann, Navy (CP-2)
  • Paul Lillis, Notre Dame (CP-3)
  • Bill Chewning, Navy (AP-3; NEA-3)
  • Mike Karmazin, Duke (AP-3)
  • Floyd Spendlove, Utah (NEA-3)


  • Endicott Peabody, Harvard (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; INS-1; NEA-1; AAB-1; CO-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1; LIFE; PARA; WC-1)
  • Ray Frankowski, Washington (AP-2; UP-1; INS-2; NEA-1; LIFE; WC-1)
  • Chal Daniel, Texas (AP-3; INS-1; NEA-3; CP-1)
  • Ralph Fife, Pittsburgh (AP-1; UP-2; NEA-2; CP-3)
  • Bernard Crimmins, Notre Dame (UP-2; INS-2; NEA-2; CO-1; PARA)
  • Martin Ruby, Texas A&M (CP-2)
  • Art Goforth, Rice (CP-3)
  • Ted Ramsey, Southern Methodist (AP-2)
  • Tom Melton, Purdue (AP-3)
  • Pfister, Harvard (NEA-3)


  • Darold Jenkins, Missouri (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; AAB-1; NEA-1; INS-2; NEA-1; CP-1; NYS-1; WC-1)
  • Vince Banonis, Detroit (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3; INS-1; NEA-2; CO-1; PARA)
  • Al DeMao, Duquesne (UP-2; NEA-3; LIFE)
  • Quentin Greenough, Oregon State (AP-2)
  • Vic Lindskog, Stanford (CP-2)
  • Bob Gude, Vanderbilt (CP-3)


  • Frankie Albert, Stanford (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-2; INS-1; NEA-1; AAB-1; CO-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; LIFE; PARA; WC-1)
  • Angelo Bertelli, Notre Dame (CP-2)
  • Billy Hillenbrand, Indiana (CP-2)
  • Bill Sewell, Washington State (AP-3; NEA-3)


  • Bruce Smith, Minnesota (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; INS-1; NEA-2; AAB-1; CO-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1; LIFE; PARA; WC-1)
  • Frank Sinkwich, Georgia (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; AAB-1; INS-2; NEA-3; CP-1; LIFE; WC-1)
  • "Bullet Bill" Dudley, Virginia (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1 [qb]; INS-2; NEA-2; CO-1; CP-2; NYS-1)
  • Jack Crain, Texas (AP-2; UP-2; NEA-2; CP-3; LIFE)
  • Jimmy Nelson, Alabama (AP-3; NEA-3; CP-3)
  • Derace Moser, Texas A&M (AP-2; INS-2; NEA-1; CP-3)
  • Jack Jenkins, Vanderbilt (AP-3)


  • Bob Westfall, Michigan (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2; UP-1; INS-1; AAB-1; CO-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1; PARA; WC-1)
  • Steve Lach, Duke (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2; UP-2 [hb]; INS-1 [hb]; NEA-1; CP-2; PARA)
  • Steve Filipowicz, Fordham (AP-3; UP-2)
  • John Grigas, Holy Cross (INS-2; NEA-3)
  • Merle Hapes, Mississippi (NEA-2)
  • Pete Layden, Texas (CP-3)

Heisman Trophy voting

The chart below reflects the point total in the 1941 Heisman Trophy voting.

Rank Name Position School Heisman points
1 Bruce Smith Halfback Minnesota 554
2 Angelo Bertelli Quarterback Notre Dame 345
3 Frankie Albert Quarterback Stanford 336
4 Frank Sinkwich Halfback Georgia 249
5 Bill Dudley Halfback Virginia 237
6 Endicott Peabody Guard Harvard 153
7 Edgar Jones Running back Pittsburgh 151
8 Bob Westfall Fullback Michigan 147

Other individual awards for 1941


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