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1998 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

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Title: 1998 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship  
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Subject: Pádraic Joyce, 1997 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
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1998 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

1998 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
Championship details
Dates May - 27 September 1998
Teams 32
All-Ireland Champions
Winning team Galway (8th win)
Captain Ray Silke
Manager John O'Mahony
All-Ireland Finalists
Losing team Kildare
Captain Glenn Ryan
Manager Mick O'Dwyer
Provincial Champions
Munster Kerry
Leinster Kildare
Ulster Derry
Connacht Galway
Championship statistics
No. matches played 36
Goals total 61 (1.69 per game)
Points total 860 (23.89 per game)
Player of the Year Michael Donnellan

The 1998 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship was the 112th edition of the GAA's premier gaelic football competition. It was played from May to September 1998. Galway's victory marked the first time in 32 years the Sam Maguire Cup returned to the county and the province of Connacht. Their classy performance against Kildare who defeated the 1995 champions Dublin, the 1996 champions Meath in Leinster and the 1997 winners Kerry, ensured their eighth All-Ireland triumph.


Connacht Senior Football Championship

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
 Sligo 0-14  
 London 1-07      Sligo 0-15  
          Roscommon 1-13  
            Roscommon 0-17
            Galway 1-17
          Leitrim 0-05
 Mayo 2-06      Galway 1-16    
 Galway 1-13  

Sligo 0-14 - 1-07 London

Galway 1-13 - 2-06 Mayo

Galway 1-16 - 0-05 Leitrim

28 June 1998
Sligo 1-15 - 2-12 Roscommon
P. Taylor 0-6, S. Davey 1-1, B. Walsh 0-3, K. Killeen 0-2, B. Kilcoyne, N. Clancy, G. McGowan 0-1 each Report E. Lohan 1-6, N. Dineen 1-1, L. Dowd, M. Ryan 0-2 each, G. Keane 0-1
Dr. Hyde Park, Castlebar
Referee: S. Prior (Leitrim)

6 July 1998
Semi-Final Replay
Sligo 0-15 - 1-13 Roscommon
P. Taylor 0-8, K. Killeen 0-3, S. Davey 0-2, B. Walsh, C. O'Meara 0-1 each Report T. Grehan 1-2, E. Lohan 0-5, N. Dineen, L. Dowd, T. Ryan 0-2 each
Markievicz Park, Sligo
Referee: S. Prior (Leitrim)

19 July 1998
Galway 0-11 - 0-11 Roscommon
P. Joyce, N. Finnegan 0-3 each, J. Fallon 0-2, S. O Domhnaill, D. Meehan, T. Joyce 0-1 each Report E. Lohan 0-8, F. O'Donnell, T. Grehan, L. Dowd 0-1 each
St Jarlath's Park, Tuam
Referee: S. Prior (Leitrim)

2 August 1998
Final Replay
Galway 1-17 - 0-17 Roscommon
M. Donnellan 1-3, J. Fallon 0-5, D. Savage 0-3, S. O´g de Paor, N. Finnegan 0-2 each, P. Joyce, S. Walsh 0-1 each Report E. Lohan 0-8, N. Dineen 0-3, F. O'Donnell, T. Grehan 0-2 each, L. Dowd, V. Glennon 0-1 each
Dr. Hyde Park, Castlebar
Referee: S. Prior (Leitrim)

Leinster Senior Football Championship

Preliminary Round Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
          Dublin 1-08  
          Kildare 0-12  
            Kildare 2-13  
 Carlow 2-05        Laois 0-08  
 Westmeath 1-18      Westmeath 0-15  
          Laois 1-15  
            Kildare 1-12
            Meath 0-10
          Offaly 0-07  
          Meath 3-10  
            Meath 0-15  
            Louth 1-11  
          Wicklow 1-11       
          Louth 3-14       

1st Round
Longford 1-16 - 2-13 Wexford

1st Round Replay
Longford 0-16 - 2-07 Wexford

2nd Round
Westmeath 3-14 - 3-07 Wexford

2nd Round
Westmeath 3-14 - 1-13 Longford

3rd Round
Westmeath 1-18 - 2-05 Carlow

Meath 3-10 - 0-07 Offaly

31 May 1998
Louth 3-14 - 1-11 Wicklow
C. Kelly 1-5, S. White, A. Hoey 1-2 each, N. Malone, J. Donaldson, O. McDonnell, C. O'Hanlon, G. Curran 0-1 each Report D. Coffey 1-3, C. Daye, S. Byrne 0-2 each, R. Coffey, K. O'Brien, K. Byrne, J. Behan 0-1 each
Referee: J. Bannon (Longford)

7 June 1998
Laois 1-15 - 0-15 Westmeath
S. Kelly 1-2, I. Fitzgerald, M. Lawlor 0-4 each, C. Parkinson 0-2, T. Maher, C. Conway, B. McDonald 0-1 each Report T. Cleary 0-5, G. Heavin 0-4, P. Conway 0-3, M. Staunton 0-2, K. Lyons 0-1
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 60,058
Referee: S. McCormack (Meath)

7 June 1998
Dublin 0-10 - 0-10 Kildare
D Darcy 0-4, J Gavin 0-2, D Farrell, D Harrington, B Stynes, J Sherlock 0-1 each Report P Graven 0-4, N Buckley, E McCormack, K Dwyer 0-2 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 60,058
Referee: B. White (Wexford)

Quarter-Final Replay
Kildare 0-12 - 1-08 Dublin

28 June 1998
Meath 0-15 - 1-11 Louth
T. Dowd 0-5, G. Geraghty 0-3, T. Giles 0-3, J. McGuinness, R. Magee, B. Reilly, H. Traynor 0-1 each Report S. White 1-3, C. O'Hanlon 0-3, C. Kelly 0-2, G. Curran, A. Hoey, A. Rooney 0-1 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Referee: B. White (Wexford)

19 July 1998
Kildare 2-13 - 0-08 Laois
P. Graven 1-4, N. Buckley 1-1, K. O'Dwyer 0-3, P. Brennan 0-2, D. Earley, E. McCormack, M. Lynch 0-1 each Report S. Kelly 0-3, M. Lawlor 0-2, D. Conroy, D. Lawlor, C. Conway 0-1 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Referee: P. McGann (Westmeath)

2 August 1998
Kildare 1-12 - 0-10 Meath
P. Graven 0-4, B. Murphy 1-0, E. McCormack, W. McCreery, K. O'Dwyer 0-2 each, D. Kerrigan, A, Rainbow 0-1 each Report T. Giles 0-3, R. McGee 0-3, J. McDermott, O. Murphy, T. Dowd, J. Devine 0-1 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 62,504
Referee: J. Bannon (Longford)

Munster Senior Football Championship

Round 1 Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
            Clare 0-12  
            Tipperary 1-16  
          Limerick 1-12  
 Tipperary 1-16      Tipperary 1-13  
 Waterford 0-07        Tipperary 1-10
            Kerry 0-17
            Cork 1-11  
            Kerry 1-14  

1st Round
Tipperary 1-16 - 0-07 Waterford

Tipperary 1-13 - 1-12 Limerick

28 June 1998
Tipperary 1-16 - 0-12 Clare
D. Browne 1-7, P. Lambert 0-3, B. Cummins 0-3, J. Williams 0-2, D. Foley 0-1 Report M. Daly 0-3, P. Hehir 0-3, M. Hynes, J. Enright, G. Keane 0-2 each
Gaelic Grounds, Limerick
Referee: N. Barrett (Cork)

5 July 1998
Kerry 1-14 - 1-11 Cork
M. Fitzgerald 1-4, J. Crowley 0-5, M.F. Russell 0-4, D. O´ Cinnéide 0-1 Report J. Kavanagh 0-6, A. O'Regan 1-1, A. Dorgan, L. Tompkins, A. Davis, C. O'Sullivan 0-1 each
Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney
Attendance: 43,994
Referee: P. Russell (Tipperary)

2 August 1998
Kerry 0-17 - 1-10 Tipperary
M Fitzgerald 0-10, P Laide, D O´Cinneide 0-2 each, D Daly, MF Russell, J Crowley 0-1 each Report D Browne 0-7, J Williams 1-0, B Cummins, D Foley, C McGrath 0-1 each
Semple Stadium
Referee: N. Barrett (Cork)

Ulster Senior Football Championship

Preliminary Round Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
          Monaghan 0-11  
          Derry 3-13  
            Derry 2-13  
 Tyrone 2-07        Armagh 1-12  
 Down 0-15      Down 0-11  
          Armagh 0-16  
            Derry 1-07
            Donegal 0-08
          Antrim 0-11  
          Donegal 1-11  
            Donegal 0-15  
            Cavan 0-13  
          Fermanagh 0-11       
          Cavan 0-13       

Preliminary Round
Down 0-15 - 2-07 Tyrone

Antrim 0-11 - 1-11 Donegal

31 May 1998
Derry 3-13 - 0-11 Monaghan
E. Burns 1-3, G. Magill, J. Cassidy 1-1 each, J. Brolly, D. Doogan 0-4 each Report D. Smith 0-8, D. Freeman 0-2, M. Daly 0-1
Celtic Park, Derry
Referee: M. McGrath (Donegal)

7 June 1998
Cavan 0-13 - 0-11 Fermanagh
D. McCabe, L. Reilly 0-4 each, R. Carolan 0-3, M. Leddy, M. Graham 0-1 each Report Raymond Gallagher, Rory Gallagher 0-4 each, C. Donnelly, C. Curran, R. Johnson 0-1 each
Breffni Park, Cavan
Referee: B. Gorman (Armagh)

14 June 1998
Down 0-11 - 0-16 Armagh
D. Dougan 2-0, J. Brolly, S. Downey 0-4 each, E. Burns, G. Magill 0-2 each, E. Muldoon 0-1 Report D. Marsden 0-7, C. O'Rourke 0-3, O. McConville, G. Houlihan 0-2 each, P. McGrane, P. McKeever 0-1 each
St Tiernach's Park, Clones
Attendance: 24,300
Referee: M. McBrien (Fermanagh)

28 June 1998
Derry 2-13 - 0-12 Armagh
D. Dougan 2-0, J. Brolly, S. Downey 0-4 each, E. Burns, G. Magill 0-2 each, E. Muldoon 0-1 Report P. McKeever, O. McConville 0-4 each, D. Marsden 0-2, G. Houlihan, J. McNulty 0-1 each
St Tiernach's Park, Clones
Attendance: 21,000
Referee: P. McEneaney (Monaghan)

Cavan 0-13 - 0-15 Donegal

19 July 1998
Derry 1-07 - 0-08 Donegal
J Brolly 1-2, G Magill 0-2, E Burns, D Dougan, J Cassidy 0-1 each Report T Boyle 0-3, D Devenney 0-2, J Duffey, A Sweeney, N Hegarty 0-1 each

Referee: J. Curran (Tyrone)

All-Ireland series

Semi-finals Final
 Kildare 1-13  
 Kerry 1-09  
     Kildare 1-10
   Galway 1-14
 Galway 0-16
 Derry 1-08  


23 August 1998
Derry 1-09 - 0-16 Galway
G. Coleman 1-1, E. Burns 0-3, E. Gormley 0-2, P. McFlynn, J. Cassidy 0-1 each Report P. Joyce 0-8, P. Fallon 0-4, M. Donnellan 0-2, N. Finnegan, S. O´ Domhnaill 0-1 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 38,569
Referee: J. Bannon (Longford)

30 August 1998
Kildare 0-13 - 1-09 Kerry
P. Graven 0-4, K. O'Dwyer 0-3, M. Lynch, E. McCormack 0-2 each, J. Finn, P. Brennan 0-1 each Report M. Fitzgerald 0-4, J. Crowley 1-0, D. O´ Cinnéide 0-2, D. Daly, M.F. Russell, J. Crowley 0-1 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 65,002
Referee: M. Curley (Galway)


Main article: 1998 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final
27 September 1998
Galway 1-14 - 1-10 Kildare
P. Joyce 1-2, N. Finnegan 0-4, J. Fallon 0-3, M. Donnellan, S. O´g d Paor 0-2 each, S. O´ Domhnaill 0-1 Report D. Earley 1-1, P. Brennan 0-3, E. McCormack, K. O'Dwyer 0-2 each, D. Kerrigan, N. Buckley 0-1 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 65,886
Referee: J. Bannon (Longford)

Kildare were marginal favourites to take the title after dethroning reigning champions Kerry in a tight and close game. As well as dethroning the reigning champions, Kildare had also defeated Meath and Dublin, the 1996 and 1995 champions respectively. Galway were never in danger of losing against Derry in the semi-final and won by 5 points in the end victory.

Like in their semi-final against Derry, Galway started well and had three unanswered points on the board by the 13th minute, one of which saw Michael Donnellan race towards the Kildare at great speed before taking his point. Kildare got their first score through Eddie McCormack In the 20th minute, Kildare took the lead, after Dermot Earley scored a goal.

In response, Michael Donnellan galvanised his team with a moment of GAA magic. From his own defence, he proceeded to charge up the field at lightning pace, exchanging a pass with Kevin Walsh in midfield. The ball found its way to Seán Óg De Paor who finished the move with a well-taken point. It was a score that quelled a potential run of scores for the Lilywhites. At the interval, the score was 1-05 to 0-05 in favour of Kildare.

After the restart, Ja Fallon sniped a point off the arrears before Pádraic Joyce struck with a wonderful goal where he rounded goalkeeper Christy Byrne before finishing in front of an empty net. Galway had regained the lead and would never surrender it until the final whistle. By 50th minute, it was 1-11 to 1-06 to Galway. Kildare managed to cut the lead to three before injury time but Galway had the final score, courtesy of De Paor to give them their first title in 32 years.

Maroon and White Shirts/White Shorts/Maroon Socks
1-14 - 1-10
(final score after 70 minutes)
White shirts/White shorts/White socks
Manager: John O'Mahony

Martin McNamara (GK)
Tomás Meehan
Gary Fahey
Tomás Mannion
Ray Silke (Capt.)
John Divilly
Seán Óg De Paor
Kevin Walsh
Seán Ó Domhnaill
Michael Donnellan
Ja Fallon
Shay Walsh
Derek Savage
Pádraic Joyce
Niall Finnegan

Paul Clancy

0-05 - 1-05

All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

15.30 BST
Sunday, September 27, 1998

Croke Park, Dublin


John Bannon

Match rules:
70 minutes.
Replay if scores still level.
Maximum of 3 substitutions.

Manager: Mick O'Dwyer

Christy Byrne (GK)
Brian Lacey
Davy Dalton
Ken Doyle
Anthony Rainbow
Glen Ryan
John Finn
Niall Buckley
Willie McCreery
Eddie McCormack
Declan Kerrigan
Dermot Earley
Martin Lynch
Karl O'Dwyer
Padraig Graven

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